Coat The Woman In Colours…

Coat The Woman In Colours…

As writers description is one art we need to cultivate and colours are a great tool to use for description, i just thought to play with colours and ended up putting this write-up together. Have a pleasant read.


Sweet  vibrant colours that’s what I will coat the woman in, the Pale Pink which dots her beautiful nails this will be used to denote her inherent humility. Humility- every woman’s beauty secret, humility beautifies in such an astounding manner because it shines from the inside and glows on the outside.

Her smile will inspire a rose shade of Pink, the kind that kisses her lips, this will encapsulate love, real women should symbolize love. Re-coining a line from Sonnet XLIII, women should love freely, as men strive for Right; like love, she should bear all things, believe all things, hope all things and endure all things.

Warmth that emanates from a woman produces a glowing effect; the warmth that surrounds her will be painted in the colours of a Chocolate bar.

Green is life in any of its shades; on the flip side, Green is jealousy or envy (green-eyed monster) and inexperience but our Green will symbolize her ability to nurture creation; unlike the ostrich who is hardened against her young ones, as though they were not her’s.

Yellow will be used to signify her unwavering cheerfulness; after all how many men will smile or laugh and gently correct a toddler who has just drenched them in urine?

White will be for the cleanliness and sanity an ideal woman should bring into every environment she steps into.

In human color psychology, Purple is associated with royalty and nobility (stemming from antiquity where Tyrian Purple was only affordable to the elites) so Purple will depict the regal gait every femme should have, fatale or not.

For that spark of intuition every woman should possess, Lavender will definitely be it! Azure blue will be hers for the calm she possesses to be a collected planner and executor.

Light Blue will highlight her patient nature, while Bronze will draw attention to her wisdom and Chartreuse will underscore her confidence.

Lemon for her ability to adapt in her portrayals as a woman of different roles; mother, wife, sister, auntie, agony aunt, girlfriend, friend, daughter, daughter-in-law…

The original Amber Room in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg was a complete chamber decoration of amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors. Due to its singular beauty, it was sometimes dubbed the Eighth Wonder of the World. Like that antiquated room, Amber will be used to capture her beauty.

In popular UFO conspiracy theory and in science-fiction, intelligent alien humanoids are often referred to as greys. Hence Grey will mirror her intelligence.

Burgundy will be used to reflect her graceful elegance and stylishness.

For her creativity, Vermilion will be spot on to define it.

Copper will bring out one of her many innate abilities- resourcefulness.

Silver will be used to reflect her wonderful touch that satisfies the need for reassurance in a complex world, while adding a hint of mystery and excitement.

Gold will reveal her golden heart, which should beat with love for all mankind with no exception.

Peach will denote the fragility that envelopes her despite all her qualities.

Colour is a powerful tool that can enhance attitude and everyday life; colour, like a woman is inspirational, an ideal woman should exhibit a good number of these qualities if not all.

Here’s for a little assignment; patch all the above mentioned colours onto a plain white cloth and see what you’ll get- multicolour! And let’s hope that when we colour all these qualities unto a canvass we get one beautiful mix- woman!

Go ahead and appreciate at least one woman out there, yourself inclusive!

40 thoughts on “Coat The Woman In Colours…” by Ellie (@elly)

  1. Elly, i’m lost for words. This is simply amazing. Your use of colors to highlight the character and the diverse nature of a woman is brilliant. I am so proud to be a woman.

    1. Lade i’m lost for words too…lol
      amazing, brilliant, all for me?
      Thanks gal, go girl power- yeah proud to be a woman too!

  2. I’m a combination of all the colours,hehehehehe,’xcept for the nails,I paint my nails blue,black or red.
    Beautiful one,Elly,a good article with a wonderful knowledge on colours.

    1. Thanks Gretel and thats a great combo, as for nail colour i was refering to our natural nail colour, and yeah kinda know you’ll love such nail colours- blue,black and red.

  3. Fantastic Elly…Well researched and well presented…absolutely love it!!!..Okay I wish I knew what Chartreuse, Vermillion and Azure looked like though (off to check them out online)…Great job! Babe

    1. Ahh thanks Mercy, its good to know you think it was well researched and presented.

  4. Also got lost with some colours too. Will join mercy in the search online. Good good stuff. Really enjoyed it. Had expected it to end with gold which’ll be a symbol for a woman’s glory. Gold for glory. You’re getting a gold from me.

    1. You know Jay, i am not the rhymer that you are – gold for glory, but i’m surely catching on. Thanks Jay.

      1. @elly – Not good in rhyming too. Just that in sports gold medals are usually associated with winning.

        1. Jay just gracefully accept the compliment, ok?

          1. @elly – okay. As a compliment though.

  5. Beautiful….never been more proud to be a woman..well done Elly!

    1. Thanks Estrella, yeah we should be proud to be women, go girl power!

  6. “Her smile will inspire a rose shade of Pink, the kind that kisses her lips, this will encapsulate love, real women should symbolize love”.

    Loved it, @elly! Very inspirational. It’s what we women secretly strive to be – but what we want our men to believe that we already are! Commendable work!

    1. Awwhhh thanks Marya. I’m glad you loved it and let it inspire you. Yes it’s what we wish we are and want our men to believe we already are.

  7. Elly this just drop dead brilliant! that is all I can say.

    1. Thanks a lot Ope, drop dead brilliant? I’m humbled.

  8. and the combination of all these colours defines our very own Elly Turtoe!

    you go girl. if words are a reflection of one’s ‘heart vibe’, I just found yours.
    you’ll shock the world babe, you sure will!

    1. Awwhh Remi you are far too kind, thanks a lot. Abeg let words be the reflection of my heart’s vibe oh!
      Your comment has absolutely wowed me, thanks again.

  9. @ everyone as i said to Remi- i am absolutely wowed by your comments.
    As Mark Twain said ‘i can survive two months on a good compliment.”
    SO when i mutiply one by the number of good compliments i got from you all- i would have enough to last me a year, even more!

    Thanks guys and back at you all, you rock!!!

  10. I really liked this and was the one that tagged it workshop cos I learnt a lot from it. Imagery is a big part of lyrical writing.

    1. Thanks Myne, i was wondering what earned my post workshop, now i know. Glad you liked it.




    1. Awwhh Seun,incredible? thanks a lot, i’m glad you liked it.

    2. Aaw, that is so cute :D. One day I hope you get to feel like that about a woman other than your mom. That will be one lucky lady ;).

      1. Yeah cute, i hope so too and pray that one day my child will say that about …

  12. This a beautiful one combination colors…well, U rock….All the best in all I wish the more….

    1. thanks a lot treasured1.

  13. Beautiful piece, Elly. Keep it up.

    1. thanks a lot, Uche.

  14. Hey Elly, am with Remi. This your workshop piece has a calming effect, at least on me. I also should say that I read me some color names which looked like exotic food names but hey, all join.

    This piece makes me think of you as someone really gentle, soft-spoken and smiley. I hope am right. I believe this is your heart we all just read.

    Well done girl!

    1. thanks Abby and you are spot on as per your thot, except for the soft-spoken bit, i shed that when i am not getting answers fast-you dig? lol.

      1. I totally dig oh, and that’s allowed too.

  15. &Elly, I just love this piece … keep more coming please!

    1. Thanks a lot boomingsols…

    1. thanks a lot, Anderson.

  16. Elly … you wont fail to amaze us here on S … very good work. Keep it up girl!

  17. Awww…Elly! this is so beautiful…i sharing it on twitter right now!!!and facebook sef…u hit the mark wiv this one…

  18. :):) This is nice, calming and satisfying. It’s always good to know when all else fails, I still have PEACH…in a world so rife with competition between the sexes, you go and come up with this.
    totally female front,center and back! Gotta keep letting them them see the PEACH :) am so taken with that.
    @ellie, quintessential female…well done!

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