We Were

We Were

We were but strangers across a board

You sat and stared, I did not sit at all
And might have gone on but for a moment we shared
Saw something funny; laughed and didn’t care
Got to talking, you were waiting for your man
I was there for the lunch
Didn’t seem to notice that we drew stares,
I was just making a new friend, a trend so rare
Time passes; like trash in waste cans,
I was there when you went for that test – and
I was there, through those lonely nights
When you would call me, not him – cause y’all just had another fight
We were like brother and sister; Ne-Yo and Rihanna
When I heard he punched I snapped and nearly threw him under
A moving car; such was my anger
Now calm down.
Yeah, y’all made up; you made it through the worst
Funny, I did not even feel like I was hurt
I was so happy, because you were so happy is all
But that still did not stop the late-night calls
Suddenly; the dam burst forth; like the levees broke,
We let our guards down; and it was murder she wrote

And Jaheim I quote
It was innocent enough; I mean everyone talks about sex
From the lecturers to the pastors; hell they do it best
So what was the big deal? We were just friends sharing
A little too much; all in the name of caring
Then we began to talk about this sex in excess
Sentences like ‘Is he doing you right?’ and ‘He goes on for too long’
Whoever gave me the right to make his wrong right?
And as this sad song I write,
I remember, your lips writhing, hips twisting
Pleading, for me to quench the flames my fingers had awakened
Me thinking; I just want to do a little kissing,
A little touching, a little necking
A little pleasing; that started a lot of drenching
In sweat and sweet love’s gum
In mouth and tongue moisture and nature’s _______
I wish we had not started, now I cannot stop
And the worst part? We no longer talk
Except in the sensual language of sweating bodies,
Panting breaths and groaning bedposts

Me and you together, misting up the predawn air,
Tapping it from the front, hitting it from the rear
We never ever get done, we always want more
Now I wish I could exchange that for something long gone
It’s funny how now all I feel is loss
Loss; and an incredible boulder of guilt.

We were.


47 thoughts on “We Were” by Seun-Odukoya (@Seun-Odukoya)

  1. *mouth open unable to speak*

    Jeez… I won’t thank Abby. I’ll kiss her, that’s what! This was sweet. From the offbeat rhyme scheme to the imagery, to the plot… you effectively ‘blowed’ me away.
    Amongst others, this sequence killed me:
    “Me and you together, misting up the predawn air,
    Tapping it from the front, hitting it from the rear…”
    Once again, awesome job.

    1. Kind sir, methinks the thanks would do the job wella. lol
      Glad you loved the poem this much; had almost the same reaction when I first read it.

  2. Guilt is always the consequence for fornication?
    Lol at is he doing you right?
    Good work,enjoyed it thoroughly

    1. I think twas more about the intimacy that was lost, achieved by the false intimacy gained rather than the guilt. But the guilt does play its part.

  3. wow
    this is so cool
    i wonder why it took a lady to talk you into publishing this.
    i love the rhyes,it was going like a sweet love song.
    i love it.

    1. I didn’t talk him into anything oh; I only asked, and politely too. If you’d done same, am sure he would have posted it still.

      Uncle, you don’t fight fairly at all; and you know what I mean. But God dey sha.

      1. i know what you mean Aunty,
        but i am sure you also understand you shouldnt dare a guy now.abi?

        1. But I didn’t now. I pleaded (okay I admit) albeit with style. lol

    2. @Anderson Paul – Wondered so me self. Now, Seun’ll surely be the next Athol Fugard if, perchance, he marries Abby. What do you think, Anderson and all?

    3. @Anderson Paul – Wondered so me self. Now, Seun’ll surely be the next Athol Fugard if, perchance, he marries Abby. Imagine if this can happen online, then think of offline. What do you think, Anderson and all?

      1. Am sure they think nothing.

  4. Seun, the only thing i can say (and give) is – 50 points!

    1. Generous Aunty Lade,
      real cool,i will take a leaf from you.

  5. Everyone else has said it, but I will still say it..It was awesome Seun..A wonderful way to capture what intimacy does to a great friendship..Well done!!

  6. Good good stuff. Love it so much. Don’t know why it happens this way, but it sure sometimes do. Great stuff. @Abby – seems you’re the best muse around. Hope you inspire me soon, lol.

  7. me too i am waiting for Abby to inspire me.
    i wonder where she will start.

    1. Paul, am gonna say this even if its gonna kill me.
      Thought your comment was “i wonder WHEN she will start” Didn’t realise twas ‘where’ you wrote. WHERE? lol am thinking of “A Minor Blip’ lol

      1. Naughty aunty Abby,
        see where your mind go.lol

        1. No bi u talk “where”?

          1. I have a spare room in my house. Both of you can move the ‘where’ discussion *whisper – discussion indeed* there and spare our young innocent minds. Lol

            1. LADE oh, abeg oh. See ‘where’ your mind went. ‘Where’ could be a library for chrissakes. Your mind aint pure. lol

  8. nice poem, really, i enjoyed it.

  9. This is very well written,i enjoyed reading it.Seun couldn’t withstand the sexual tension in the surrounding the friendship again, and when you start…..

  10. Hey, what can I say…A mind blowing tale to tell in poetry….lovely, lovely….U got me hooked….

  11. awww Seun, see the effect your work’s pulled? Even earned you points as well. See? & my head’s all swollen ’cause you named me. Thanks kind sir.

    @Paul & Jay; to inspire you two go cost una small money. You game?

    1. so you wan charge us now.
      that is not fair o.

      1. The job of a muse na serious something now. Muse no go chop?

        1. can they pay in ‘kind’?

          1. Sure, they can be my muses; inspire me too.

    2. @Abby – So how much and when and “where” do we start?

      1. Jay! Didn’t you propose to 2cute last week? Now its ‘where’ with Abby.
        Dare i spell C-A-S-S-A-N . . . . ?

        1. Lade, I see the joke’s on me today; not fair.

          @Jay, see me in camera. lol

  12. This is like the most breathtaking piece i have ever read in my life! Gawd!! The way you developed thier relationship and the fall of it as well…what can I say? you’re BLOODY GREAT!!

  13. Wow. You really captured that loss that is often experienced when friends end up like this. Most times, once sex takes over, the real intimacy is lost.

    Great job, Seun.

  14. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    this is very awesome…the very essence of a boy-girl friendship transformed to something less…very very good

  15. Hmm… this is good, i am not a poetry buff, but can tell this is good stuff.

  16. ……………………………………………………………………………….

    Those lines are absence of what to say…I’m humbled and overwhelmed by the appreciation poured out here by my seniors…my betters…i don’t know what to say except thank God for the blessing of the gift of words…and Abby again for making me put this up here. Thank you guys…thank you so much…

    Estrelle…e be like say you want to add ‘makes people commit suicide’ to your list of accomplishments…else why would someone who describes herself as someone who ‘reads what she wrote and says damn i’m good’ come here and say ‘this is the breathtaking piece she has ever read in her life?!?!?!? EHN?????

    THANKS y’all!!!

  17. By the way….EM PAUL…ABBY and all the ‘unusual suspects’ aiding you all in your by-play…better carry una ‘by-play’ enter Lade’s suggested room…and…

    Em…lade…what are they supposed to do there again…?

    1. haba, Seun you too? lol
      Thanks for the thanks. But the poem’s yours and your deserve all the positive comments coming your way. Revel in them okay; don’t make this about me.

  18. Thirdly…emmm….

    You gave me points????????????????????

    I’m coming…(blushing actually)

    MAN!!!! Even if i no good before…i go perfect or die trying.

    Thank you so much Aunty Lade and Paul…and everyone else…ABBY most of all!!!!!!!!!!

    Bless God.

  19. Haba! I could have sworn I smelt the sweat, breaths and stench of the sex in the air…Nna men, you nearly smashed my monitor with those powerful lines

    ‘Me and you together, misting up the predawn air,’

    ‘I wish we had not started, now I cannot stop
    And the worst part? We no longer talk
    Except in the sensual language of sweating bodies,
    Panting breaths and groaning bedposts’

    You are wicked! Chei!

    1. Trust me Afronuts, those lines got me as well. They capture a lot. Well done again Seun.

  20. Man…

    Thank God. Thank you Afro…thank you Abby.


    1. T.H.A.N.K.S!

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