Under The Influence

Under The Influence

The bright lights flash before their eyes

The light is so bright it’s blinding

It feels like the sun’s brightness

They are convinced it is the sun

It was what the booze and the ganja said

They had their bodies but their minds were far

The booze had taken them to cloud nine

The ganja had taken them to Heaven

Now they were back to planet Earth

And were being tormented by the sun

The lights disappear instantly

They watch in obvious astonishment

As red lights recede into the distant horizon

Slowly they realize to their shock and relief

That they had not actually seen the sun

The lights had only been the bright headlights

Of a passing car speeding off on the dark night

It is so funny to him that he laughs

He laughs too, almost choking.

Then they laugh altogether some more

“Man, I thought that was the sun” he says

“I thought it was coming right at me” he says

They laugh some more as they realize

That they are indeed super high

“Man! That was crazy” he says

“Ridiculous” he says. “We must be very high”

They laugh again, this time much louder

Bystanders and drivers begin to wonder

Why these two men laugh like mad men

As they stand in front of the club

Finally they stop laughing

And with mouths dripping and tears in their eyes

They hold onto their aching sides

They had been totally oblivious of the spectators

For as far as they knew or ever cared

Every other person in the world could go to hell

“Where’s the car?” he asks

“What car?” he asks. “Oh, where’s the car?”

They look around until they finally see it

Parked a few metres away from where they stood

They laugh again, this time almost to their very death

They fall to the ground writhing in crazy laughter

Still holding onto their aching sides

They stop laughing after another while

“That was so funny” he says. “We must be really high”

“You bet!” he says. “We’re so stoned”

“Who’s driving?” he asks

“You are” he says. “I’m far too high”

He sighs. “I’m high too but I guess I’ll manage”

He fishes for the keys in his pocket

Minutes later they are on the highway

And he drives at an alarming speed

The strong breeze kisses their faces furiously

It feels so good; a perfect icing on the cake

“Man, this is Heaven” he says. ‘I feel extra cool”

“Not nearly as good as I feel” he says

Then he steps on the pedal a little harder

The car accelerates dangerously

He closes his eyes and breathes happily

He smiles because he’s never felt so good

‘Dare me” he says.

He looks from the wheels. “To do what?”

“On anything” he says. “Dare me to scream.”

“I dare you to scream like a mad man” he says

He laughs and sticks his head out of the window

Then at the top of his voice, louder than ever

He screams into the dark night

They laugh excitedly like mad hyenas

He loses control of the wheels

And the car swerves on the highway dangerously

He catches himself and struggles to steady the car

He tries to help him with the wheels too

Finally the scare is over and they breathe and sigh

“Man, that was close!” he says.

“It sure was” he says, gripping the wheels tightly

They laugh again, albeit more carefully

“You dared me and I screamed” he says

“Wanna dare me some more?”

He smiles as he handles the wheels

“Why don’t you dare me instead?” he asks

He ponders for a little while

“What can you do?” he asks

“Dare me to floor the pedal and exhaust the meter”

He exhales excitedly “Wao, you can do that?”

He shrugs “Piece of cake. Wanna dare me?”

“I dare you!” he says

“You do?” he asks, with a serious face

“You bet! I dare you, man!” he says

He grins excitedly. “You’ll love this” he says

Then he floors the pedal

The speedometer hand rises

60 miles per hour become 80 miles

80 miles per hour become 100 miles

The meter hand keeps going

He exclaims “Cool!”

He simply smiles and floors the pedal some more

The hand inches towards 140 miles per hour

The wind blows much more fiercely

It no longer feels cool. It hurts

Tears flow fast on the corners of his eyes

All he can feel is the harsh wind on his face

He does not feel the speed of the car

However he can sense danger

He looks at his friend on the wheels

His grip is firm on the wheels

And he looks straight ahead

His face showing grim determination

To do what he had been dared to do

He can still sense the danger but he feels numb

He cannot reach his friend. He feels lame

Everything goes silent

He feels hung in space

The wind hurts no more

In fact it is hardly noticeable

He sees the end so close to the door

But he cannot reach the door to shut it

He cannot reach his friend’s mind either

His mind is not with him for he has lost it

All he has is the desire to prove

That he can indeed do what he has been dared to do

He finally comes to himself

He recovers too

But it’s a little too late

“Stop it!” he screams

“I can’t” he cries out. “It’s too fast”

The car swerves hazardously

First to the right

Bright lights flash all across the road

Then it swerves to the left

And veers off the road

The car spins carelessly

The occupants scream loudly

But no one hears

For all that scream was inaudible

The men were too stoned to even scream

All they could see at that moment

Was a film of their lives flashing before their eyes

The last thing they see is booze and ganja

The car somersaults and crashes many metres away

The explosion shatters the dark and peaceful night

He opens his eyes and exhales painfully

“Man, where were you?” he says

He looks at the table

And sees the booze and the ganja

He looks at his friend

And realizes it had all been a bad trance, a daze

He gets up quickly

“Where are you going?” he asks, surprised

“I’m getting the hell outta here” he says

“And I think you should too” he adds

He watches his friend leave hurriedly

And wonders what had gone wrong with him

He shrugs and shakes his head

“It’s his loss” he says to himself

He calls the bartender and asks for a wine opener

He asks for a match box too

He opens the wine and fills up his glass

He lights his ganja too, inhales and puffs

He wonders about his friend once more

As his glance settles on his car keys on the table


33 thoughts on “Under The Influence” by Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

  1. Wow!!!! Gbenga this can hardly be called poetry, It is raw, thrilling fiction!!! Absolutely love it!!! It’s like the next installment of that movie ‘Final destination’..great, great job!!!

    1. Thanks Mercy. Funny enough i’m yet to see ‘Final Destination’

  2. I’m with Mercy. This is WOW! And the ending . . . I’m speechless . . .

    1. I can imagine. Thanks for the words, Lade.

  3. lovely ending.
    great lines.

    1. Thanks Anderson

  4. Breathtaking!! I felt like I was on that ride, screaming my vocal cords off, swimming in a pool of liquid fear.
    Gbenga, you write and more importantly, you Rise!

    1. Thanks Remi. I actually felt I was in it too while I wrote. Your comments are well ‘head-swelling’. lol

  5. It’s not a poem…it’s a recitation…a recitation of actual events being remembered and narrated to a crowd of eager listeners…


    1. I agree with you Seun and I hope to do this in spoken word sometime soon. What do you think?

      1. Go ahead man…it will be a hit…so long as you have mastered YOUR delivery and style…KUDOS…!

        1. I’ll definitely work towards that. Thanks for the encouragement, Seun.

  6. Awwwwww,standing ovation,serzly it’s like final destination oh,cheiiiii I wish it was not a trance,really lovely.
    You ehnn,you rock,rock,rock.

    1. Thanks gretel. Haba, you wish it was real? Those guys would not have had a second chance then. lol. Thanks again.

  7. Wow, wow..still breathing…wish it was reality…well, a lesson learned before time…nice recital man….well done….

    1. Thanks man. A lesson well learnt indeed . . . a second chance to make things right. Not everyone gets that.

  8. Nice one Gbenga; really nice. Twas really vivid. I ditto Mercy and Lade.
    I also like how Treasured1 put it, “a lesson learned before time.”
    Well done!

    1. Thanks Abby.

  9. This was a beautiful piece, too good to be called poetry. keep it up.

    1. so…..poetry can not be this good?? lol just asking

    2. lol. Trust me, people have written much better stuff. I appreciate your comment, Laydeeb

    3. Thanks man. I agree with you.

    4. Thanks bro. I agree with you.

  10. So off the hook. Good stuff. Know a Gbenga who stays in Abuja who’d’ve written same thing. Good one bro.

    1. Another Gbenga? Are you sure it’s not me? lol. I guess God creates two people in one sometimes. Thanks for the words bro.

  11. Nice. I actually thought it was the end for them, and twice too. Well done.

    1. It would have been the end . . . and well could still be, if our other guy uses those ‘keys on the table’ eventually.

  12. LOVE IT!!! jeezz some people should stay away from ganja and booze!!! I absolutely love this. You have officially inspired me!! thanks!

    1. Yes indeed, people need to stay away from these things . . . and if they can’t, they should stay away from the steering wheels.

    2. By ‘officially inspired me’, I hope you don’t mean you’ve been . . . lol. Don’t mind me, just messing around. Thanks again Laydeeb.

  13. Talk about graphic with an ‘F’!fast paced action in a few lines! great job Gbenga…you’ve got a fan…wink!

    1. Ooooooh, I’m flattered and my head’s about to blow. lol. Thanks sis. I appreciate the comment.

  14. …………………………………………………….
    Great Lines
    making minds
    like mine to revel
    and for fear to be dispelled

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