They Would Call It Misogyny.

They Would Call It Misogyny.

Miss Bikini screamed
Miss Bikini said Jide forced her
Miss Bikini said Jide raped her

Jide said he thought she wanted it
The way she walked past him
The way she smiled
The way she winked

Old Miss Saggy said there was no excuse
And old Miss Wild-Past Feminist said Jide had to go
To jail

Now it’s before a judge

Jide said she touched him
A place she shouldn’t have touched
Jide said she said things
Things that made him hot
Things that made him heavy

Li’l Miss Bikini said
“I was just teasing”

Jide said he touched her
Jide said she pouted
Jide said she sighed
And then she said some other things
When he did some other things

Miss Bikini’s lawyer reminded everyone
That at that point her client said
But Jide didn’t

Jide said he wanted to stop
But he couldn’t

Miss Bikini’s mother cried
“My daughter is only fifteen!”
And Jide replied
“Ma, I just turned eighteen!”

Her mother yelled
“You monster, she’s just a child!”
And Jide’s lawyer rebelled
And said
“She was wearing this!”

A brief white bikini
With red polka dots
And a thong

Now it’s up to the judge

The judge proclaims
“You have no excuse, young man.
The girl said stop,
You have no one else to blame.”

And so Jide was sent to jail

As they took him away
He looked at her and said
“You only screamed because you felt ashamed.”

Li’l Miss Bikini?
She couldn’t look at him
She looked down at the floor
And wept

She’s older now
And Jide’s been out for two years

She’s with him every weekend
And she says all kinds of things
When he does all kinds of things

46 thoughts on “They Would Call It Misogyny.” by Gboyega Otolorin (@guywriterer)

  1. This is a story like poem.. Enjoyed it very much..well done!

  2. Nice… Loved the xterization Miss Saggy and Wild-Past feminist. Also like how it all went around in a circle. But I wouldn’t hang with the one who sent me to jail o!

    1. Thanks 4 d positive comments.
      As to hanging with d one who sent me to jail, I wouldn’t either. But Jide would.
      He’s actually just tryin to prove a point: that he can stil get her after she claimed he raped her means she’s totally under his thumb.

  3. Lol, silly girl, foolish boy.

    1. Hmm…silly girl, yes. But foolish boy, yes and no. Yes, cos he’s an idiot 4 forcing her when she said stop and stil wantin her after spending yrs in jail.
      No, cos it’ll b pretty obvious now to evry1 that d girl is simply a …. er…well, d word rhymes with hut.

  4. Brain problem girl…crazy boy…jail and back to the first burden…so odd…nice story poem….

    1. Thanks for commenting. What exactly do you find odd?

  5. lol,two silly children.
    nice poem.

    1. Thanks…two silly children indeed!

  6. hehehehe,yep two silly children,nice one,sounds like a story.

    1. THIS IS INCREDIBLE…it also reads like something GRETEl would have written…

      Me likee!

      1. SEUN!!!!!!!!how does it read like sth Gretel would have written?you this man or guy,you won’t kill me with laughh.

        1. You have no idea how clear you paint pictures with your words…it just reads like something ‘innocent’ and ‘naive’ and yet ‘world weary’ and ‘world wise’ all at once.

          Just reminded me of you.

          1. seun,I’m blushing,blushing blushing,why are you so kind to me?thank you dear.

      2. wow…think I have to read all of Gretel’s work then..
        My guy, you want to start competition on dis site…hehe!

        1. Gboyega,abeg don’t mind Seun,he’s just being diplomatic,lolz

        2. Who you wan follow compete??

          Lol…i just dey do my own thing!


          1. SEUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

  7. I agree, silly, silly, silly children!
    Fun poem.

    1. Why is everybody saying silly children??

      They are silly actually…but they’re also many other things…want ppl to rmbr what it felt like to be that age…..puberty changes almost complete…..WILD hormones…

  8. At 18, having sex? That’s way too young for a male especially. And the second point is where were they? Alpha beach that she’s wearing a bikini or a private swimming pool. Where did the deed happen? Well, a lot could have happened while he was in jail, so who knows. Maybe the fruit was very sweet too that it was worth taking again after many years. Just trying to justify the ending. Very good stuff. Boys yes is yes and no is no. Always know that.

    1. hi bros,bikinis can be worn at any place a pool is located oh,some people just don’t care where,so far there’s water to swim,hmmmm,I happen to be one of those people,lolz

      1. lol,who told you so?
        so you are one of those people that go round tempting randy men ehn?

        1. Well, they are already randy so they don’t need temptation.

    2. I agree man. Yes is yes and no is no oh!!!

    3. @Jaywriter, 18 is too young for a boy and 15 isn’t too young for a girl??
      As per where it happened, I would say it happened in the girl’s house. She’s a rich girl, they have a pool at the back of the house, Mum is home gisting with her friends upstairs but doesn’t care what her daughter is doing with the neighbourhood boy downstairs, that kind of scenario.
      As for the ending, like I said Mr. Jide is trying to prove a point.

  9. lol @ Jay.
    Gbenga, nice poetry but how does it tie into the title? He doesn’t hate lil Miss Bikini cause he went back to her after getting outta jail, or am I missing something?

    Its a really nice and funny tale; something I could read again, which isn’t something I do often.
    Well done!

    1. Thanks for wanting to read it again. Really I didn’t think ppl would like it this much when I submitted it. Thought it was a bit edgy.
      As for the title well, misogyny is hatred of women right so I was trying to show how a rape incident can be also be the girl’s fault. Most feminists hate that kind of argument, they would call it misogyny!!
      And er.. common mistake, my name is Gboyega actually, not Gbenga.

      1. Oh my (am gushing and turning purple with online embarrassment), am so sorry. Would never happen again; that’s for sure. Drat the fact that I can’t edit the comment; so want to do that now.
        Apology accepted?

  10. Thanks for commenting. What exactly do u find odd?

  11. Not odd really, just out of sorts.
    Misogyny means a hatred of women. Am wondering how that applies in this post.

  12. nice and short. It’s more of a concise story than a poem.

    1. Yes it’s more of a story actually. I like narratives best.

  13. Prosaic poetry!!! Loved the read,especially the ending, the two of them hooking up again.Well done!

    1. Thank you oh! In fact by now, I’m blushing!!

  14. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    à very unusual story, the fact that they got back together after he had served his sentence is a nice twist…

  15. Amagab (@mimmillicious)


    1. No oh, Miss Amagab!!! Jide isn’t 20 now oh and the girl isn’t 17! Jide spent YEARS in jail but he has been out of jail for two years at the present time. Just had to correct that b4 ppl start thinking I approve of teenage premarital sex. I don’t.

  16. Noticed that too and wondered but good thing it’s cleared up now.

  17. I enjoyed reading this poem especially since it was almost prosaic in structure…I really don’t think the girl is a slut though especially since you pointed out in the poem that she felt ashamed.I think she was a young girl growing into her body too fast without adequate parental supervision and probably was going a little further than she ever had before with jide…a tease and a slut are two different things…

    you know what you managed to show in the poem? The fact that women take men for granted.I don’t like it when a woman dresses carelessly and yells bloody murder when the man she goes to see takes it as an invitation to do her.women,men are visual creatures…you should know that they are turned on by what they see.yes they should have more self control but why turn him on in the first place and expect him to obey your ”down boy’ pat like a good little boy?
    well done dude!

  18. Great piece . . . and I loved the humorous tone to it.

  19. Mi Estrella, I couldn’t have said it better! U got my point xactly!
    As 4 my slut comment, it’s nt d first time that makes her that, it’s going bk to him after she said he raped her. Where’s her self worth? Where’s her self control?
    But actually, I shouldn’t judge her. That’s up to u guys, the readers.

  20. I gbadu the characters jare!

    1. Thanks a lot! You’re the first to comment in 2 years!!!!!!!!! :D

  21. this poetic story is nice…………. enjoyed it

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