Parting Words

Parting Words

I must talk to my Siamese twins. I must talk to Candid and Candida. Oh! Is that where both of you are sitting? Outside! You are supposed to be in your bed by now. You don’t have to ponder over the separation. You don’t have to think about  the neurosurgery.

You see, there is no better time than now to tell both of you what I have to. I mean, now that the sun seems to have gone to bed, and the moon has spread its bold face to give light to this restless night. As both of you can see, even the birds  have left the skies to perch on sleeping trees. Other animals are now in their still gaze waiting for the day to break.

Umu m, my children, at this time of the night, human beings have literally closed their eyes dreaming of ‘morrow’s betterment. Chei! You are now left here in this still night, ruminating over your future; over our future.

Ehe e, let me sit down. But wait a minute.

Unu makwa? Do you know?  When both of you were born, you were born Siamese, joined in the head. After two days of your birth, your father, my husband, was brutally killed in a bloody religious riot in the North. I was left to cater for both of you, alone.

Chei, it was terrible! Odi egwu!

Every other person deserted us. They said your birth was unusual and mysterious.

At that early stage, the government in power promised to assist financially in your surgical separation. At a time, they turned their back on us. We saw their shadows, but we never saw their figures. Since I had no money left with me then, I decided to leave everything to my chi, my God.

My children, it wasn’t easy o!

I started training both of you. You started growing up simultaneously and rapidly into maturity.

When I look at both of you now, irrespective of your congenital abnormalities, I still see hope. I still see hope not because of any other thing, but, because of how you have been able to adapt, conform and go on with life’s adversities, within these sixteen different Nigerian harmattans, till you finished secondary school.

Chei! It wasn’t easy.

Candid and Candida, now that both of you have finished secondary school, you must go to the university, as you agreed, to achieve your dreams.

Candid my son, you said you want to be a medical doctor?  It’s good.

Candida my daughter, you said you would like to be a lawyer?  It’s all right.

Medicine and Law are like two streams flowing together, both they do not meet. They must be pursued differently. You see, that is why you must part.

My precious gifts, you have dreams o! But you need to know that dreams cannot be actualized without action. Yes. Dreams cannot be achieved without pursuit.

Umu m, my children, a boy and a girl joined together from birth, like both of you, must part and achieve their respective dreams. You know what I mean. That is why you must part.

Oh, both of you are smiling! Yes, I am happy!

Tomorrow is the D-day. I sold almost all my properties for this neurosurgery. With that accomplished, both of you can achieve your dreams.

You must separate. That is my parting words. God help you. God will help us.

Ngwa nu, come on, let’s go back to bed.

19 thoughts on “Parting Words” by Anicetus-Opara (@anicetus)

  1. Anicetus,you’ve made my day so gloomy,this is too touching,too painful,too emotional,(I’m trying to stop tears oh)why why why,you’ve succeeded in whatever you wanted to do.
    You’re good,simply amazing.

  2. Opara o, u don try o! You told this story very very well. I like it. You got me involved using the first-person perspective, the emotions and feelings all vivid and real and large in one flash. I am impressed, Anicetus! Keep up with this storytelling technique, ‘cos you’re on your way to finding your voice in creative writing. 90 over 100! :)

  3. 200 over 100 you should say,intelligent.
    @ Emmanuella,where have you been?

  4. very emotional and nicely told. But i believe its only identical twins who can be conjoined, not fraternal.

  5. Interesting. What I find enagaing in this story is your expostion on how life is when you’re a siamese twin. It makes the reader reflect on the challenges siamese twins face in their lifetime and why they’ll need to part…

  6. How sad..good story telling though.. Well done.

  7. Touching tale…

    Nice telling, good work.

  8. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    this is such a heart-wrenching story, i doff my hat to u oh…truly this is a masterpiece

  9. Nice work Opara; everyone’s said it all.
    I saw two sides to this: the life of siamese twins and its resultant challenges. I also saw how this story could be a metaphor for life and the choices we make et al.

    That said, I think that in the context your story was told, them twins should have been seperated long time before. Considering their choice of course, I just wonder how they did it in sec sch. I mean to be a Doctor and Lawyer, they would have had to take entirely different classes in Sec. Sch. Sebi?

    1. Yeah, you’re right, Abby. Never would have thought of that.

      Nice storytelling.

  10. Very heartfelt and touching story.
    you couldnt have told it better.

  11. I am happy you all enjoyed reading my story. Thanks for your comments, I am highly encouraged.@ abby,I love your observation. On how they did it in sec sch? You will get to read their challenges in sec sch when I will complete the full novel, because I have just started developing this story into a novel. I hope I will finish the novel in due time. I love u guys.

    1. Will like to see how you work that one out. Good luck with the novel.

    2. good luck with the novel,hope to see it when its out.

  12. Short and sweet, Anicetus. I liked this part:

    We saw their shadows, but we never saw their figures

    I can see myself using this in the future. :)

  13. nice touching story, really nice.

  14. @Tola0, you are free, very free, to use the part in future. I am glad u like my story.
    @Adeyinka, thanks for your nice comment.

  15. Well told story but I think the basis is flawed. to be Siamese you need to be identical. If they are joined in the head with 1 head and one brain they cannot have different thoughts and can not express different dreams, intentions or ideas. Perhaps they should have been conjoined at a different level not head.

  16. Really matured lines. I luv the igbo lines too. It made it all too real.

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