Just another day

Just another day

Mummy came home early from the hospital today. She said she had her posting changed. Something about a break out of water borne diseases in the area the day before. She said patients were brought in in droves. She also said there was an alarming number of accidents on Freeway 16 today. She had treated 5 major casualties and pronounced 15 others dead. She was not the only one having to do that today. Uncle Pat, the chief surgeon was called back from his 4 week vacation too. He was on his way from Ghana, she said. She hardly stopped to look at me while she rambled on about her day.

“I’m going upstairs to sleep. I’ll be going back to do an all night shift, so I need some rest. Please don’t disturb me o…”

Her last words sounded like a long sigh… or a long hiss… I couldn’t make out what exactly it was. Was it from my mum or from me? Or was that It? She should have looked at me. Maybe she would have seen what I see everytime I close my eyes.


Did I mention that I get flashes now when I blink? It has been hard to stay awake. And harder to get some sleep. My body is weak, but still fighting. But the weaker I get, the stronger It becomes. I am losing this battle, I fear…


I woke up with a sudden jolt and immediately sat up straight. My eyes adjusted to the light immediately too.

“No… no… no!!!! Not again!!!” I screamed. I ran up to check on my mummy to be sure she was okay. Her room was locked. I hoped she had gone. I ran down the stairs and saw a note from her on the dining table.

“I peeked into your room and saw you were asleep. Sorry, I was in a rush when I got back. Busy day. You looked like an angel while sleeping, so peaceful, like you were doing your most favorite thing in your sleep… Mummy loves you, baby”

I shook in fear and felt cold. Had I killed my mummy too? This had to stop. I had to find a way to end this thing I started. I did not know how. How did this start?

My name is Flora, I am a nature lover. I like to take walks in the park in our posh estate. I say posh because posh is what we are. You see, I live in Whitecastle Estate, it’s a new settlement along the Lekki axis. Yes, it was developed after the Lekki-Epe expressway was completed. It’s a beautiful place, really. One of the things we have is a very beautiful landscape. The developers managed to keep the natural green habitat intact. Something about conforming to the global warming creed, or is it the fight now? I’m not sure. What do I know? I’m only 12. My mum is a single mum. Daddy died when I was 3 years old, just before the work on the Expressway started. After all this started, It told me Daddy’s blood was needed for the road, just like the blood of those who were taken today was needed for what is coming.

My school’s on vacation right now, so I have been taking a lot of walks lately. There’s this part of our estate that everyone seems to stay clear of. It’s like a mini forest. They say it looks sinister and scary. I always thought it looked naturally breathtaking. So, last week, I took a walk, and walked into it.

No, nothing happened. It was indeed a beautiful place. I walked for 20 mins and I could swear I heard the expressway from there, That was when I felt I had walked too far. But I was tired, and I felt like resting a bit. That was when I noticed the forest had a little park. I walked into the park and pulled at the small gate carefully, or was it the other way round? Anyway, I sat down for a few minutes, and that was the last thing I remembered, for a while.

I woke up at home. Mummy was in the kitchen making pancakes. Aunty Biola was around, since it was Friday. I was on the couch in the living room. Mummy walked in and asked when I got in. I told her I couldn’t remember.

“How come? Didn’t you go out?” she said, walking to the guest toilet to change the roll of tissue in there. “Auntie Biola was just saying…” She stopped as she came closer to me and looked at me funny. “Are you ok, darling? You look a bit tired…”

I’m fine mummy, I just woke up, that’s all…”

She laughed. “Did you sleep off at Mimi’s place?”

“No, I didn’t go there today”

“So where did you go then You were not here when I got home and Auntie Biola and I have been in here all afternoon?” she asked as she checked her mini bookshelf for her latest medical journal.

“I went for a walk and then I got tired and slept off in the park in the bushy place and….”

She said I fainted on the next word. I do not remember. But I remember what happened while I remained unconscious.


As soon as my eyes closed, it opened in the other World. Ok, I didn’t say, did I? I am now in the other world, the one that controls the gore and bloodshed of this world. If you are reading this, stay clear of bushy paths, don’t go near hungry looking domesticated animals, and please, please, do not drive alone on Freeway 16.

I woke up to find myself in the in the middle of a carnage. There were bodies everywhere. Bloodied bodies. Mangled shapes. All dead. I was pleased at the sight. I had also changed. I was wearing a long flowing tunic that shimmered in the flashing lights from the several upturned cars. My hair was long and flowed down all the way to my waist. I had on a smile, and my lips were dripping with fresh blood.

“Is this all done?”

“Yes, Mistress of the Darkness, we have arranged for this to happen at different time intervals. No one will suspect a thing” replied one of my croonies. I looked and saw Auntie Biola. She was wearing a luminous gown, but hers was paler than mine.

“Prepare me the bodies then! I want the taste of the first blood!”

I woke up to the worried voice of my mummy. “Flora… Flora, can you hear me?”

My eyes fluttered open and I saw my mummy bent over me, fear written all over her face. “Are you ok? Can you hear me? How do you feel?” she asked at the same time. Auntie Biola asked her to calm down and go get me some water. As soon as my mummy left, she said to me;

“Mistress of the Darkness, we have found you a new body. It is younger and will need some getting used to. But please, in the mean time, do not exert all your power in her. She is fragile, but she is very special”

I was in shock, and yet I understood her perfectly. I reached out my hands to touch her cheek like Flora used to, but she bowed her head instead. My mummy came into the living room just then.

“Biola, what happened? Ki lo se e? Is she ok?”

“She’s fine sister, she just lifted her hand. I was saying a prayer of thanks to God…”

“She looks pale Biola… I think she’s reacting to something…””

“Like what…?”

“I don’t know… like she’s lacking in vitamins or her blood count dropped… Baby, have you been taking your meds?”

I nodded.

“Maybe she needs blood transfusion….” Auntie Biola said.

“Blood ke? Ki lo ro de be? (What made you think of that?)” my mummy asked

“Well, I don’t know…”

My mum bent down and picked me from the floor. She sat on the settee and held me in her arms, she rocked me gently and started to pray.

I closed my eyes.


I was in my room this time. It was a quarter past 4 p.m. The vial was placed on my Barbie dressing table. I could smell the freshness of the blood. It had spoken to me, told me not to be afraid. It said I opened the book in the park that I saw in the bushy place in our estate. It said the book was Its gateway to my world. It said It had become one with me. I was It and It was me. Like someone on default motion, I went for the first vial and tasted the content with the tip of my tongue. It smelt fresh… and alive… the donor was still struggling for life. I do not know how I knew that. The vials were 18. There was also a dish with pulsating or wriggling body parts. A finger here, a liver there… I looked and ate with relish and I felt stronger. Then I looked outside my window and headed for Freeway 16.

I saw the State Patrol Vehicles loading the first batch of bodies in the back of their vans. They pronounced them dead arrival. My lieutenant on the bridge saluted me and stood at attention, ready for my command. I looked at the patrol officers…

“I won’t be needing their blood tonight.”I bellowed into the cold silent night. My voice carried a soft breeze with it. A cold soft breeze.

By the end of the 3rd hour, I had counted 15 deliveries. My mummy came home and confirmed them dead. But there were 3  more. I had taken 18 vials. Who were the ones left and why was the delivery delayed?

“And you… yes you… I see you… I know you… Don’t make me laugh! You think you are reading my mind? I am reading yours. But I’d like you to think otherwise. Even after this, you will still believe that you are reading my thoughts… Good… everything is in motion then. I’m sure you are wondering who I am now. I am Flora. No, I am in Flora and Flora is me. Together, we have ascended.”

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  1. … yetty … yetty o … you still got my eyes glued to the System … I sure give you some points …. *wink wink*

    1. Oh wow! Thank you!

  2. Well, well, well, @yetitweets! This was definitely powerful, in a young way. Your growth in storytelling is, well, phenomenal, remarkable. It was a bit dicey moving back and forth from this world to the next, especially Flora and her mother being the principal characters in this story, but you tried, really. The attempt was a very good one. Here, take this: 99.9999999999 over 100!!! ;) *Thumbs up* *blush* (Kai, my thumbs go break, o!)

    P.S. You just need a little maturity in depicting horror, just to make sure that the ‘horrifying’ picture you create sticks, ok? ;)

    1. Thank you. Your comments and recs are appreciated.

  3. Yeti, this is really lovely. But next time, leave a warning – Don’t read after midnight. Yep, i’m awake and reading this 12:10am and now my imagination is conjuring up the remaining bodies to match the vials. Not the best bedtime thoughts . . .

    1. hehehe… I’m sure you slept soundly! ;)

  4. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    wow!!! this is remarkable oh, u are some horror story writer, kai! it was very gory and well…gory!!! nice one there girl!!! very nice

    1. Oh wow… thank you! *blushing*

  5. Spooky!!!!! Yetitweets thought you were all for love now you have gone horror on me…scary!!! Great job babe, great, great job!!!

    1. I am o! there is romance, horrific romance, horrifying romance, romancing with horror… lol! Pls, na Lade put me for trouble o! lol! thanks dearie!

  6. SCARY EERIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SCARIE EERIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    I can’t sleep o…Yetti…what have you done???


    1. tsk tsk! Calm yourself down, Mister! lol! thank you, I’m glad I managed to spook u slightly

  7. lol Yeti, who and where are the bodies of the remaining 3 vials of blood? Hmm and here I was thinking that your horror spell was over. Well done sha oh.

    1. eerr… the 3 bodies, abi? eehhmmm… Where ever could they be?!?!?!?

  8. Olorun maje, you can’t see me o! this story was too scary for me joh. and to imagine i live in an estate off the Lekki road. not fair!!!

    1. eiya! I sorry gaan o! I didnt intend to have you not in mind when this ‘happened’ (in my mind ofcos). dont worry, they wont reach your estate ;)

  9. Beautiful shows up on the scene with her signature words, “Olorun maje” lol Where have you been girl? Thought you lost your password or something.

  10. Bravo Yetti! You spooked me real good. I’m amazed at your imagination…yet i think your story is way too powerful for that simple title.

    All the same…well done!

    1. LOL! Why thank you… high praise like that coming from you…? I must sniff that thing again! lol!Ah, well.. the title was supposed to be… misleading! Thanks Afrosage! lol!

  11. spooky horror, I’m almost proud of you, yeah next time leave a warning, dont read after midnight.

    1. Oh wow… :( after thinking i made pass mark finally! *sigh*

  12. Yeti, I am now officially scared of you. This is really spooky, and to think I’m reading this at night.

    *makes sign of the cross*

    Well done Lady Yeti.

    1. 0_0 scared of me? No o… I’m not Flora o! lol! ;)

  13. bloodfest! well done Yeti!

    1. hahaha! I see you like such… now wary of you.. lol! thank u C!

      1. Oh snap Yeti!there u go making me look like a freak! But I get it- even freaky writers like u need company! :D :D

        1. delirious much? me ke? fre-what???? lol!

  14. Yeti baby,you’re so prolific,I admire you so much,all ur stories are first class,this one?first class upper.
    Serzly,I wasn’t scared but me likey,you rock,duh.

    1. thanks! duh! lol!

  15. Well, they’ve said everything…spooky I’ll say…U’ve got a way with stories…but love sticks much more with u…never knew u could pull this too…well, ain’t scared but running from Freeway 16 for now….got more time to spare on living me life….

    1. hehehehe! I see you’z a smart man… eerrr… well, do u know which of the highways is highway 16…???? Thanks for your nice words.

  16. this is scary! one genre i havnt explored before. you pulled it off beautifully. great read!.

    1. thank you! Would like to read your own ‘gory story’ too :D

  17. wow,this is real spooky.
    i like it.

  18. @Raymond, I think u should read this, u’ve got company.

    @Yeti, almost flawless piece u have here, but unlike Lade et al, me I can read this at mid-night, sitting in the park in the forest close to freeway 16. lol…

  19. Im wary of my aunts now….good work lady Yeti….from someone who finds horror amusing.

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