If Only I Had Known

If Only I Had Known

I would have called you ‘Oya’

Mighty conjuror of confluence and delta

At the snap of her fingers

To let me bask naked

In your waters,

Wash me pristine and guiltless.

Would not I have implored you ‘Sango’

The one with the eyes of the bitter kola

And the cheeks of the kolanut,

To let me pass through the fury

Of your flames,

To traverse your ever burning hearth

And come out as a metal,

Refined and strong.

I would have struck a bargain

With ‘Obatala’, the indefatigable creator:

Mould me with premium mud,

Add more flex to my muscles,

Sharpen my wits

And quicken my intuition,

In fact give me a sixth sense.

If only I had known…

15 thoughts on “If Only I Had Known” by Lawal Opeyemi Isaac (@easylife2)

  1. Okay…nice one…but i am not sure of it’s meaning…

    1. Not sure either. Maybe the persona is not very satisfied with his/her life and wants more. Abi did I get it very wrong?

  2. If you had known what?..That you will rather be a god , than a mere mortal?..lol.. Nice one Lawal..

  3. Ok..this is something….maybe U need not change at all….if U had known…good….

  4. if i had known
    kinda vague.
    maybe you could help.

  5. Yeah, you left this rather vague, or are we missing something?

  6. Nice one but I didn’t get it,think you should rather appreciate God for how he made you ‘stead of …..!
    Beautiful,poetic essence.

  7. Thanks y’all for the comments.The poem was intended to be vague,the poet persona was dumbfounded when he started going through and was wishing that the deities had got him more prepared to face them than he is now.I hope its clearer now?

    1. okay,i think i have an idea of everything now.
      well done.

  8. That explanation helps. Nice one.

  9. Well, at fist i didnt get it, but when i saw your comment, I understood why i didnt understand it….lol

  10. Yup, your comment helped and I believe Adeyinka put it well. lol
    Well done sir.

  11. Mr Lawal, you really are one poet to look out for on N.S. You do so well.

  12. @easylife2 This is good……………….

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