Fall In Love Your Dreams

Fall In Love Your Dreams

What you love you run after
What you run after you overtake
Though the time may sail under
Yet must thy might be a making

Dash you heart and mind your love
And unto that with persistence to flow
For what you love, a fight resolve
And in all togetherness you will sow

What you love you dream about
And that also should your all thinking
Though the world opposition shouts
Yet the power to get none blinking

Like loving a beauty in this life
Everything you won yours to give
So are your dreams your light
For the time tails too brief
Salau O John©2010

Thought change is attitude corrected
And attitude brought about altitude
Yet many things yoked dejected
But that alight burrow fortitude

Thoughts make the world possible
Though changes are hard to tie
But a correct turning, a credible
Even when all things want sigh

With your thoughts comes your doing
And with the mind wear all change
For the power to form lays in your going
Though the world, a friend thy strange

Here hope coping change thoughts
For the lesson you ought taught
Here comes the heaving, your heart
But that change yours to chart
Salau O John©2010

33 thoughts on “Fall In Love Your Dreams” by treasured1 (@treasured1)

  1. I liked the first stanza of the first poem, and generally the second poem was nice.

  2. Nice work man; you are a quite a poet if i must say

  3. i love your poems as usual and these ones were no exception.
    the first one especially got me hooked.

  4. @ Adeyinka ….Well, glad you liked the poems…just doing my duties out here….

    @ Scot …Thanks…my lines are laid out….The Kin g knows….

    @ Anderson….Happy I got you at last….Just my way of teaching others to follow their dreams in life…..Tx….

  5. You’re some poet,I echo Anderson
    Like the first one

  6. @ gretel…Thanks…just my duty I call it…

  7. Nice poems; particularly like the first.
    Well done!

  8. @ abby…Thanks…Glad you like it…

  9. you are real right,i learnt something in here.
    thanks to you.

  10. @ Anderson…Glad you found something to learn in it….You are welcome…my pleasure….

    1. Thank you
      looking forward to more.

  11. Will be sending them in soonest….

  12. That will be nice.
    i hope you will tell me someday what inspires you.
    i will love to know.

  13. No problem…just joined in to your created group….All is there for your perusal….Thanks for being there….

  14. Thanks too,i am glad you did.
    I will look it up.
    ynu should also join BOOKS too,i invited you.
    Expect my reply.

  15. That I’ll do….somehow I’ve been too occupied working on 3 motivational books together…Now they are done, I guess I’m free to do something else….Tx….

  16. WOW
    That is interesting.
    i will love to read them.
    do you publish for sale ?

  17. Yes, I do…for now I’ve got only one book in the market (You Can Make It), a motivational piece…but the ones I’ve just finished will be out latest first week in October as I’ve got their ISBN intact…Thanks for asking….

  18. That is very nice.
    so where can i get a copy?
    i will like to read that book.

  19. Well, Will get to you on the details soonest…got you on facebook….

    1. Well sir, looks like you’ve been really busy. Good for you.

      1. lol,wetin be your own sef Abby?

  20. Okay,will be waiting and thanks for adding me.

  21. @ Abbey… Glad to be free in a way for now…Thanks…a task done and moving on…

    @ Anderson..You are welcome…calling ur line soon….

    1. Don’t join Estrella oh, its abby, not abbey.

  22. @ Abby…Ok…wouldn’t try to…Tx…just a flip of me hands…

  23. Wow..
    I actually took time to digest these poems and I have to tell you, This is way way better!

  24. @ 2cye4u..Thanks…Glad its better understood by you….

  25. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    very deep man..very deep…

  26. Fall in love your dreams- the title didnt prepare me for what i read, and i noticed they were two poems, is the title for both of them?
    Liked the first poem, more, its words sank deep. Good work, thumbs up!

  27. @ Meena-Adekoya..Thanks..Just being me…

    @ Elly…Well, they are two poems of different titles…Just the way I write…Thanks for your comment….

  28. Yeah, the first poem was killer. I struggled to follow the second… Nice work, Oga

  29. @ cikko907.. Thanks…I do understand…just my way of trying different themes…making the mind to think…glad u had the time….

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