‘Dainty Us’

‘Dainty Us’

Broken vases, broken china, broken bone china, broken glass, broken glasses, broken mirrors, broken nose, broken tooth, broken bones, if this was the end of the list of things that got broken, wouldn’t life be so splendid?

No, hearts had to get broken, memories, promises, emotions, marriages, relationships, friendships, love, spirits, people, dreams, these also get broken.

Why are all the beautiful things of life dainty, why not the ugly things? I have never heard of broken hatred, broken greed and broken selfishness. The things that break ‘dainty us’ the most, mostly come from within and they are abstract.

I once saw an old man cry, and I cried with him, not knowing why he was crying, it tugged at my heart, because I thought it was unheard of for some category of people to cry. But it isn’t, grown men cry.

I was sad to realize that we are not the mighty Igor’s we pride ourselves at being, a broken chair can be repaired the instant it goes kaput, but a broken heart takes a longer time to heal, in most cases even a broken neck heals faster!
In this regard, it won’t be out of place to say for instance, that a broken chair has one up over ‘dainty us’, or physical things over abstract things.

Why will a bride-to-be not smile and be cool, when her groom and chief bride’s maid walk up to her a day before her wedding and say ‘we have been having the hots for each other, please give us your blessing.’
When a woman finds her husband in bed with another man, why doesn’t she just say ‘honey when you are done call me’? She cannot because the heart is fragile; you place such weight on it at her detriment. First she has to deal with her husband’s infidelity then the fact that he is bi-sexual, too much for one person I dare say.

‘Dainty us’ had to entangle ourselves in such broken, broken everyday life. I can hear someone telling me, ‘my life is not broken!’ Yes I agree wholeheartedly with you, mine neither, but it breaks my heart to hear that a Palestinian man got killed while crossing the Gaza strip, a little girl got kidnapped in the Niger-delta, a man poured acid on his fiancée, a six year old girl is raped by her forty year old neighbour, a man walks out on his wife and children.
Endless list, I could go on and on, doesn’t it break your heart; can these occurrences not result in broken people? Check out this scenario, the broken little girl grows up and declares a vendetta on the group that kidnapped her many years ago, the group members are changed people. Possible?
This is a call for caution in stoking the fires that trigger encounters that result in broken people.

Pessimistic is what I am not, a recognition that we all are actually vulnerable at some point is very essential; it helps in dealing with others, whenever I am about to launch an attack on a person, I suddenly remember that I do not know what the person is going through, that this person is actually fragile- underneath all the veneer, skirmishes, grins, underneath a person is a delicate piece, of very delicate lace. You concur?
There are too many broken people around and ‘daintier us’ (please don’t go breaking them), so say to yourself; whatever I can do to alleviate the brokenness of life, I will do and when I am dealing with the abstract, I will handle with extreme care.
My verdict: TDH – dainty him, slim hourglass figure – dainty her, fat, tall, black, white, slim, short; whatever category you find yourself we are all “dainty us” so please handle with extreme care!

39 thoughts on “‘Dainty Us’” by Ellie (@elly)

  1. Reminds of ‘We are the World’. original and Haiti versions. And also ‘God Bless the Children’ sang by Miss World 1987 contestants. Good work. Very nice Elly.

  2. Jaywriter you are far too kind, thanks a lot for reading and dropping me a line!

  3. I love this, Elly. Its truly the precious, irreplaceable things of life that are most fragile.

    1. Yes Lade, it’s unfortunately true. Thanks a lot for reading and dropping a line…

  4. learnt a new word! “dainty”. lol. for d piece, it was great. enjoyred it alot. we are fragile beings n most easily hurt but not easily mended or healed so we have to handle ourselves with care n put ourselves in d midst of people that will handle us with care.

    1. Thanks a lot muyiscoi,i liked this from your comment – put ourselves in the midst of people that will handle us with care.True talk.

  5. this is so true and good.really liked.
    whenever I am about to
    launch an attack on a person, I
    suddenly remember that I do not
    know what the person is going
    through, that this person is actually
    fragile- underneath all the veneer,
    skirmishes, grins, underneath a
    person is a delicate piece, of very
    delicate lace.
    I will start acting on thoase lines.thanks for sharing

    1. Good to know you really liked and you will act on them. Thanks a lot Gretel.

  6. Very thoughtful….a voice of reason and a most troubled world.

    1. yea Mercy, thanks a lot for reading and dropping a line.

  7. @Elly Turtoe … very inspiring nice one here too!

  8. Elly, really nice one and very true too. When I read the title, I expected to read something on broken pieces but you took it beyond that. You have been thinking very deeply.

    lol @ “whenever I am about to launch an attack on a person…”, sounds like you are battle ship.

    1. Thanks a lot Abby, i had to think very deep and @ launch attack- i only sound like a battleship oh, i am really cool.

  9. Very deep and inspiring, Elly. well done!

    1. Thanks a lot RemiRoy.

      1. actually read this again. makes more meaning everytime.
        For real, DAINTY US!

  10. Beautiful…thoughtful…sweet…your sweet noble soul shows through…

    Well done.

    1. Aww..Seun thanks a lot, i am smiling at your comment.

      1. I agree, sweet noble soul, that truly cares for the needs and unexpressed feelings of others.
        o rare!

  11. This is very true, something we all should remember.

    Well done, Elly.

    1. Thanks a lot, Uche.

  12. very nice musing, i like ur views

    1. Thanks a lot Adeyinka.

  13. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    very nice write up, evoked some emotion in me, i’ll never forget to take into cognizance the ‘dainty us’

    1. thanks a lot Meena and please dont forget the ‘dainty us’.

  14. Man’s inhumanity to man always bothers me. If we can all treat ourselves as dainty and priceless we might still get hurt, but those times would be few and far between… lovely job Elly.

    1. thanks ce ug, the times would really be few and far between and it would be very welcome.

  15. Wish I could steel myself up joo. Vulnerability is not a nice colour on me. But such is life. Your piece was nice…

    1. @cikko907 a heart of steel is never worth it in the end. Stay vulnerable- it guarantees that the good will flow inspite of the bad…

      1. @ceug: I hear ya sistah, I hear ya…

    2. thanks cikko907, i am certain you dont want to steel yourself…

  16. A lovely piece here…nice thoughts too…love the word, dainty us’…a word we can’t ignore as we are all truly bold and dainty…

    1. thanks a lot treasured1 for dropping a line.

  17. i love this piece Elly,always good to put other peoples feelings into consideration when one acts.

  18. yes bro,thanks a lot, Anderson.

    1. you are so welcome
      more ink to your pen.

  19. thanks once again for reading @innoalifa

    1. @elly always always welcome :)

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