Bloodied hands (2)

Bloodied hands (2)

Come lunch time and I was still struggling to compile staff performance reports when he walked into my office without knocking.

‘Lunch? He asked, his hands stuffed into the pockets of his single buttoned pant suit. I was dumbfounded. Why didn’t he just pull out a club from those pants, hit me over the head and drag me to his office for a ravishing bout?

‘No, you can’t have it’, I replied calmly, expecting the usual look of confusion to fleet across his face. Instead, he smiled in perfect understanding; he walked over, placed a palm on my table; then he leaned forward until his face was nearly touching mine.

‘If that’s what I want, I won’t have to ask you for it Toni. You will beg me to take it from you. He was right. I lost my virginity to him in the elevator in the most intense way ever. He had to put his hand over my mouth to stifle the screams. Multiple orgasms are hard for many women but when it came to Ibe, for me, it was as natural as breathing.

After that I was like a jungle cat released into the wild. I couldn’t get enough of Ibe and I didn’t care if everyone around us knew it. It didn’t help that Ibe was something of an exhibitionist. He did outrageous stuff like cup my ass when I was bent over at the copier machine or stare intently at me when he was talking about someone else during meetings.

We got married six months later in a huge wedding. My mother had tears in her eyes the whole time. I was her only child after all. Ibe’s parents were rather stuck up but with time they warmed up to me and by the time we got married, they were safely in my camp.

They say when you get married; the first years are the most trying times of all. I don’t know who said that, but whoever did needs to be shot! Ibe and I had a beautiful beginning. He was kind, thoughtful, romantic and tough when he needed to be. Our sex life was even more awesome after marriage. It was like we couldn’t get enough out of each other. Maybe it was the sex that got me side tracked but when Ibe suggested role playing; I was all in for it. After all, what’s sex if there isn’t some sort of kinkiness to it? And believe me, with Ibe, I wasn’t afraid to get my freak on.

After we got married, I had to quit my job because the company had a no-marriage between-staff policy going for them. I started a dance studio and worked hard at learning how to choreograph;could I dance? Yes…I could…I could salsa and crunk and tango. It had always been a lifelong dream and Ibe being the darling that he was encouraged me to go through with it. So I was more than happy to oblige when he asked one morning, ‘how would you like to have sex on my office table? He didn’t have to ask me twice.

The next morning after he drove off to work, I hit the stores in town and bought myself a pink crotch less panties and a matching edible bra; then I bought a lovely black knee length wrap around coat that made me look so classy that I almost did myself; If it weren’t for the sales lady who was eyeing me as if she wanted to grow a pair of balls I probably would have! A pair of six inch red heels later and I was set for the role. When I arrived at the office, I caused quite a stir. Most of the people I had worked with before I got married were still there and hadn’t seen me since my single status changed. So there was a lot of eye feasting and a few breathless whistles from the men which I bluntly ignored as I headed straight for Ibe’s office, my heels tapping across the cold marble floor. His secretary looked scandalized as I strode past her without a word into his office where he was obviously busy with a client.

The look on Ibe’s face when he saw me was priceless. His mouth dropped and his hands stilled dramatically. The client was so startled by his abrupt change in demeanour that he whipped round to see what had caused it and froze as well.

Men are so easy. If we were all animals, I’m willing to bet that women would be the lions and men would be tender gazelles caught in our predatory glare. I was leaning against the door, my long legs splayed and hands in the pocket of the coat. I had just gone to the saloon to get my hair done Keri hilson style; I looked good and I knew it. I virtually had to stifle the urge to throw back my mane of hair and roar… A little cleavage and I was simply ready to be devoured.

‘Ibe, I need to speak with you immediately’, I said as calmly as you please, my eyes narrowed in with meaning. ‘Yes’, Ibe husked out. He cleared his voice and said more clearly, ‘yes…of course’ Mr Abubakar, can you excuse us for a bit? ’I’ll give you a call to reschedule our talk later.’ Need I say that Mr Abubakar got up with reluctance creaking in his every move? He nodded silently to Ibe and moved walked out of the office slowly, his eyes eating me up every step of the way. Ibe got up and kicked the door shut at the same time he grabbed me.

You see, he was expecting me to show up at work all prim and proper but I wasn’t that kind of person and sex had turned me into a wild beast and I don’t think he knew how wild a beast I was until that moment. Talk about purring like a lion! That began our sexual venture into a whole new direction; the restroom of eateries all around town, the back seat of our car while it was still parked in front of the office basking in the glow of a setting sun, the pastor’s office in church when he excused himself to get a book from the church library.

‘I hereby christen thee.’…Ibe had muttered as he plunged into me on the table where I half sat, legs wide open, glistening and wet. By the time the pastor got back, we were in our chairs, all tidied up…except for his desk of course…It looked like the fury of a tornado has passed by.

”A draft of air”…

Ibe had said solemnly at the confused look the pastor threw us…I simply nodded sagely. There’s a fine line for everything in life whether it’s love or hate, war or peace…There are always extremes and when Ibe crossed over to the extreme, I was too in love with him to stop him…

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  1. Wild, wild, wild!!! Na wa o!!They sure cooked up a sex storm everywhere!!..okay doing it in the Pastor’s office was the height Great, great job estrella.

  2. A draft of air indeed :P . . . I bet the office didn’t even have any open windows, lol. I like a kinky couple, tho’ as this is tagged a thriller I’m not going to get attached to either of them just yet! You write with clinical precision, estrella, but it’s still a story I can warm to. I like it!

  3. LOL at this couple sha. Pastor’s office ke?

    But the one that really tripped me was the elevator one. I wonder how many floors that building had that they could do that. Abi they were just going up and down endlessly. What if someone had walked in?

    Please post part 3 sharp sharp.

    1. u got me there o… here I am, wondering if there was no one else needing to go up or down in the building… but, o kinky sha… ;)

    2. lol Uche, you are a sport. Thanks for voicing what I was thinking. Yeti, you too try oh.

  4. hehehehehehe,this was good,sex in the pastor’s office?are they always horny?I’ll try that one oh,lol,but sex shouldn’t be that mis-used,I heard it’s sacred maybe that’s why I’m scared of trying.
    Beautiful work girl,you rock.

  5. elevators? eateries rest room? Pastor’s office? Na wa for this sexaholic couple oh! What next, waiting for more, Good work Estrella.

  6. And we crossed Too-much-information territory a few miles back. Darnit! Talk about kinky! Keep em coming sha. Lovely, lovely narrative. Quick pacing. Just try not to spoil @Gretel for us, k? Lolz…

  7. *sign of the cross* A writing as good as this and all you guys can talk about is the sex?! *another sign of the cross* May God forgive you all. Lolzzz!
    Estrella, go easy on Sister Lade’s . . . er . . . delicate mind. My eyes are crossing at the images running through my mind – elevators, eateries, pastor’s office etc. OH MY!
    Did i just talk about the sex?! *a hurried sign of the cross*

  8. Meeen,you are definitely unpretentious! This is damned good writing!! Loved the pacing especially.Very good job!!!

  9. Not a fan of sex, hot sex. Think some of us are not just made for that kinda sex. Seems they’re not a kissing couple or touching couple. But still enjoyed the stuff. Guess you’re still in the porn part, waiting to pounce on the other parts like a lion. You know me’s always a huge fan of yours with a huge crush on you. Loading next part… shay?

    1. Gosh, Jaywriter! Must you punish our delicate sensibilities even further?? Lol, for the sake of clarity, will you please not refer to it as “the porn part”. I believe it’s called erotica and it’s a popular, established genre – maybe you should try it some time :D. “Not a fan of sex, hot sex” indeed :D :D!!!

      1. @Marya Kudos – So so sorry. Erotica it is. Guess you taught me a new word, thanks a lot. Still not a fan of hot sex. In football some guys play like Barbatov some play like Malouda. Hope you get the point?

        1. Not really. Lol; yeah I get the point. One plays hard ball and the other, soft ball, hey? Sorry but I’m not a football enthusiast tho’ I have a favourite club and player :P. Pretentious of me, I know :P. I’m just so shocked at your comment bc I have NEVER heard a guy say that before. Not a fan of hot sex?? One man’s meat, I guess. Or maybe you’re yet to meet the “hot” kind of girl, abi?? Don’t knock it till you try it, sha. (now let me run off b4 i get into trouble ooo) LOL.

          1. @marya kudos – Okay. Maybe will the girl someday. But really don’t think so. Think it means different things to different people. Making it hot kinda makes me loose what it means to me. Will hope someone changes all that though, *winks*.

            1. That’s cool Jaywriter but I wouldn’t want you to change what suits your personality and style; it shows you respect the “act” as much more than an animalistic thing the way some folks do these days :D.To each his own, but keep your options/mind open, just in case! LOL.

  10. @Lade..Lolz!! Babe! Im with you in this sign of cross thing…it seems the sex scenes grabbed more attention than I thought…Father have mercy indeed!lol!

  11. @marya kudos – Glad you know that me’ll surely keep me options open, but don’t thing it’d changed. Think this is my way and would remain my way.

  12. @mercy..girl you’d be shocked at where some people decide to get thier itch scratched these days! hehehe..thanks!
    @gretel…Afraid of trying it out at all? hmmmm….i reserve my comments..but you shouldnt be afraid because it’s sacred..apart from being sacred,sex has its own time and place and when it’s done outside both parameters,it don’t matter how sacred you make it,you will have a backload of consequences to deal with!

  13. @elly…thanks try and post the next part soonest
    @uche..uche!! na wa for you oh!na that part grab you abi? hehehehe!!

  14. @lawal…thanks dude…!
    @chikko…abeg oh! gretel..tell em im not trying to spoil you oh! Something tells me i wouldn’t succed even if i tried! lol!

  15. @jaywriter..hey!! this isn’t porn! Like marya said,its erotica..part of it is anyway…and I am yet to meet a man who isn’t turned on by woman who can get her freak on.Even the most timid of men tend to loose it with the right woman…which could be moi…seeing that you have a crush on me…well….

    1. Na wa o!! I could not help but put my mouth in this oo. In cikko’s words, this is unpassupable!! Jaywriter, will you or will you not rise to the occasion? Lol.

    2. @estrella @marya kudos – Well… ‘ll most definitely see how it goes. The use of ‘porn’ wasn’t intended to be understood the way you guys did. Estrella, keep it coming, okay *winks*. Waiting for the next.

    3. err May I add my own to this err discusion? Thanks.

      Jay’s already proposed to 2cute (where’s the cute one btw, haven’t seen her around lately) so Estrella, lay off. Besides, Jay’s not into the err hot stuff. You might wanna try Paul McSteamy; now there you will find hot. lol

  16. @ estrella,pls don’t reserve ur comments,yea a backload of consequences plus I’m not sure there’s any man that adequate enough to lay his fingers on me,ok,you’re not spoiling me but you’re trying to and owing to how much I like u,u might succeed,it would take time duh.
    @ cikko907,hoooooo my big bros on NS,tell all of em,they better not defile my pink brain with their deoxygenated erotica,lolz
    loving this totally

  17. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    very very steamy girl…nah wah for this couple oh doing it ‘everywhere’ cant wait for part 3, i have a feeling something bad is about to happen, love the way u kept us hanging…tew bhad!

  18. @ Meena,sth bad had already happened,this is the story after it happened.
    lol @ she would have done herself if not for the shop lady,this chic is sth else.
    This story was so’re simply prolific.kudos to you.

  19. *sign of the cross, sign of the cross, sign of the cross* Hurridly leaving the char room before… *cough cough*

  20. @gretel…In that case,I promise to spoil you only when you’re ready to be spoiled!
    @meena…thanks babe! I will not disappoint with the next part(I hope!)

  21. *sign of the cross, sign of the cross, sign of the cross* Hurriedly leaving the chart room before… *cough cough*

  22. Wow, wow, wow…Too much to handle…too far for them to go….Nice work girl…waiting for the next bash….

  23. Wow…I had to hurry back to read the first part after checking this out.
    You took time to develop your characters and the way you darted in and out of past and present was fluid and impressive.

    And my favourite aspect would be the way you spliced everything with witty metaphors and references. And again…the sexy aspect was a different ballgame – it was not just some senseless description of sexcapades but a narration of sexual experiences which further enhances your character development…And it takes creativity to do that!

  24. @Yetitweets…ROTFLMAO!…come awn girl! It can’t be affecting ya that much can it?
    @john…thanks john

  25. @afronuts…coming from you…wow!you hardly compliment anyone dude(ure a dude right?)I hope i don’t let you down in part three!

    1. Dude!
      aww..come on. i do compliment…

      1. Ah-ah now, Afronuts does give compliments.

  26. See people oh, shuo. Kai.
    @Estrella, me I like the way you write. You are indeed prolific.

    I can’t just seem to get my mind around the fact that all this people saw was the embedded action. Now am gonna echo Gretel, I have read today alone, like 3 explicitly explicit ‘action’ scenes. I plead the blooood of Jessssuuus! lol

    Me dear, methinks that you should have started this statement,

    “There’s a fine line for everything in life whether it’s love or hate, war or peace…There are always extremes and when Ibe crossed over to the extreme, I was too in love with him to stop him…” as another paragraph because its a leading one; the one that will tell us the HOW (methinks we already know the WHY, maybe not) ze hands got bloodied.

    But eh Nne, you write oh.

  27. hmmmmm Estrella,what can i say that hasnt been said.
    this is hot,steamy and above all seriously wild.
    didnt expect this 360 twist o.

  28. @afronuts…aw dude! I didn’t mean you don’t compliment at all oh! DOn’t mind me,i was trying to get a rise outta ya…(n find out if u were dude or babe) lol!

  29. wow what a vixen! you are very funny and you paint such pictures in my head, i loved the part about throwing her head back and roaring like a lion, also liked the ending……….what a draft that must have been! more like a tornado whirled past the pastor’s desk! lol………..nice post

  30. hmmm… things are happening! Waiting for the psycho to emerge from the fire! Good job!

  31. @winifred..thanks girl!
    @ce ug…you won’t have to wait long( I hope!)

  32. @Abby…babe…no make my head swell abeg! lol!…thanks for the compliment sha….
    you’re right about that part…hmmmm…my editor in chief…i see potential oh!

  33. okay, time for some truth telling and getting out of d closet?

    I just discovered that my middle name is IBE. is there any real lady that is anything like the babe in dis story? i mean for real, with the hunger, creativity and stamina to match? I have been searching and am still searching for the like so holla!!!!!!!

    @ Jaywriter, bro i hail but pls get in line with ur crush tin and pls wait ur turn.

    @ estrella, lock ur doors and windows gal. I doff me hat

  34. I sure hope there’s a next part, yeah?

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