Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

I’d rather have a bleeding heart

than none at all

You have chosen to stay the part

I’ve moved down the hall

the emptiness inside you

freezes all around me

but still my heart bleeds

and so I can dream

I’d rather carry on this pain

than miss the rain

It’s been long since I heard you sing

Or say his name

The voice of passion

Has died to reason

And now you fashion

dry, caked seasoning

to garnish the rotten cake

as you refuse to re-bake

I’d rather have the sun and rain

and miss the train

Though time often plays unfair

My choice is clear

I’ll go again and again

Risk and lose the same

And keep my bleeding heart

than none at all.

24 thoughts on “Bleeding Heart” by yetitweets (@yetunde)

  1. Nice one, Yeti. Reminds me of the saying ‘better to have loved and lost than . . .’ how does it end again?

    1. …not to have loved at all.. something like that. thank you.

  2. I’ll rather have the sun and rain
    And miss the train…like that line.
    Nice one

    1. lol! Me too… thank you!

  3. ‘Tis better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all’…Sad but nice..Well done Yeti!

    1. Thanks, Mercy! More like real… happy isnt always the tune, is it?

  4. LADE…you took them words right out of my mouth!!!! I was gonna say just that…

    OH…how bittersweet indeed…the wounds of love…


    1. Thank you! Bittersweet, shey? Just the way I was feeling

  5. nice poem Yeti,
    better to be heartbroken than to never taste love.

    1. Well, maybe not heartbroken per say… love comes with its own ‘faithful’ wounds… it’s all a part of the package, not necessarily love lost.

  6. ‘I’ll go again and again, Risk and lose the same’
    true that! lovely poem.

  7. Lovely piece, with a salient message. Better to have loved…

    Well done, Yeti.

    1. thank you, ma’am!

  8. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    I’d rather have a bleeding heart

    than none at all
    loved the first line, touching to the core…very nice…

    1. Thank you, meena. That was more like the first cry. It was the line that inspired the entire poem.

  9. Yes, I agree with Meena although I’ll love to keep my heart in one piece.
    Beautiful poem Yeti.

    1. lol! Dont we all? thank you!

    2. Will have to agree with @abby here but not until after the first love’s come and gone. Very good poem. Really feel the emotions in it. So, you still missing your train?

  10. ‘Though time often plays unfair, my choice is clear, i’ll go again and again…’
    so beautiful! fab work Yeti

  11. Hmm. I only wrinkled my nose at the cake lines. They didn’t fit with the rest of the beauty that was your poem. Yep. I liked it that much. 70% of the entire thing is quotable. For real. E.g. “The voice of passion has died to reason…” Or “the emptiness inside you, freezes around me.” Awesome job…

    1. lol! Thanks. Yeah, I wrinkled my nose there too.. :D

  12. i enjoyed all the lines


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