You got me fired up!

You got me fired up!

Author: Eddie Iroh

Book:Without a Silver Spoon

Word count: 250 words.

Without a Silver Spoon stirred up in me a love for reading Nigerian books. My heart went out to the protagonist Ure Chokwe, a brilliant boy from an impoverished family.

In Ure’s last year in primary school, his parents could not afford his fees. Not wanting to go the way of his elder brother- who had earlier dropped out of school to pursue trading, Ure worked as a servant for his class teacher, Steve, who would in turn pay his fees. One day Teacher Steve discovered that some of his money was missing; he accused Ure of the theft and sent him back to his parents. Later one of his classmate’s school fees was stolen from the boy’s locker during break, and Ure being the poorest boy in the class, was falsely accused while Erugo the thief walked away.

Even though it’s an oldie, the words of the book still reverberate through time; the poor man is guilty of any crime in the room- even any foul odour.

Teacher Steve later found his money and Ure was vindicated. It wrung my ‘little’ heart so much at the time, to see an innocent boy suffer because he was poor and unfortunately so it’s still a story of our time, poverty is still ravaging the land.

I use this opportunity to say thank you to Eddie Iroh, I received a good helping from him and since then I have always been an Oliver Twist; wanting more from the menu of Nigerian books.

Elohor Turtoe.


20 thoughts on “You got me fired up!” by Ellie (@elly)

  1. wow! i had completely forgotten this book until i saw the name Ure chokwe! hmmm and then the name of the novel rang a bell in my head, my little heart too was wrung lol i think i even shed a tear when i read the book. nice read!

    1. yeah nice read, and about the tears- i must have shed some too…

  2. how did we manage o forget this book. i really do love this book.

    1. I’m glad you loved it too, fanclub coming up…

  3. Made me sad too, espeially where Ure was acsed of stealing unjustly.. But absolutely loved it!!

    1. Yes that was one high point of the book, the writer placed the main character in jeopardy. Good to know u share my love for WAS too.

  4. 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

    Great props!

  5. Ha! Read this book to bits!

  6. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    ha…u guys are jogging my reading memory, how could i forget i read this book? loved it so much…i hated the injustice wrought on the poor boy…another good book

  7. yeah, i loved that book too

  8. look like say na only me never read am o,i should check it out.

  9. The little i read in that book made lots of sense, the end part of the book was lost to overuse. Good review.

  10. A timeless classic. Thanks for sharing!

  11. thanks for sharing, i did enjoy the book too

  12. @innoalifa, you read this too, nice one

  13. Nostalgia ooooo

    I miss my Naija Stories…

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