Why did she have to be so young?

Why did she have to wait for so long?

Why did she have to go through life alone?

Why did she have no one to call her own?

Why did she have to cry her eyes out at night?

Why did she have to behold the gruesome sight?

Why did she have her innocence taken away?

Why did she have to watch the devil ruin her day?

Why did she have to carry a baby when she was still one?

Why did she have to fight so many battles but never won?

Why did she have to make that choice?

Why did she have to listen to that voice?

Why did she have to put both lives at stake?

Why did her life story become a lesson for us in the decisions we make?

(C) 2010. Ayokunle Falomo.

20 thoughts on “Why?” by Ayokunle Falomo (@aryor)

  1. This is just too simple, Kunle. Too simple! Hm. I’ll leave those questions as questions, sir. If you have a world full of questions, there’ll be no space for answers, my dear. ;) Easy, easy…

    1. Too simple? I’m not sure I got what you meant by that. Life is really full of questions…

  2. hmmn! Why indeed. Unfortunately, i have no answers.

    1. I wish I had answers too…. Guess life is full of those!

  3. Still pondering…A real why for words….

  4. Well, here’s the answer. Friends let her down, guess family too. And the world. Very good work. Real arts ought to be easy to relate to and have good lessons. This had it all. Keep it up.

    1. You’re partly right, and thanks!

  5. Well I’ve got the answer,if you believe in your self and have self-confidence,you won’t indulge in some things or let someone spoil ur life,you won’t have too many unanswered questions or why.No matter what don’t let any man predict u except u are making a false move.I’m dead serious…

    1. That’s a very nice advice. Wish the Main Character of this poem could have met you. Lol. Thanks.

  6. So many whys..and good attempts at answers from Jaywriter and gretel…Why am I leaving a comment also when I don’t even have an answer? I just wonder why..lol. I sure enjoyed reading this “why did she do it” poetry..

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it. I did enjoy writing it. Thanks.

  7. It doesn’s sound like the girl in question gave away her innocence.I get the impression she was despoiled forcibly got pregnant as a result,then tried to abort and died..am i right? its a really short poem filled with deep questions..woulda helped if you gave a few answers oh!

    1. HIT the nail right on top of the head. Brilliant!

  8. Well, my take on this is her life was pretty much riddled with no chances to begin with. She probably was on her own, making her a prime target to be violated in such a manner. Doesn’t look like she made good choices as well. Estrella seems to have nailed it though.

    1. There was not really much she could do though. Liked your interpretation…

  9. Asking all these questions only lead to more questions.
    we make choices in life,good or bad.
    looks like she made hers.
    nice write.

    1. Yessir. We are laden with choices to make every single day. We all have to make choices, like you said, some good, some bad.

  10. now you’re talking AYOKUNLE. this is a GOOD piece. i wont even attempt the Q, e hard pass UME..Well Done

    1. I’m :( So I’ve been mute all along, ehn? And you put my name in all CAPITALS too. So I guess I indeed talked, ahahaha. Just kidding. But anyways, thanks again.

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