What If…?

What If…?

Sitting, Waiting

Wondering, Smiling

What If?

A Click, I Blink

A Shutter, A Bulb

A Flash.

A Flurry of motion

A Mic, A Podium

I Look, I See, I Smile.

Row upon endless row

A Sea of heads

Eagerly Waiting.

What to say!

Words form; A smile achieved

Riotous applause herald the Plaque.


Please repeat after me:

I Swear…

To solemnly discharge my duties…

As the first Female President Of the Federal Republic of Nigeria…

I Swear, An Applause, I Smile.

A Nudge, I Blink, A soft voice:

“Baby, get up

Let’s go over your multiplication tables again.”

Ha! The dreams of a little girl!

24 thoughts on “What If…?” by abby (@abby)

  1. whooo! I’m loving this. I think I did dream a little along these lines as a girl.

    Way to go! and dream on babes.
    You never know!

    1. Shey, who really knows if not God? Thanks for appreciating this.

  2. Abby, i knew i was on to something when i was lobbying for an appointment. Aso Rock, here we come!
    Lovely poem. Simple, yet profound. I love your use of ‘spotlight’ words to pass the message. Evokes vivid images.

    1. lol Aso Rock best watch out then. Thanks dear!

  3. “Spotlight”… Thanks, Lade. Well done, abby! Your poem is short and large in nature. I’m a sucker for short poems, dear. Work it, work it… Then again, there can be other ways of dreaming dreams like this.

    1. Thanks Emmanuella; appreciate the comment.

  4. Like me mastress, me’s also a sucker for short poems. Good poem. We’ve all dreamed the dream sometime. Mine’s Oscar though. Good poem Abby. You seem not write a lot but when you write it is always short, simple and (vanilla and strawberry ice cream) sweet. Keep it up girl.

    1. Oscar abi? Not far-fetched sir. Thanks for reading.
      With what I read on this site, I fear to write at all. lol

  5. Light and good!
    I truly loved this..

    1. Thanks ma’am.

  6. Lollll,beautifully done,one day I’ll be the governor of my state,I swear and I’m not dreaming,whether first female or last female,watch out.

    1. Hey girl, erm I apologise, Your Excellency Ma. We’ll get there. Watch out Nigeria; we are coming.

      Thanks for the comment.

  7. Wow, wow, wow…This is lovely…an applause I give already…hoping not a dream anymore….

    1. Thanks sir, I appreciate the encouragement.
      Dreams need a working; that’s the sometimes hard part but hey, God already knows.

  8. What I like about this poem is that even as a man, I can feel it.
    Well captured, Abby.

    1. Meaning you wouldn’t mind me as your President then. Hope I can count on your vote when the time comes? Thanks for reading and liking.

  9. Eiya,
    Sorry Abby.
    what a beautiful poem.
    shame it turned out to be a dream.lol

    1. lol Anderson, the dream in this instance is not a night one. Haven’t you heard it said that “those who dream by day…are dangerous(wo)men; for they dream with open eyes to make their dreams come true.”? Watch out sir. It all starts with a dream.

      Thanks for your comment still.

  10. Lol, abby. This was too cute! Thumbs & pinkies up!

    1. Thanks Lara; appreciate.

  11. Nice, I really like it. Short and sweet poetry.

  12. Thanks Adeyinka for stopping by.

  13. Very nice! You know a woman would wake one day to see that her dream as a little girl has come true.

    1. Thanks Tee; till then!

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