Unforgiven Trespass – 4

Unforgiven Trespass – 4

There we both stood facing each other; what I felt at that point? I do not know. It was like I stopped feeling if for a while or maybe I just blanked; is that even possible? I could barely read the expression on his face because I did not care to look at him after the second that I had unlocked the door to let Frankie in; and now it seemed to me that I had let in my worst nightmare; I had let in the epitome of my pain, suffering and misery or at least, half of it all in that second. I just wonder why this all drama was happening to me all at once like there is one grave sin I had to atone for as soon as possible.

I had control over my emotions which was so unlike me and that surprised me; I didn’t utter a word to him but turned and walked in to the sitting room;

“Jackie, it is you; it really is you”

His voice was barely audible and I could hear the shock, wonder and disbelief in his voice. I still wasn’t feeling what I knew I should feel, to me, he still wasn’t existing. I turned to face him and this time, I looked at him, I had a good look at him and I noticed that he had some grays, (I wondered what must have brought that on? His wickedness maybe I thought to myself. All 6ft3 of him, dark and handsome enough to still create havoc for the ladies gullible enough to fall, neither fat nor slim. But I had seen him; I had seen him at his worst, not just seen but experienced it first hand; the nastiness and self centered trait just beneath the suave surface; he could see I was not impressed; I am sure the disdain and disgust I felt for him was firmly etched on my face.

“Let’s get some things straight here, some ground rules” I said stopping him midway- he just nodded.

“I have to tell you that as far as I am concerned, you’re just my friend’s boyfriend who I’m just meeting for the first time; I don’t know you and you don’t know me; during your stay here, try to make yourself scarce when I’m around in anyway you deem fit, I do not care; I don’t even need you to be a pleasant friendly stranger, I am sure you can manage that; me on my part, I’d try to move out of this accommodation as soon as possible, because the sight of you ( I said gesturing at him)  isn’t what I care to see often okay? Do we understand each other perfectly?’’ I asked;

“Wisest decision I have ever heard you make” he said derisively.

I ignored him, if he expected me to rise to the bait then too bad for him ‘cause I was way above that; but there still remained one thing and now as I thought of it, I felt bile rise to my throat, but I knew I had to bring it up;

“Haa… Mina said I should get you something to eat; I’m sure you can take care of that yourself huh?”

He laughed at me; a laughter with an underlying sarcasm and I knew I was not going to like what he was going to say next.

“It’s what she told you to do right? So you just do as she says, my woman has spoken; I need my food ASAP; We are strangers so please act nice, I’m hungry; I’d go wash up and be out in a jiffy, let it be ready by then please? Thank you!”

So saying, he walked out on me!

He walked out me? Really? Did he now? I tried not letting that bother me as I had gone through worse situations. I felt the beginnings of a huge headache as I walked to the kitchen.

Amina had everything in full abundant supply; wife material! She had several tubers of yams lined up and it was then that it occurred to me that Frankie’s favourite meal is boiled yam with fried eyes and well garnished at that and then I smiled in satisfaction. After going through all the contents in the fridge and freezer, I brought out the container that seemed like it contained the oldest soup, warmed it up and made eba filled with lumps and set the food for Frankie on the dinning and went back to my room.

I waited for him to call complaining about the food but he didn’t; idiot! The fool, thinking he could order me to cook for him. I was too restless to lie down let alone sleep and I noticed that I was hungry; so I decided to dress up, go out for a walk then get something light to eat. As I made to step out of my room, a call came in on my phone- Amina.

“Babe how you dey? Shebi you don see my fine bobo?”

I rolled my eyes; I had him before you! A voice deep inside of me said and I shrunk that that kind of thought could have emanated from me. The way I replied, it would have been a shock to anyone that my mind was in turmoil

I don see am oh. You have your job cut out for you oh, how are you? How far? Full house?” (Indicating if we had loads of patients.)

No be small thing oh, full is an understatement! I hear you have 3 procedures tomorrow; I don’t envy you at all.’’

“Mina, it’s that devil Awolabi that wants to kill me oh, but I don’t mind the work, not like I have anything else doing” I said, while she laughed softly in response.

“Okay oo, give the phone to frank please” she said

“Frank?” I asked blankly

“My bobo na haba!”

“OMG I’m so sorry! I’m in the room, he’s in the sitting room, hold on please’’

“Haba Jackie, you are supposed to keep him company na, you sef! You too do! Try and loosen up. This guy is the love of my life oh so you both should bound oh as you are my best friend”

Oh God…I moaned inwardly, as I shut my eyes briefly. What kind of mess is this? I was just happy that she didn’t notice my lapse. I know Frankie as ‘Frankie’ and had forgotten that his name is actually Frank; I was too slow to catch up. Amina is intuitive and I do not need her noticing any underlying currents ‘cause then, I would be done for.

Frankie was in the kitchen, frying eggs; at my voice he turned to me with annoyance, I handed him my phone;

“Mina”, I said explaining my presence.

Me, how are you? Hope they’re not stressing my baby over there oh, yes, your friend Jacqueline took real good care of me (he said and pointedly ignored my presence); she gave me yam and eggs; I didn’t know you had friends who made sense, I’m missing you crazy; okay, I ‘d see you soon Hun” and handed the phone back to me.

He calls her ‘me’; hmmm such love! Well good for them, they should keep their lovey dovey acts to themselves. And not for the first time did I regret dropping my friends after my episode with Frankie all in a bit to move on… I wished for the umpteenth time that there was someone I could call up to really discuss the current events as they kept unfolding, couldn’t do that with Amina as she had become part my drama filled life.

“I’m stepping out” I said

“I’d wait for you till you get back” he replied

“And oh, I had fun with the food you served but I wasn’t satisfied so I decided to rustle up something again, I hope you don’t mind?’’

I said nothing as I stepped out and shut the door gently behind me.

20 thoughts on “Unforgiven Trespass – 4” by 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

  1. I cannot believe the nerve of Frankie! Kudos to how Jackie’s handling the situation so far…a lesser woman would have fallen apart in this scenario!

    Well done!

  2. The fact that i hate Frankie already is a sign of how good a writer you are. You connect well with your readers. Kudos

    1. you shouldn’t hate frankie yet o,he just might turn out to be a hero.lol

  3. Ditto that Lade! He seems like such a slime-ball! Good job! More please!

  4. What would the best stories be without slime balls, ehn?

    1. lol,you are right.
      there must always be slime balls and heroes.
      i hope a hero emerges.

  5. @Lade & ce ug: lol
    @ Cikko: Sebi oh
    2cute: You know, Lara B.’s right, Frankie does have some nerve. My mind’s running ahead again so I’m just gonna shut up and enjoy the ride.

    You know you write well, right? Case in point are Lade & ce ug’s reactions. Can hardly wait for Beautiful’s cliche: “olori buruku” something along those lines lol. Which is why when I saw this, “…Frankie’s favourite meal is boiled yam with fried EYES…” and knowing that was a mistake, I couldn’t help but wish there were eyes she could fry him for dinner. lol

  6. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Slime balls? hmmm, D’lameone, safer not to get on the bad side of the women folks o. 2cute4u, you sure know how to blow them away. a’dim impressed. more grease jor.

  7. Frankie is an asshole and please hurry up with the next,cant wait to know what happened.

  8. This Frankie guy’s so annoying. Stupid dude! Anyway, that just goes to show your skill as a writer. Wondering what happens next…

  9. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    lol!!! i dislike frankie but i dont know, i think i want to reserve my intense hate for when he seriously shows more of his hateful character
    on thing is for sure, i’m expecting the unexcpected

  10. @2cute4u, OK, the story has really heated up for me now. The girl, the ex, the friend – with the friend and ex being an item – being under the same roof has all kinds of potential for much anticipated drama.

    Watching with bated breath to see how the story unfolds…

  11. Oh this is really great people! Running commentary,lol..
    I am much happier with the comments this time,as I had to do so more work..

    LaraB.. Lol,I feel the anger from here..

    @Lade.. Thank you so much for that endorsement.

    @Anderson-Paul, apparently you’re taking a seat on the fence this time huh? Lol Nice.

    @ce Ug.. Will do! Working on it.. Thanks for reading..

    @cikko907.. My point exactly.

    @abby.. Kai! I thought I was going to escape the criticism this time o,lol, Sorry, The ‘eyes’ was a typographical error. Was supposed to be ‘eggs’ lol.. Thank you!

    @D/’Lameone..Thanks o jare,biko its not too far behind, lol..

    @Uche, Lol, the wicked side of me is loving the suspense..

    @Meena-Adekoya..You sure just gave a task with a huge challenge -‘expecting the unexpected’

    @TolaO.. Ok.. Now that’s a real assignment I’ve been given..
    Thank you all

    1. Exactly,that would be best since i dont know what to expect next.

    2. err madam, when are you at least posting the next part? It should be a sin on this site for you all to write such terrific stories and make us wait soooo long. Girl, what’s up?

  12. Even better than I expected (except for some distracting typos)..Kinda Like the love/hate relationship between her and Frankie…I dislike Frankie ofcourse, but hate will be too strong to use at the moment especially when I am suspecting she will fall in love with him all over again..lol. Love is a mystery (sighs..), well done 2cute4u!!

    1. What I really wanna say to 2cute is ‘DON’T LET HER FALL FOR HIM AGAIN’ lol. All this gra gra on top fictional character. If we come jam real life one nko?

      However, ’cause they’ve shared a history, am almost scared at the potential turn of events. Potential being the keyword here.

  13. Paul, Mercy, Abby..Thank you so much for your imput..
    Abby, I know say you don wait tire, but hey, it would be worth the wait okay? Lol.. Good things don’t come that easy..

  14. Mschewwwwwwwwwwwww!!…She should have mixed a bit of saliva(pardon me) with the stew, studip cow!Nice story BDW.

  15. I think she needs to move out FAST! Come up with some excuse for Amina and roll out

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