Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart


Author:Chinua Achebe.

Written by Kaosi Anyanwu.


I remember that very day as if it was yesterday.The day I got this book.My dad came back one day saying that we must read it and give ann acount of it.Since I was the first child I was the first to read.At first I thought it was going to be boring but when I started to read the book I noticed that it made sence unlike some books which just have big words jumbled together.I saw that Okonkwo must have been a very good wrestler and was ashamed of his father Unoka who was a lazy man and preffered to go from house to house begging for money rather than going out to look for a job.I also learnt that Okonkwo grew up to be a very important man in the village center with more than 2 wifes.But that wasn’t enough he was a little bit strong headed and ended up hanging himself.He went from riches to rag.

This book has inspire me so much it has thought me that working hard is the key to living.But just because of a few minor things doesn’t mean we should go around killing ourselfs.This was one of the greatest man in Umuofia but fear of the whites ruling his land drove him to death.We should learn that we do not own our lifes.Our lifes are owned by God.Apart from this I also learnt a few things from the book.Like yam is a very important crop for the men in Umuofia.I also learnt that they settle their bride price by using broom sticks.I would like to visit Umuofia to learn about their culture.I think tis book was actually called “Things Fall Apart” because at the very beginning things were going on well for him he was happy in the middle the whites came and thing started going wrong at the end he finally cracked and hanged himself.

This book is really interesting and a must read for all young readers.A book about a man who killed a messanger and hanged himself.I love this book because it has highly inspired my knowledge and forced me to look around the world,to know whats going on around me.This is a highly recommended book and I won’t mind reading it all over again.

6 thoughts on “Things Fall Apart” by kaosi (@kaosi)

  1. THINGS FALL APART is still my best naija novel.
    good review.

  2. the first time i read it, i didnt lyk it

  3. @Adeyinka are you sure you like literature cos all the times i read it, i liked it

  4. I think the real fear of Okonkwo was that he never wanted to be compared with his father thus he did it to the extreme. Do recall the advice he was given about not having a hand in the slave’s murder but he heeded not. same could be seen in his wishing Ezinma was a boy and despising his first son for being soft. Fears can be overplayed and end result would be destruction..

    A very great book…kudos to Chinua Achebe. I bought a copy for N15 in 1996 at a yard sale in

  5. Nice write up.

  6. … a good review but veiled with typographical erros that do not undermine the work of the formost Nigerian Igbo writer, Chinualumogu Achebe…

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