The Treasure

The Treasure

The full moon is shining on top of our sleeping village.
‘Oinka, Oinka come out our forth fathers have shown me a great treasure in my sleep. Let’s dig it from the earth’, whispered mama aba.
‘Mama aba, where’s the treasure?’
‘Take a spoon!’
‘If we are to dig with a spoon we’ll be here all night mama!’
‘Teti sile abo oro mi, omo mi. Listen to me my child. Let’s find that treasure.’
Mama points at the secret place. I dig for a long time but can’t find anything.
‘Are you sure this is the place mama?’
‘Are you doubting our forth fathers?’ she replies sternly.
‘So dig then! Dig as hard as you can!’
When the sun finally rises, I dug the earth to almost one foot.
Mama aba declares:
‘Wisdom is the treasure. You should seek it as hard as you possibly can; without it you will be lost.’

Harmonie Loko (Sade Farotade) Copyright 2010

10 thoughts on “The Treasure” by sadefarotade (@sadefarotade)

  1. Good to know wisdom is just one foot below my feet. Lol, dont mind me, im just kidding.
    Yeah, wisdom is truly the treasure.
    Why did you use ‘forth fathers’ instead of ‘forefathers’? You used it twice so im thinking maybe its deliberate?

    1. My guess would be that wasn’t a delibrate mistake.

  2. hmmmmmmmmm
    very short but a lesson well told.

  3. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    i like the fact that u try to teach lessons thru stories very innovative actually…nice work

  4. a poetic attempt at folk tale, nice.

  5. Another story with morals…well done Sade…a good book is looming..

  6. Nice concept I’ll say…The old tales by the moon light writing style…love the deliberate use of forth fathers, an attempt of cajoling someone to think otherwise….poetic concept on an un-rhymed verse…Keep it up…It’s a lesson well told in poetic story….

  7. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

    The mystery in this folktale didn’t really grab me, but the poetry in it was good, with a little more work to be done. Thank God the folktale didn’t start with “Once upon a time…” I would have been truly bored! It almost sounded like it. I also liked the fact that it went straight to the point without beating about the bush, or beating about the desert. Good work, Sade!

  8. Yes, mighty good work Sade. I smiled when I got to the end and found out the old lady had simply slaved the young one all night to teach a lesson. ‘Wicked’ was the word that crossed my mind but I also realised that the young one would remember the lesson always. Really good.

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