The New Era

The New Era

I have devoured the content of several Nigerian books and I am always taken aback as I read in dismay the very similar stories contained in Nigerian literal works. This gory sight has become a recurring decimal in the Nigerian literal community. What was turning to dusk for the Nigerian literal community turned out to be the dawn of a new era with the haulage of Mr.Nwelue into the literal world. Mr. Onyeka Nwelue has in a short while written his name through the sands of time. He has mesmerized the Nigerian public through his debut novel, ‘The Abyssinian Boy’. Prior to the advent of Mr.Nwelue’s TAB, many young authors had been gazumping readers with mediocre works. The story of TAB, a story of hallucination and cultural clash which cut across two (2) continents left my mouth agape in utter amazement for days. A well told story with an Indo-Nigerian undertone describes the story of TAB.I find it pertinent to mention that Nwelue’s descriptive prowess gives life to the people and places engulfed in this literal edifice. The book has enjoyed plaudits for its uniqueness in style. ‘The Abyssinian Boy’, published in 2009 by DADA Books® has undoubtedly bolstered my interest in writing. The book, which lay bare the many paradoxes of culture clash, has shown me the power of originality. My dreams of someday becoming a writer have been resuscitated. TAB is undoubtedly a standard for young writers all over the world. Like a hurricane, the tale of TAB has swept through various races. This timeless piece is indeed a contemporary and classic work of fiction. This is a new era, the era of young and ambitious writers about to storm the world.

Ogwo Augustine .C. Lagos, Nigeria.

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    This seems tilted to me.

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    exactly, didnt really get u there.

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    I feel u so much on this, it means we have so much of work to do u know… Let’s get started!

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    This is a book I haven’t heard of…I hunt it down. Intriguing review.

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    I have heard of this nook from my uncle who is a literary aficionado. I shall lay my hands on it soon by God’s grace. Nice article and very true.

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    … doubtlessly, the review is without exaggeration as the book deserves more appraisal…

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