Seeing off kisses

Seeing off kisses

I was watching her from behind. Her ass wasn’t quite big, but I really liked them. But it wasn’t her ass that I was staring at. It was her dusty feet. It was the dry season and the road was dusty. And somehow I had come to like her feet more when they were dusty. I like it so much that I kissed her dusty foot one day. A little weird, I know.

“Hope say no be my ass you dey look?” she said not turning. Her voice reminding me again of the girl in ‘Annie’ (the film about an orphan Annie where “Hard Knock Life” was first sang) who always said ‘Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God…’ in a tiny little voice.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t take a taxi?” she said again not turning.

“It wouldn’t be an adventure again.” I replied. “We are almost there.”

We continued our journey to a cyber café someone had told us was within trekking distance – turned out the place was quite far. But I was enjoying the trek with her and didn’t want us to take a taxi. We walked… and talked… and laughed. I kept looking at her dusty feet all the way. That day was one of the happiest I spent with her.

Now, I am sitting next to her still looking at her feet. The jungle boots won’t let me see if they are dusty or not. But I keep seeing the dusty feet and not the jungle boots.

“Make una begin enter, bus don full.” The driver said.

I then realized it was her jungle boots I had been staring at and also that we were at the bus terminal. I then looked at her. She was fair and fair and pretty and slim. Fair as in Shakespearean fair and fair as in complexion fair. To me, she was “the fairest of them all”. I looked at her for a while. She was looking at me too. It seemed she would cry any moment.

Even though we hadn’t actually been in love, we were actually in love. Our own kind of love. If we weren’t in love, how could we explain the nights we lay on her bed chatting or the evenings we just sat and talked at the tennis court when our friends thought I was teaching her tennis? Why did she tell me a lot of things about her personal life, not everything though? Sometimes we calculated how much we could spend in front of the salesgirl and other customers at the two fast food joints we usually went to. We’ll then share the bill 70-30. We were called the ‘proper fraction’ when we sang the popular nursery rhymes and doughnut Repair Club’ songs we learnt as children. We were practically children whenever we were together and I loved it.

We were still talking as she sat in front of the bus close to the window when she began to act like she was really about to cry . I didn’t want her crying because I could cry too. For the first time that day, I tried to make her a little sad. I forgot that too much happiness could make a female cry as much as sadness could.

“I want you to kiss me now”, I said.

I was expecting her to say what she usually said whenever I jokingly asked her to kiss me. “Are you mad?” or “you don dey mad” or “what sort of play is that” or”it seems we are becoming too familiar”… I wouldn’t have been surprised to get a slap from her for ruining ‘our’ moment. But she stared at me for a while. Then she steps out of the car and drops her NYSC cap on her seat. She was frowning now. This frown was more than the one that usually told me I had overstepped my boundary. She dragged me to a corner. At this point I had this feeling one has when father or mother wants to flog you and tells you to come to his/her room and locks the door… nobody tells you what to expect next. She stared at me for a while.

“You are crazy” she finally said.

I wished I hadn’t mentioned kiss. I was still thinking of how to apologize before she started laughing. Was the laughter like ‘how did I become friends with this asshole?’ or what? I was thinking of other options when she gave me a fast kiss. I kept quiet for a while. I looked around, we were alone.

“Did you… actually… kiss me?” I stammered.

“Try and learn how to ask a lady for a kiss, okay?” she said with a smile.

“I’ll try”, I said not believing ‘my fair lady’ just kissed me.

She then kissed me again. This time, very passionately. We held each other. Kissing, to me, is like a communication. But I could neither send nor receive any message. Her kiss wasn’t sweet. I never believe that kisses are sweet, like sweet as in sweet. Maybe sweet as in not sweet. But that kiss was like a bottle of chilled water after playing a set of lawn tennis that ended 7-6. The chilled water wouldn’t be sweet, but it’ll surely be something better than sweet… wonderful maybe.

I was sitting inside the big coaster bus. I was going home happily. But every time I remember I wouldn’t meet her at home, I became a little sad. But I kept smiling all the way. Then Nokia’s standard message tone and I read the message – ‘I love you and I know you love me too. I also know we both know why we better stay as friends for now. Hope you enjoyed the kiss half as much as I enjoyed it.’

I smiled and replied – ‘Yea, we both know. And I’m also glad we both know that it’s ‘for now’. To a lover and a kisser that’ll never be forgotten, I will always value whatever we’ve had and will have.’ I smiled and sent and smiled again. ‘For now’ was like hoping against hope. It’s a little sad because I knew we couldn’t be more than friends. Best friends at most. But I’ll always love you… I’ll always remember your kiss.

66 thoughts on “Seeing off kisses” by Jaywriter (@jaywriter)

  1. Why can’t they be more than friends? Nice story. I must be out of touch though. Is ‘ass’ that commonly used in Nigeria? It struck me as quite odd.

  2. I really want it to be “for now”..A very sweet love story written in the strangest style..I like it very much. Well done!

  3. @Myne – Why they can’t be more than friends, a complicated story. Ass is common, yea. What were you thinking, Ukwu? Nah, ass it is. @Mercy, glad you liked it.

  4. Jay it’s like you really like kissing,why are you contradicting some things like we are in love but not in love?
    Hope the friendship goes higher!!!
    Kissing dusty feets???what does it taste like?
    You’re damn romantic….

  5. @Myne.. Hahahaha, laughing at your comment..
    @Jaywriter.. Nice piece this is..
    Enjoyed reading.

  6. @Jaywriter and Chacha, I’m laughing now too. Ukwu abi? What of bum or even buttocks?

  7. Great story jay! Some people were born to be just pals and nothing else…

  8. @gretel – The kissing thing has to do with watching Hollywood films since when me was in me mama’s womb. But yea, kinda like it. In love and not in love. What they had and shared was very simple, childish, wonderful and sweet. But they couldn’t be in love cuz of some reasons. Watch out for other parts. Kissing dusty feet, females leave it to the males. And males, leave for the artists. You don’t really get the taste actually, it’s kissing not licking, you’d’ve asked how it feels. @all – Please don’t try it at home.

  9. I think the’ass’ was supposed to add to the contemporary nature of the story,I’m not jaywriter’s spin doctor though.
    @Jaywriter, nice piece and as gretel asked, what does kissing dusty feet taste like?lol

  10. @2cute4u – glad u liked it. @estrella – you kinda on track. But theirs is as a result of the situation at hand. But u’re right. Some people’re best when they’re pals, best of pals. @myne – bum or buttocks, nehi baba. Bum sounds like bum, buttocks like for dancing trad dances or for going to the loo. Booty, ass even behind, more like it. Upgrade is available, lol.

  11. @dwisebaba – thanks. Kissing not licking dusty feet. You don’t get the taste but it’s something you might wanna try some day. It’s something if you do it spontaneously, you’ll surely suprise the female. So, you doing it or not? Lol.

  12. Ohhh,pls let’s go back to the beauty of the story and stop talking about ass,bum,kissing and all….I’m kidding but seriously Jay don’t spoil us,we’re too innocent for this ur stuff,I’ll bet kissing is ur hobby.
    Who at home?bad boy

  13. @gretel – don’t see me that way. Titanic and Avatar are the highest grossing of all time. Both had memorable kissing and more-than-kissing scenes. Some artists see something that most people don’t see in kissing. Not that it’s my hobby, nah. Me’s quite innocent, trust me. @all – Jaywriter’s a good person.

  14. @Myne – yeah, ass works in Nigeria. Works so well that if you want to talk of a girl with big bum, you say she’s ‘assy’. Lol.
    @Jaywrite – i once knew a guy with a foot fetish. He was always after my feet. I fell asleep in a friend’s place one day (the friend who introduced us) and woke up to him sucking my big toe. I didnt think romantic. I went ‘AAARGHHH’. It was a shortlived friendship!
    Kissing dusty feet sounds like serious crush syndrome.

    Like the story. Like the way you left it hanging. It was a nice touch.

    1. Hey Lade, had to log in primarily to react to your comment. Was so ticked off at your ‘foot fetish’ guy. Haba. How dare he? Even felt an irritating ting in my big toe as I read. Wise decision as per ending the friendship. Aint the dude ever heard about control?

      @ ur comment, ” Kissing dusty feet sounds like a serious crush syndrome.” What can I say except that you are spot on girl.

      Jay: well done man.

      1. I wonder. Within a week of meeting him o!
        The idiot probably thought he was being romantic and i would be flattered.

  15. Kissing a female feet, don’t know how it sounds but it’s quite good n inspirational. Don’t get this wrong. Get the picture me had in mind. You’re lying in bed talking with a guy. You guys really like each other very much and’re best of friends. You guys’re really enjoying the chat. All of a sudden, he kisses your foot which’re dusty. You look at him for a while a little suprised. You look at your feet and at him again. He kisses the other foot. You’re still looking at him suprised. He tries to kiss again and you playfully run outta bed. Say maybe playfully ‘binds and casts’ him. He smiles then laughs and soon the both of you’re laughing and talking in bed again. Do you get the real picture now? First of all, it’s not licking but kissing. Secondly, it’s not like ‘kiss and hold’ more like ‘kiss and tell’. And trust me, out of the blues plays like that’re quite wonderful. Licking your big toe, can’t see meself doing that to you, lol. But wondering, know other guys might too. Let’s say you’re pretty. You sleeping and kinda allow me feel just one part of your body while you’re sleeping. Your feet’ll can’t come earlier than seventh, for the records. Hope me didn’t sound too brash. Sorry but had to let you understand it well.

    1. JAYWRITER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @Jay, i got your meaning alright. I understand it was a spontaneous, so-into-you kinda move. Very much allowed. I was just thinking of myself doing that when i commented. That love must shack me well o before i go reach that level.
      Come to think of it, im sure our parents once thought ‘YUCK’ at the idea of kissing and licking ears. Now its the norm. Very soon, our children will be sticking tongues in nostrils and sucking mucus in the name of foreplay.
      Okay, excuse me, i gotta go throw up now . . .

      1. Lade oh, abeg easy on the descriptions. YUCK!!! lol. That was just plain horrible. By the way, you may throw up for us both.

      2. @Lade
        now that tongue in nostrils was yucky,ahan!!!lol.

      3. lol…sucking mucus in the name of foreplay really had me cracking..lmao

  16. @abby – thanks. But think crush’s when the crushee doesn’t know about the crusher’s crush. We both know we liked each other so much, maybe loved each other so much. So is it still a crush. Also check me earlier comment.

    1. Sounds you just spun off a tongue twister.
      Whatever Jay, you win.

      1. Sounds like…

  17. @jay, lol at ur comment above. you describe the thing gaan wella but still doesn’t mean its romantic…yuck!

    hmmmmmmm lovely story.

  18. @beautiful – That’s what males us unique. Thanks though.

  19. Sorry intended saying ‘makes’ not ‘males’

  20. Kissing of feet isn’t a female thing oh. So ladies don’t in trying it. And don’t in telling your bf that ‘your mates are kissing their ladies’ feet and you’re here’. So Lade, ‘ll kinda be a little confusing for you cuz u’re female.

  21. Jaywriter…you forgot to categorize this story…as non-fiction!
    lol! I suspect this was born out of truelife experience. After that response you gave to abby, I can’t help but suspect that!

    1. Thank you Afronuts. Finally, someone noticed. lol
      However, will give my 2cents worth it was delibrate.

  22. Jay, you and your story both are weird is all I can say. Lol.I have never seen much pop culture references in stories, but you do it well. Taking us out of the story to the ‘real’ world, i.e, the Shakespeare and the movie reference (real is in quote since someone said this might not be fictional after all. Haha)and then back into the story was quite something an artist is capable of doing. Good job!

  23. Inspired by true life events, that’s the closest it gets to reality. Weird writing, try Emmanuela, she’s me mentor, lol. Thanks guys.

  24. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

    Kai, Jaywriter!!!! :D :D :D Why o???? In what way am I your mentor, eh? Na wetin I tell you eh? Have you set your eyes on me before? No be just pix? Kai, I just SHOUT when you just talk am. You just know how to provoke me, o! :) Look at, look at, my hands are clean, o! So, Jay, na me tell you make you put your hand for fire because you see me dey swim inside am abi? Biko!!! :D

    Let me correct you on something here: I do NOT have an issue with sex, ok. I just like writing on THAT issue, likewise Mr. Anderson. Geez, I wonder why he hasn’t said a word here sef.

    If you presented this piece as a short story, why talk about an upcoming sequel to it? Please tell the Admin to change that category SHORT STORIES for you, ok. I did that to some of my stuffs published here.

    If you want to be daring in whatever it is you’re writing, be daring in your own terms. Personally, I have no mentors. I just like being in the midst of writers and good writings. Your short story here is definitely the one of innocent love brewing without a definite decision on how it can be harnessed. Normally, it’s the man’s position to know what to do when he discovers it. If it’s the woman that first discovers, she moons over for a while. A biological truth is this: The female matures faster than the male. This is also another fact open to dispute though: A man never really knows what he wants until he meets a woman he truly fancies.

    Re-look this short story of yours, Jay. Your narration just needs a little maturity, and I believe you can add more flesh into it. Before you know it, ideas would flow from you like water coming out of a broken tap.

    1. Emmanuella, easy on the guy now. hehehe I expected a SCREAM from you when I read his comment. lolz You guys do a great job of comedy. Basket Mouth and his peeps aint got nothing on y’all. lolz

      Now I get the feeling Jayboy won’t leave this be. So………

  25. The weird one’s spoken. And me just gotta listen. Don’t need to see you for you to be me mentor. Not even your pics but your works’re what makes me wanna see you as a mentor, lol. And now you know a lot about love and feelings, so ‘ll definitely upgrade you to me número uno menteur. Kinda read them and wonder if you’re related to Woody Allen or Cohen brothers. Like kids seems ‘ll always act like one. Haven’t really written any stuff in a serious or matured way before. Don’t know if me can. This is really me first short story. Might consider doing more. Maybe might improve with the subsequent ones. But think ‘ll always keep them simple and childish. So mentor, mentor your mentee. @abby – seems you know me a lot better by knowing this comment’s coming. Merci.

  26. Jaywriter ‘for now’ makes me feel there is more, nice piece and i understand the dusty feet kiss thingy… lol

  27. @Elly – Thanks for understanding the dusty feet thing.

  28. Jay, I like this story.The closeness they have,
    the way he asks her to kiss him.I also like the ending, giving some hopes on how the relationship could evolve (at least from her point of view when she says “now”).Some relationships are not able to evolve sometimes though, not because of the people involved but because of life’s circumstances.
    Have you seen “Cinema Paradiso”? Your story reminded me of the last scene with all the old movie kisses montage.

  29. Thanks Jef. Aint seen “Cinema Paradiso”. Would really like to see it, see the last scene you’re talking about. You still got a copy? Lol.

  30. This is good Jay.I like the simple narrative.I agree with emmanuella that it could use a lil more work.

  31. Thanks. Emmanuella’s my ‘ogaress’. ‘ve already started looking into it.

    1. :D :D :D Me, ‘menteur’, ‘ogaress’, ‘masteress’. Wallahi, na u go chase me comot for naijastories, o! Ewo!!! You have made up your mind to ‘torture’ me, not so? Well, I leave you to your fate. And, please, stop speaking like a gangster, ok? You ain’t one, I’m sure, I hope. Na you no, o!

      1. Madam, I no dey chase you out oh, na me and you get NS. Just giving honour to whom honour’s due.

  32. @Jaywriter, despite my feeling that the telling of the story was a bit rough around the edges, I absolutely loved it. You did a fantastic job of capturing a relationship that was on the cusp of turning from a friendship into a romantic relationship, with the hesitancy of the main character in making his pitch, and the way the girl responds with a kiss that leaves him still feeling ambiguous about the relationship.

  33. This is my first short story actually. But think this is just the way me writes. While in university, me classmates could tell me plays just from the title. Not a box office guy and not a critics guy, kinda in between. Thanks for you comment though.

  34. Jay, go to and write Cinema Paradiso last scene.The story is that those kisses were censured from the movies that they were playing in that theater and the projectionist leaves the montage,when he dies, to the man who has become a famous director but used to be the little boy who was helping him.

  35. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    Jaywriter, you and kisses sha! love the story never the less, it had a certain sweet quality to it, you said it was inspired by a true life events, its funny how writing somehow depicts our lives, or people around us, it made a nice read, good work!

  36. @meena – thanks sha. Glad you liked it. Been a while, might write about ‘been a while’ next. Enjoy.

  37. Jay,i have always known you are a bad guy.
    you and ASS ehn,you need help
    nice one.

  38. Anderson, not a bad guy oh. Thanks though.

  39. Intriguing gist. But the guy na slacker o! No dulling… But innocent stuff. Dusty feet? Dear Lawd!

    1. Slacker, maybe. Dulling is always good. Helps get things into perspective. Not too much dulling though. Thanks.

  40. Actually told her to read this story. And she read it. And loved it. And it really got me thinking… Maybe Sally forgot to call…

  41. LoL.Something is wrong with this story!does it sound fake or silly?I don’t understand half of it.The picture is inconsistent.But jaywriter is a good writer,may be its just me.
    I like the kissing though

    1. @kaycee – silly, everything I write is silly. I just keep writing and keep asking myself what I’m actually writing. It’s that complicated. But fake, what’s feels fake there? Now, I’m guessing you’re quite young.

  42. Ok…@ Jaywriter: I actually think u are a great writer and not a silly one, but i must say i don’t understand this story.

    1. @wealth – think you’ll be a fun to have an evening with probably chatting. Don’t you if you intended being funny, but I kinda still laughing. Thanks for reading. Always appreciate.

  43. Nice story! I like the way you handled detail and imagery in the story. Your style is also very unique and weird and slightly off-balance in a very cool way. Also I think the story is very real cos u took what passes as a very ordinary fantasy that would be difficult to make interesting in written form, and gave it life.
    However, in trying to do all these you fell into a trap; there are some inconsistences in tenses and syntax. I think you should go through carefully again and correct them.
    And about the ‘ass’ part…hmmm. I think like Myne Whitman said, ‘bum’ shoud make it less lewd.
    Once again, I enjoyed this!

  44. Congrats Jay..Least the Anthology wld have a crazy, weird romance story innit..hehehe.

    1. Yea bubbly.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Sometimes a lot more people write such stuff.

  45. My muses don really run oh, lol. Sometimes I wish a lot more people write such stuff.

    1. ‘Such stuff’…???

      Na madness be this na. You no know?!

      Wetin dey worry you sef?!

      Mtcheeewwwwwwwwwww. Imagine make madman dey wish say more people come join am for road.

  46. Fantasy and reality…

  47. @Seun more people can mean one or two oh.

    And don’t forget that this is sweet madness.

    @elovepoetry a good combination of both… the greatest orgasm. Thanks for reading.

  48. This is real…so real. I think;no, i KNOW i’ve been there…sans weird dusty foot fetish. A summer romance and a memory *sigh* I like the description of kisses, the sweet-not sweet dichotomy. Thumbs up and away!

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