As I flipped through the pages, I couldn’t help but to be increasingly enamoured of my best Nigerian book. It felt like the story of a part of my own life.

Kambili! Her shyness, calmness, observant nature and intellectuality struck me. She reminded me of myself. She was timid yet gifted. She always questioned everything. I can’t forget her unrelenting loyalty to her father who was needlessly brutal (my father is not ‘needlessly brutal’ but, is somebody I have held in awe for a great part of my life).

Kambili was not like every ‘normal’ teenage girl. She didn’t wear the latest trend, didn’t wear make- up and didn’t have trousers. I would say she never did any of those things, not simply because she was told not to ,but because she was afraid to leave her comfort zone or was scared of what people thought. She was just so shy! I would never forget the part about her running off everyday after school to avoid the company of other girls. I remember doing something like that!

The period  after Kambili’s father’s death was more or less a momentous moment in her life. She stopped questioning everything and everyday grew stronger. Taking after Kambili, I have learnt to stop questioning everything and to live life to its fullest.

Jaja’s unpredictability, Amaka’s spontaneity and Aunty’s doggedness are very vivid in my mind.There should be a sequel!



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    Wow. The book definitely worked for this writer. It seemed like her life in its pages and so touched home. I like her lessons.

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    Amurawaiye Adeyinka (@adeyinkacu): Junior Writer - 4998 pts

    is that book that good?

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    @ay, the book is really a nice one. i also solicit a sequel @adeyinka, if you read the book, you’ll like it

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    … a great write…

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