I Love Being Nigerian

I Love Being Nigerian

The land of my father’s birth

The land of liberty and of mirth

From the moment that my young life begun

It is the same tune my heart has always sung

I love being Nigerian

The Nigerian in me knows no fear of diversity

The Olus, Nnamdis and Sanis are one and all the same to me

The Nigerian in me stands strong in adversity

As long as there is life, there’s hope, is our nation’s creed

The Nigerian in me pays respect to my fathers and mothers

Having been taught never to bite the hands that feed me

The Nigerian in me is the keeper of my brothers

Knowing that if one of us is chained, then none of us are free

The Nigerian in me taught me how to laugh my blues away

The elders say that laughter is the medicine for a weeping heart

The Nigerian in me skilled me in dancing my sorrows away

I tell you, that approach conquers all problems from the start

The Nigerian in me keeps on trying even when I keep failing

In my father’s land, there is no food for the lazy and faint-hearted man

The Nigerian in me is ever hale, ever hearty, never ailing

In my father’s land, there is a natural cure for every disease under the sun

The Nigerian in me is a stickler for our culture, passed down through generations

Knowing that the present and even the future mean nothing without a past

Yet, the Nigerian in me is not afraid to challenge the way things have always been done

Realizing that progress without change is progress that will never last

The Nigerian in me appreciates the legacies of Macaulay and such heroes past

They are the reason our people keep striving for a better tomorrow

It is the courageous flame of brave men as these that keep us from falling apart

For The Nigerian in all of us has a charge to keep that flame aglow

The land of my birth, the land of your birth

Bless our eyes; we will live to see it as the land of our children’s birth

From the days that their own lives begin

It is the same tune their hearts will sing

I love being Nigerian

Copyright © Lara Brown, 2007

NB: I wrote this for a charity function in 2007 and although my love for Nigeria has been challenged more times than I care to count since then, I have to admit the overall sentiment in this poem still rings true for me, thankfully! :p

14 thoughts on “I Love Being Nigerian” by Lara B. (@larabrown)

  1. very lovely poem you have got here.
    still rings true even though you have wrote it for a while.
    i love the optimism within.
    great job for the fatherland.

  2. Lovely poetry…I want to be proud of Nigeria like this..(sighs)

  3. O, that sing-song…! O Lara! *cries*

    Basically, I can’t even speak one Nigerian language, only to understand Igbo a little bit and to know when I’m being teased when someone is speaking Yoruba to me (or even Hausa). So, I ask myself: How long will my sense of patriotism last for me? You see, I belong to a generation where we hung unto the windy straws (thin threads) of true and concrete Nigerian patriotism, which wasn’t just mere recitals, but those threads are aging now. I may sound pessimistic, but then again, I’m also a realist as well as an idealist. I suffer from the mix.

    Please, I need to ask the Admin whether expressions other than English are welcome in this site.

  4. Lara B this is really a lovely piece, I lived in Nigeria for only 10 years of my life, however if i ever wanted to pay A tribute to Nigeria you have captured it all
    Home is where your heart is . I agree there is something about Nigeria that as far as you go it cannot be taken off you or robbed from you and it is the heritage and the pride of being a Nigerian.

    This such a beautiful lovely piece it may be three years old it still is a good as gold.

    well done and I wish you luck, i am glad to know even you have been shaken but it has not made you quit loving Nigeria the motherland.

  5. Lara, i am with you a 100%. I love being Nigerian. Everywhere i travel to, the way i introduce myself right after my name is ‘I am a Nigerian’. It is a thing of pride to me to leave people with a better perspective of Nigeria. I love my country, our diversity, our culture, our history, our heritage. I dont love our leaders, but no one can blame me for that.
    This is a poem that will always ring eternal, Lara. No matter how long ago it was written.

  6. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

    I cried because you’ve evoked a sense of identity in me, Lara. Eshe gan!!! The thing is: No matter what happens, past, present or future, even if my sense of patriotism diminishes because of bad leadership, I can never be any other thing except NIGERIAN.

  7. Emmanuella has said it for me. Whatever happens, this is our identity.

  8. I absolutely love this. I AM A NIGERIAN, for real!

    Good job girl.

    1. Oh yeah, and I love being one too. Its hard sometimes but that’s the way it is.

      1. lol,Nigeria’s second name is hard so don’t complain.

  9. Thanks for the strong responses to my poetry! May our collective faith in Nigeria remain strong no matter how strongly it’s tested, especially by our LEADERSHIP as some of you rightly pointed out.

    1. A prsyer always deserves an AMEN!

    2. A big AMEN to that o.

  10. @lara, this is a nice piece. @emmanuella, when the time comes, you’ll learn the languages by force.

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