Challenging traditional female-gender roles

Challenging traditional female-gender roles

Say you’re one of them
Uwem Akpan

As a pupil in the secondary school , I knew my mother was a nurse in the Federal Medical center
, Ikot Ekpene and that she was paid a substantial amount of money for her services.
I was conscious of the fact that her salary far out weighed that of my Father , who was only a mathematics teacher in the state -owned secondary school , it was difficult to comprehend how my mother spent her salary , because my father paid our school fees, and also provided funds for our daily up-keep , whenever we asked her for money she would yell at us , and my father will in turn scold her for transferring the aggression on the children , I couldn’t understand why her brothers and their children consistently demanded money from her , and the reason why my granddad moved into our house when his health started failing.
during my granddad’s burial I realized the enormous responsibilities , she had on her shoulders , even though she was the last born and only female child out of five children , she was the only one privileged to get educated
I now understand why she kept telling us that she would forever remain grateful to Pastor Ekpo , who encouraged her father to send her to school.
When I came across the book ” Say You’re one of them ” I found out that many women work not only out of choice but also out of necessity.
Every story in that book is a testament that for women ,some of the basic concepts used to design a life – Work , home , love and commitment have different meanings today.

Ubon Ebong, Lagos

3 thoughts on “Challenging traditional female-gender roles” by Ubon Felix Ebong (@ubonebong)

  1. I like the last paragraph best!

  2. @abby i agree that the last paragraph is the best. this write up is good but typos, negligence in structuring messed it up for mr. all the same, its a good job. women are so so so not given the recognition they deserve, moreso ion Nigerian societies.

  3. I love the openness and genuine emotion behind your writing. It’s almost as though you laid yourself bare. If this book could touch you so deeply, I’m getting my copy asap.

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