Blazing Embers

Blazing Embers

Everything Good Will Come by Sefi Atta did not strike a chord in me initially. It was slow-paced and the central theme evaded me. Fast-forward one hundred plus pages later, I was utterly blown away! This book stands out for me because it is a book brilliantly dissecting the diverse personalities and experiences of Nigerian women against the backdrop of societal ills that every Nigerian can strongly relate to.

Being the first Nigerian novel I, Aizehi Oboh in Lagos has read set in the timeframe between 1971 and 1995 that lightly addresses serious issues like the Biafran war, the sad socioeconomic state of Nigeria, military dictatorship and more trivial subjects like Lagos society, it encouraged me to do research about significant political and social events shaping these times and the knowledge gained was astounding.

More importantly to me, this story is told from a feminist viewpoint that is not forceful but gets the message clearly across. Falling in love and revulsion with every female character, weak or strong, they became alive as I lauded, berated and sympathised with them. The dying embers of feminism in me which had been neglected as a result of ‘concerned’ sentiments on my being too radical and opinionated to survive in a ‘man’s world’ were awakened! Reading this book was so empowering, that inspiration beyond feminist initiatives spurred the mindset of constant self-improvement and absolute positivity in me despite conflicting realities,  and the simple belief that everything good will come!

Aizehi Oboh,


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    This is my first time coming on here, and your review really caught my eye.

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    Great insight. I like it very much..

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    BRILLIANT!!!This young lady is definitely going places.

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    i’ve not read this book. this review will make me go after it.

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    Everything good will come is one of my favorite Nigerian books. This review nailed it.

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      I’m yet to read this book but maybe I can check it out.

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