Am I A Writer Now

Am I A Writer Now

It had taken a while in my head to remember the days, days when I fought to become a writer, promising my family that one day I’ll become the best, the best that will change the world with my poems, my songs and motivational words.

I can remember how I was laughed at, jeered at and told that it will be better for me to learn a trade.

Now, this you may not understand but I’ll explain; you see, my father was a man giving to polygamous ways, and he had more than six wives, I just couldn’t understand how he was able to, though he was a graduate of business from Oxford University in London. I wish I know what he learned in there before he came home and married more than one wife.

Well, for me I was never given the chance to go to school more than primary six but my dad had a library at the time and nothing could stop me from devouring all the books in there. I love reading, and my hunger for it made a way for me to write and read all kinds, I was not particular about a genre or writer, from motivational books, fictions to horror; the hawk series, mills and boom to Nigerian stories, though I always love stories that give a meaning to a better life after suffering due to the way things were with me at then.

Growing up was not an easy cast but it was well, as I grew up being trained by my step-mother who herself was another story entirely as she travelled almost all the time, leaving me alone with the wolves I call brothers, sisters and step- mums; my life was in between, but I learned a lot from it.

As I’ve read in the happily ever after stories, I’ll say life can work that way too for anyone but to those who can fashion it out for themselves, having a plan, being focused in their vision and doing the right things. Truly it was tough but at the end, my father died, my step mother stepped on everything he had, leaving nothing for anyone as she had the most privilege when he died in England (they both there together). I was left alone, my brothers got something but they could not help one another out in anyway. I had to send myself to school by doing anything I could lay my hands upon.

My break was at the end; my singing got noted, my book got published after a lot of trails and errors, I was made a choir master as my songs, poems got noticed, family and friends want to get a come back from me. Speechless I stand.

Still I am asking myself; am I a writer now?

To be continued

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  1. Mr John,yours is a sad one but not so sad,I’m telling you,if you hear mind you’ll be asking yourself how old I am,my mum burnt anything story in my books and didn’t buy pen for me till I swore never to write again,but today she sings it like song,my daughter is a poet,so?
    I won’t answer the question if you’re a writer or not ‘coz if you don’t admit it yourself,no matter what another person says you’ll still feel the same way about yourself,you’re good and you know it.
    More grease to thy elbows,amen.

  2. I think this is just a simple and personal story.i feel the emotions within these lines John and i think there are a lot of things you didnt say that can be read in tween.
    i also think it is safer if you see yourself as someone on his way to being a writer cos i am sure you will get better and go higher than the way you are now.

  3. Are you a writer now? Only you can answer that.
    I know in me that writing is not just what i do, its who i am. I came to that realization a few years ago when i was involved in an accident. As pieces of broken glass rained down on me, my one thought was to protect my eyes and hands. So i could see and be able to write. I was more scared of living and not being able to write than i was of dying. So, yes i am a writer.
    Are you?

  4. Good story. Oxford graduate, six wives, is that really possible?

  5. Lade nailed it! only you can answer that question, but I kinda know you answer. however I’ll let you finish this to see if I’m right.

    I always say the best of gold has to be refined in the fire. No guts , no glory.
    Well done!

  6. @ John, As Lade rightly said only you can answer the question.l am happy you overcame all the obstacles.
    @ Gretel it must have been awful to have all your books seized, on my part i devoured anything written, i loved and still love to read any genre, even newspapers, my parents only gave me a ‘curfew’ on when to stop reading, cos i could go on till dawn.

  7. I’m enjoying your story..

  8. @ All…Thanks for your comments…The things we all go through makes us better with time…The next story coming soon….

  9. You sure are a writer noW,a self made and selfless writer. Your life story has a beautiful end and that’s all that matters..God bless you!

  10. @ Mercy…Thanks….Glad to be among the ones….

  11. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Nothing should stop you. You are there when you have decided that you are there. If you can get people to read what you have written here, then you are surely a writer. Go for it!

    As for being Oxford educated and polygamous at the same time, I find no contradictions at all. The fact is that leaving or studying abroad for a long time (just like me) can actually make you have a bigger affection for the way things are done in your own home country. I am not a big advocate of polygamy but there is certainly a place for it if it is mutually acceptable. However, in this case it might be a form of protest or radicalism.

    The surprising thing in the story though is that an Oxford educated father did not put much effort to give his children the basic education at least.

  12. @ cejugbo…Thanks…The reality of life and living makes us all…I do believe dreams makes all of us, though sometimes I do still wonder if there are real dreamers out there who walk to make it a reality.

    Well, I know when it comes to relationship and people, you can’t judge the book by it cover…the old people have their ways and we have ours…and the past is past….I believe going to school does not stop people’s mentality but the things they pass through changes them and help them to re-fashion out what they want to be and do in life….hence the university and still polygamous….with so many wives it’s a war thing to try sending some children to school….

  13. @ Gretel…It must have been a well off bad time for you there then…glad U made it though….Thanks…Admittedly, I am a writer born….It is well….

    @ Elly Turtoe…Wish I had that luxury then…how will it have been,wouldn’t have been running off, hiding under the trees and finding solace in the library and friends house to read then …but its all a good thing now…the lessons were lovelier….

  14. This is definitely something you have posted up here. Now I get your poems; particularly the one about destiny and the working-it-out part of it. Believe me sir, ‘you are who you are by the grace of God’. Your struggles and pain were simply steps to a greater height. You might be nowhere today, had it not been for the ‘opportunity’ served you. Am a quote collector; allow me share one with you:

    “Storms make trees take deeper roots.” You stand tall and firm today because of the storms you have burrowed your way through. It can only get better.

  15. @ Abby…many thanks I can but say out here for the quote and all….Life is a lesson learned in moving forward to the best….It is better….

  16. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

    Wait, didn’t you call yourself The Treasured One, John? Or are you the John that heralds the coming Jesus? Who you are lives in you and stays with you. No one can take that away from you, not even your polygamous, Oxford graduate father. Like you said, he did a good thing by creating a library. It’s up to you to accept it, that’s all. Accepting it makes you who you are, and it makes you make a decision upon your life. I remember destroying with my bare hand what would have been my fourth collection of poems, all penciled out in sheets of paper with boxes inside, which I tagged MATHEMATICAL POEMS. I also remember an aunt of mine destroying a book I took years to write (which I called ‘a chronicle’) when I was very young (12,13 or 14 years old, I think, because I started writing at the age of 12) just because she saw the word LOVE in it. John, if we do not go through the harsh realities of life, we will never know who we are, and undergoing these things should never make us boastful, proud or superior over others. Please take note. ;)

  17. @ Emmanuella-Nduonofit…In every-way its a wonderful lessons after all…Thanks for your comment…noted!….Have lost many a book in the process too and had to rewrite, but as they say…”after all is said and done we are who we choose to be or become”…I am more humbled by God…TreasuredOne…a childhood name from friends(meaning Loved by God)

  18. Like the others have said, you are a writer now, you practically outdid yourself…i’m impressed.

  19. @ Adeyinka…Thanks…Its all glory to the one above….We are one in the circle of learning and training…time and tide alone beckons all…The chance is alive….

  20. YES, you are a writer and a damned good one. Your tale is an inspiration to me as I go through life’s hellholes with a dream that will never die. If u do not continue the sequel I will visit u with a cutlass.

  21. I love your story and your will to make it against all odds. Hardship and struggles are what make succes so much more enjoyable cause when you look at where you’ve been and compare it to where you are going or where you are presently, you will thank God for allowing you to go through those obstacles because they form the foundation for the hero in you to rise up and overcome. Never ever give up.

  22. @ henry c.onyema…I’ll be damned not to continue….ah cutlass ke…I fear my life more than the dream ooo….It is well….enh bro, it hasn’t got to that….

  23. @ janeiwenofu…Thanks…it was worth the time and tide…God know best in all things….

  24. Yes are a writer…The circumstances of life make or break you like mercy rightly inferred so,regardless of what people around you may have said or are saying,it’s common knowledge that a man who perseveres in the face of adversity or trails always comes out on top at the end of the day…great writing feats lie ahead of you..that much I have just begun!Good luck!

  25. @ Estrella…Thanks…Just moving onward to the goal….Life teaches many lessons in reality….Glad you could check this out….

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