Who Cares

Who Cares

This question hums in my head always

I try to find an answer everywhere

I searched … oh I did search if I could find an answer

Just to realize that I’ve been searching the wrong places

I long for who cares

Day in, day out, I search for that one

Oh, how much I searched

But who cares if I do?

In my quest for an answer,

The Priest told me to be calm

“How can you loose hope this easily?”

This has been the word that rings in my ears

But, how long do I have to wait?

Yes! How long will I endure these lonely days?

How long will I stand been sad?

How long, how long … oh how much longer?

Like a flower in the garden I blossom

Like gold among other metals I sparkle

Like the sun among the moons and stars, I shine

But it all seems no one notices …

“Oh! My daughter, what makest thou cry?”

I guess this startled me from my slumber,

And … my eyes were filled up with tears like water trying to find its way by all course

“Wondering” I answered my shepherd. “No maybe thinking” I muttered “… that no-one really cares”

“Hmm”, I guess this was the response I got

And Oh! It was you that stared at me.

You! Where have you been all this while?

My love, my heart, and there you were staring at me

“I’ve been watching you from afar” my love

I’ve been patient my angel,

I’ve been loving you silently all awhile, yes, these years past

But my love, I wait no more, ‘coz I’m dying of your love

Everything seems to brighten up, yes, even night seems like daytime

Oh my heart, I shouted “My love, my saviour”,

Yes, you’ve saved me from these anguish, these shame of the past

The Priest was right, and I’ve wiped up my tears, thanks to my Shepherd, ‘coz someone surely cares!

12 thoughts on “Who Cares” by boomingsols (@boomingsols)

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  2. Nice! Jesus really saves; even from esteem issues.
    The love of God abounds, still we look everywhere else but to Him. Reminds me of ‘Out of Eden’s song ‘Looking for love in all the wrong places…
    Good job!

  3. Your Patiencepaid off eventually. The voice feels like that of every single lady thats almost getting frustrated finding the right partner. Thanks to the Priest and your shepherd guiding and assuring you…its just a matter of time.

  4. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    wow!. powerful and motivational…my favorite line would be,

    I’ve been loving you silently all awhile, yes, these years past

    But my love, I wait no more, ‘coz I’m dying of your love
    very beautiful stuff…

  5. Good poem. Was it the priest? Isn’t the priest married? @afronuts – Single girls search the right places but they search the wrong way. Is it males that find the right partner? Hope females aint planning coup here? lol.

  6. Hmmm … tanx guys … can’t just stop smiling … u all make my day.
    @ abby, yes God’s love is the greatest … no doubt …
    @Afronuts, … hmmm … u’re ryt … time is what is needed … make God help us utilize it 2 d best.
    @Adekoya, hmmm … neva knew it sounded so captivating … tanx 4 d encouragement …
    & @Jaywriter, its both … could apply to either of s sexes. May god guide us all …

    U all are very wonderful … & tanx again 4 making my day!

    1. You are most welcome ma’am.

  7. Yes abby … but you know this applies to us in our daily lifes … we long 4 who cares and most times, end up in the wrong places … we sure need guidance!

  8. Indeed soulful. But who cares if it is?
    Thanks all!

  9. booming.great work.like the sun among the moons and stars u shine!!!

  10. Thanks blaize … I’m glad u like it!

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