What I want

What I want

In the train, looking through the window
At the city on fire with the blooming Poincianas
At the sky an angry purple
In the train, sitting quietly and looking
At everybody’s everyday ballet
And thinking
What I want is to tell you how the trees always remind me
Of my own heart burning for you
In the train going home
Looking at the rain falling on the city
At the glistening leaves and the people hurrying,
Nestled under their umbrellas
What I want is running in the street, holding your hand
And forgetting the rest of the world and kissing until we are only one
At home, looking at the night sky
And dreaming
What I want is screaming my love for you to the stars until I have no voice
If only you knew how much I love you
If only you knew what I want

6 thoughts on “What I want” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. Another unrequited love drama. Simple and nice.

  2. True,its a love drama and its simple and nice.

  3. Quite simple but well told. If we’re to face the facts, we think of the females mostly while riding on the train and at night.

  4. @ Jay: u don’t say. lol
    nice work Jefsaraurmax

  5. Thanks a lot for the comments.

  6. yep,simple and nice.

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