Travel To The Other Side

Travel To The Other Side

It was night when Mama Aba asked me to join her in her hut. The moon was shinning. I felt sleepy but agreed to her invitation. On her wooden mat, there was laid coral beads and white asho. She was preparing for her trip to the other side!

She laid her aged but firm fingers on the lines of her face stating proudly, ‘My hands are ripped and are the sign of a hard working woman but most importantly my face with its line isn’t only a sign of maturity but of the wisdom I gained all those seasons. I am soon to join our ancestors. On the day of my departure, there shall be a celebration of my life. I want it to be a day when there shall be no tears as it will disturb my peace. ‘

Mama Aba showed me the jewelleries and wrappers that were on the floor, ‘This is what you shall dress me in. ‘

I was in awe. Everything looked so beautiful. She added, ‘ braid my hair in the traditional way, not like our young girls do.’

Mama Aba carried on, ‘after I am gone we shall meet at our usual place each night in front of the shining moon. You may bring me some soup and eba you have cooked. It is always a proof that there is life after death and that I shall be with you all the time until your turn comes too.’

She paused. ‘Have you got a message for the spirits?’

I exclaimed, ‘Yes, I have. Tell Idiaban that he is very much missed. Aunty Ikefa told me that I would get married to a wealthy man and I am still waiting.’

I will report all you said. My child, don’t you forget that life on earth is only trial. Our real home is up in the sky.’


Harmonie Loko (Sade Farotade) Copyright 2010


16 thoughts on “Travel To The Other Side” by sadefarotade (@sadefarotade)

  1. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    i hope there is more oh…i feel like it ended too soon

  2. I agree with Meena…I WANT MORE! LOL!
    But it does have the zzziinng of mystery. Makes me want more.
    Good piece.

  3. This is a powerful piece. I want more but only if you can sustain the tempo.

  4. Life truly is a trial and our real home is up in heaven!
    lovely writeup. short, precise and concise, not lacking logicality and uniqueness!

  5. Short, but very poignant. Very refreshing to see the matter-of-fact and accepting attitude of death that the old woman has.

  6. What to say eludes me. lol

    1. Okay, so maybe here’s what i wanted to say earlier which eluded me. I like that the writer tried her hands on something different: fantasy and i don’t think that’s quite an easy thing to pull off. Which is why i found the piece lacking substance for me. Mama Aba was well presented but it was in the reference of the hereafter that i found the writer wanting. Good attempt.

  7. Hmm…this story explores a different way to view life – more as a realm from which we journey to another realm at an appointed time.

    Nice flash fiction.

  8. Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

    It IS a good story, but it wasn’t well written. It could have been well-spiced, you know, with some kind of poetic symbols and those ethereal statements. As much as you set the stage for some kind of ancestral travel, I didn’t really feel it. May I suggest something here: If you listen a lot to jazz music, like Yanni’s music, it has a way of taking you to a place further than heaven in a thin baloon, meaning that if you stop listening, you’ll ‘crash’ back to earth. The life here and the after-life should be two very different worlds, even if you’re trying to put the same characteristics from one world into the next. Yes, this approach to writing appears obscure, but it stimulates the insightful reader(s), those who see beyond.

  9. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    I like this piece, very much. I know this is an intro, but the fact that its fantasy makes me want to know what happens next. As a Fantasy writer too, I have a gnawing feeling that ‘other-side’ transcends death. I am waiting, hope not for long.

  10. wow! @ emmanuella’s analysis, you are really insightful..All I saw was a story that was just too short…enjoyed the style and the mystery of it all..I especially liked these lines “I exclaimed, ‘Yes, I have. Tell Idiaban that he is very much missed. Aunty Ikefa told me that I would get married to a wealthy man and I am still waiting.”…..nice

  11. very short,straight to the point,interesting story.the theme was also real cool.
    some might feel there should be more but i think you should leave that to their imaginations cos its just perfect this way.

  12. Nice try. “we shall meet at our usual place each night in front of the shining moon.” I felt a small chill and it went away after this. Paint more imagery of the afterlife and its ways, help us imagine a lot more. It’s what your story is about, isn’t it? Look forward to reading more of you

  13. ………..nice flash fiction, good lines. I really like it

  14. If only our loved ones prepared us like thisfor their departure

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