This Silly Thing

This Silly Thing

It’s drawing me out
This silly thing
turning my life inside out
right side about
up side in out
its drawing me out
This silly thing.

I respond with a pout
this early morn
the latest event
makes me want to vent
and still it seems it’s bent
on drawing me out
This silly thing

I’m changing form
bit by bit
not conforming to comfort
or resorting to retort
I’m carefully planning
with tomorrow conspiring
to get the best of what’s transpiring
It’s drawing me out
This silly thing.

I’m sieving through dreams
this time around
watching and picking what I’m about
choosing the heavy
loosing the weight]
turning to loving
changing from hate
It’s drawing me out
This silly thing.

I’m learning no fear
far up in here
alone and afraid
I’m choosing to stay
no early flights
or a single fight
I’m taking it all in
and choosing my battles
with care and precision
casting the right vision
It’s drawing me out
This silly thing

Awake from my slumber
tired in sleep
drunk out of stupor
jaggedly fits
Unsure and insecure
Confident I-know-for-sure
Its drawn me out!

9 thoughts on “This Silly Thing” by yetitweets (@yetunde)

  1. Nice rhymes… really nice. This silly thing is indeed serious… lol!

  2. Confident I-know-for-sure… Good poem. Don’t know if I got the message you intended, but sure got a message.

  3. good poem
    nice lines
    nice rhymes.
    and interesting story beneath.

  4. Nice poem. cool rhyme pattern. Though I’m still trying to guess what that silly thing is…

  5. na wa 4 This silly thing o. clear rhymes. good one.
    but like ‘Afrosage’, I’m not sure what this silly thing really is.

  6. @Remioy…LMAO! ‘Afrosage’ indeed! well titled!
    @yetitweets…Your poem is beautiful..its like a nursery rhyme..easy on the eyes and pleasant to the ears..I have a favourite line already…(choosing the heavy
    loosing the weight)awesome line babe! I can’t wait to read more from you.

  7. The poem was beautiful, but i’m not sure the message was properly conveyed

  8. Reads in a hilarious sort of way. There was the knowledge of the workings of ‘This Silly Thing’ and the halfhearted attempt at fighting it off but then waking up up to find you’ve drawn out and being so at home with that. Funny! Good job!

  9. didn’t really get the message but tis nice.

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