The Thread

The Thread

You kept me on a thread
Not too far so I wouldn’t drift away from you
Not too close so you wouldn’t have to get involved
Years after years you held me at a safe distance
Why did I agree to play this game for so long?
I should have walked away so many times
But the thread brought me back and kept me
Waiting for your smiles,
Waiting for the words that would never come
Maybe one day, I thought
Tomorrow would be different
Each time I tried to get closer,
You pushed me away and kept me,
Not too far so I wouldn’t drift away from you
Not too close so you wouldn’t have to get involved
I looked back on these years
I got tired of playing games
I will keep my feelings for you in a safe place
And move on
I pulled the thread and broke it
It tore my heart but I am free
You can’t bring me back anymore
I have finally drifted away
And there is nothing you can do

6 thoughts on “The Thread” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. Beautiful poem you have there.It makes me wonder how many guys we girls string along when we know that they want nothing more than to make us their woman..Im going to check my list of male pals right now..Good job!

  2. estrella: the scenario above can go both ways. Guys & babes do much of stringing along a loved-up party causing heartbreaks in the process.
    good job Jefsaraurmax, very relatable.

  3. Hmm
    thot of a lot of things when i read this.
    nice poem,it could be ascribed to a whole lotta scenarios.

  4. Think girls do it more than boys. Good poem.

  5. Hmm Paul; things like….? *wink*
    Jay: don’t go there oh: u’ll probably be starting a debate u don’t want.

  6. thanks a lot everyone for your comments.This is about a platonic one sided relationship.One person is in love and would like the relationship to get to another level,the other one is not but keep it going.The relationship is in limbo because the first person can’t let go and the other one doesn’t want anything deeper.It is also about realising when things will not get better and letting go of a hurtful situation and move on.

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