The Pugilist

The Pugilist

Take a dive in the third

My heart solemnly urged

For to this sad end

Have I unwillingly placed my bet

But the pugilist held on

Gasping for more air

Squinting for a ray

With eyes bulging from pain.

The assailant is yet done

Punching on… and on…

Waiting for that certain fall

“Take a dive” I yell

And live beyond this hell.

Yes, the people’s crusader,

Championing our cause against these marauders

But cause us no bereavement

For your values are alien

To this pantheon of men

…stripped of all dignity

Even now if you resign

Your name we’ll still immortalize

So please take a dive or even bow

And live beyond this hell.

But even as his lips wavered

Corrugated from those fierce blows

His eyes said it all

“To this end have I placed my bet.

To live beyond this fight”

6 thoughts on “The Pugilist” by Itodo Samuel Anthony (@makeway)

  1. I liked these lines:

    “Take a dive” I yell

    And live beyond this hell.

    I am confused, though – if the man wants to live beyond the fight, as he says at the end, why not just take a dive, then?

  2. He sure wants to live beyond the fight. they are 2 persons. one asking the pugilist to quit the fight and survive (like many of us ask good people to drop their good in a corrupt society to avoid alienation), but the pugilist is determined to keep fighting, dats why his eyes said it all “to this end have I placed my bet, to live beyond this fight”

  3. Oh yeah….lovely one…

  4. I hope U̶̲̥̅̊ have not placed ur bet on the wrong horse? This gight íڪ way beyond the “pugilist” or maybe this particular one anyways, probably he íڪ a lightweight fighting against an opponent even super heavy-weights have bit the dust against.

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