The Greater Pain Part 1 of 10

The Greater Pain Part 1 of 10

The aura around the building was terrifying, People gathered in front of the Sheraton Hotels at Ikeja to see what was happening. The Police had their work cut out for them as the holdup was the most crazy they have seen in years. They put up barricades and diversion signals to redirect the traffic away from the hot zone. The small vans rolled in with the media as an unprecedented event has occurred. There were supposedly 20 armed men holding the hotel residents in hostage which also includes CEO of MIRAX Corporation James Maitama. The operation “no nonsense” mobile police unit was ready for a storm attack against the hotel when they received a call.

“Bring me Ed.., I mean Edward Osho”

Shortly after the call the Inspector General’s convoy came in and immediately set up a situation briefing to draw up the action plan. “Officer James please tell me what happened here?” asked the I.G.

“Well sir at approximately 2.00pm this afternoon shots were heard in the reception area setting the whole area in panic, the police came to the scene of the incident about 30 minutes later due to the holdup caused by the panic. Surprisingly we got a note and a guest list from one of the hostages released to inform the police about the assailants and the hostage taking.”  Replied James Oritse

“So Captain Jonathan what is you action plan?”

Jonathan Majekodunmi went on to inform him that he planned to take the hotel with a storm attack when he received a call on their intercoms with a request for Mr Ed.

“Eddy…. that detective that brought down that kingpin from Ebute Metta, then supposedly shot and arrested that serial killer called ‘Egbere’?”

“Thing is Egbere has escaped from the maximum facility at Alagbon  and there were severe casualties!” Reported Officer Marcus

He also went on to add that The Kingpins associated were spotted at the break out and most likely parts of the Prison personnel were also compromised.

“Then we have a very troublesome foe to deal with here!  He is a psychotic who just destroys at a whims notice, but we don’t need Ed! That Glory hugging idiot who does not respect chain of command.” Stated the I.G.

I.G. this is the request of the assailants and they said if they dont get to speak to Ed or get an indication that he will be brought a hostage dies every 3o minutes.

“How many minutes have passed?”

“29, sir”

“Edward reporting for duty sir” saluted Ed who heard that he was summoned by a colleague and took a bike to get to the situation room just outside the hot zone.

“Ed get the hell out of my sight” shouted the I.G.

The phone tapped from the hotel rang

“Is Ed there?”

“This is the inspector general of police here and I am in charge of the negotiations here”

“Sorry O Boss man and it’s just too bad! By the way Inspector general did you know your daughter was in room 203 with Solomon Madu?

You lost your wife ten years ago and now your daughter  is all you have left isn’t it?

Anyway look outside Mr Negotiator because 30 minutes just passed”


An explosion occured in one of the buildings and reports immediately confirmed it was room 203 that exploded.”

“Now when you are done playing boss, let real men handle this situation for example Eddy!”

The phone dropped from the I.G. as words and emotions left him.

Ed picked up the phone and answered “Ed here”

“Daddy O it’s been a while, let me ask you something though. Do you really know what pain is?” replied that voice that has haunted him for so many years.



9 thoughts on “The Greater Pain Part 1 of 10” by aderemi Oluwaseyi (@valentinoseyi)

  1. Hmmm…interesting. A hostage situation. You’ll want to be a bit careful as this story goes so that you don’t lose touch on reality. I’m not sure how our Police in reali life would handle a hostage situation but whatever you do, have in mind the kind of Police we have.

    But I like the way you started the story…you hit it with an interesting and engaging begining…

    waiting for the next part!

  2. lol-1st comment
    1 of 10? shez-2nd comment
    I concur with Afronuts. Read this line, “The Police had their work cut out for them as the holdup was the most crazy they have seen in years. They put up barricades and diversion signals to redirect the traffic away from the hot zone.” and i thought, “Which Police? lol Do remember to keep touch with reality. 10 of 10 is a long way and that’s how you can also keep true to your tale.

    That said; i loved it. Ed seems like a ‘rogue’ detective (Jack Bauer -24) who’s true. So, how come the I.G did not know Egbere had escaped from Alagbon. Also the ending sort of flattened out. The hype buildup just lost its nerve, for me sha oh. Tighten up the soft areas for the sake of 2 of 10.

    Good job! & do remember to skip the “to be continued” thingy. Its obvious that would be the case.

  3. why should the writer stick with reality? We all know this is fiction. If for the sake of his story he has to make the Nigerian police better than MI6, no sweat.
    You started well, Aderemi, keep it up

  4. he he he @ bossman!!!!Thoroughly gbadun your work o jare!!..Cant wait for part 2!!

  5. wow,this is good work,i am already imagining all the action.
    cant wait.

  6. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    very true..that a writer can go way beyond the borders of reality to tell a story, however somethings do need to stay real, i mean it could be that the hostage situation is beyond the jurisdiction of the police, and there is this a super secret agency which has been called to step in due to the delicacy of the matter and Ed if from one of the branches…Nig police are really hard to imagine them like M16

  7. lol, o well lets call it a dream then, its part one of ten, the nigerian police has a lot more in store (wink)

  8. Loved this piece, but I think I noticed some tense issues there. Anyway, I’m going to read part two right away!

  9. well,well, well , Nigerian hostage situation, will love to continue reading

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