That kiss

That kiss

NYSC passing out parade day

And I’m still waiting
Many have kissed those lips since
But I’m still hoping
Many better than I wishing to kiss
I’m still smiling
How can an infatuation last this long
How can a crush be this deep
And lust this crazy
Many sweet lips I’ve since kissed
But still waiting for that first kiss
I might never with you taste
But I loose nothing by waiting
And waiting will I
For that one kiss
With you…

Pretty ******

First written 2006

22 thoughts on “That kiss” by Jaywriter (@jaywriter)

  1. HA HA HA
    A nice poem though,
    full of hope.
    i hope you get it soon o.

  2. ‘ll just glory in the inspiration. Don’t think about the kiss again. You ought to know how it is.

  3. Nice poem.I really like the rhythm.

  4. Good to hear that. Thanks.

  5. How can she be expecting her first kiss after ‘many’ have already kissed her?

  6. It just happens. Kinda crazy but sometimes no matter how many’ve kissed, you still wanna kiss.

  7. The kiss he will only get in his dreams. Hmm…nice. Many of us have been in this shoes once. But with this line “Many have kissed those lips since”, I wonder whether those lips are worth kissing!

  8. Well, I’m still waiting for my kiss.

  9. I wanna kiss you too..hehehe…lovely poem…brought the memory of my first crush rushing back…i love the way you use simple words and brief sentences to make a fliud poem..good work bro!

  10. @ afronuts – Who they don love they don love am. Do you love someone because of how many people they’ve kissed. Don’t think so. @ abby – maybe some day you’ll get it. @ estrella – wanna kiss you too, lol. @ all – thanks guys.

  11. awwwww… sweet… i bet she wud let yu kiss her if yu let her know ol dia :D…awesome ryt up!!

  12. Thanks queen bee. Still waiting.

  13. ditto dat afronuts! gbogboero lips! @ jaywriter, are you still waiting?

  14. @yetitweets – Yea, still waiting. Should me stop waiting?

  15. Maybe? I’m positive i’ll get it.

  16. @Abby – you’ll surely get it. So how’d u like it, spiderman style.

  17. @jaywriter – i hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but yes, you may stop waiting!

  18. A very hopeful poem..Glad you have stopped waiting though, cause it may never Love the poem anyway.

  19. Just wanna believe me’ve stopped waiting. In reality, still waiting. Don’t let yetitweets know, lol.

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