Pick now your stone

For surely I know your stone on me

Will be the first to fall

Don’t hide behind a smile

For I can see through to the insincerity

As surely as I can discern the intent

What is trust when handed to you?

Where can our boundaries meet?

If you fight without rules?

Memories of days past

Brought forward by anxieties of tomorrow

So wary of you, am I

I stand facing you never giving you my back

The coward you are

You favour my back

But turn, I would not

Still, I give you all that you have come to hate

My courage and pragmatism

I, your Hercules heel,

You, my downfall

The uncertainty therefore is the result

No shock from me at your actions

Far from of old have I been warned.

7 thoughts on “Suspicion” by 2cute4u (@2cute4u)

  1. hmmmmmmmm
    interesting and straight forward poem,
    speaks of distrust,like the poem and most especially the theme.

  2. interesting. but isn’t the term Achilles heel?

  3. @Anderson-Paul, Thanks dear..

    @ RemiRoy, I thought so too, but some ITK said otherwise oh.. Thanks ..

  4. the discerning of a betrayer before the betrayal takes place. Thats the foresight of the voice in this poem. Its voice observes and retroepscts a fake friendship, a judas incarnate

  5. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    hmmmn…i thot the phrase, you my Hercules heel, spoke of how reliable you were, cuz the following line says you my downfall…i don’t know better than the writer sha but that is how it looks to me…

  6. Is this for your ex or for your best friend who stole ur ex. Good stuff though.

  7. Sorry guys..
    I meant..
    ‘You my Achilles heels
    Me, your downfall’

    Thank you, Afronuts, Meena-Adekoya
    @Jaywriter, mscheeew, Must it be about me? lol.. You’re funny.

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