Out of time, Out of love

Out of time, Out of love

Its 10 O’clock
where are you?
am dressed and ready to say i do!
the last time i remember i was the one acting a fool
now alone with my father i feel like the fool
saying yes to you was the world to me
now i feel like the world’s weight was resting on me
my knees buckling
about to give out
i silently pray
please bring this fracking idiot on time!

O boy! I don late o
she is gonna kill me
and i know that temper of hers
she might just go home soon
this traffic is mad
Guys i am taking a bike
I’d rather smell like oil than stand up my woman

Dad free this maga
make we de go
Child relax said the dad
when he bowed before me saying he wanted you
I knew that i could entrust you to him
Not that he was perfect and remember he was even late that day
But i knew he was nothing without you
for him to open his heart to you
and still leave it open
he is a treasure to keep
even if he is fracking idiot to stand us up
I smiled knowing my dad was right so i took the initiative and i went to wait for him
ON THE ALTER , i may be stupidly angry now but i love him, even if everybody including the priest leaves
i ll still stay
i love him what can i say

Fracking hell
I made it
have to get the ring from this best man who took the wrong route
but am here ok need to get to the ALT……….shit

there she was looking at him
two people
two love birds who loved each other
two hearts imperfect in so many ways
yet they still longed for each other
the bride smiled as tears came to her eyes for true happines
the stupidly late man who smelled like petrol came running towards the wife
the piano man actually played the bridal soundtrack as he ran
every body laughed but they didnt mind
in unison they thought
lets just get this fracking wedding over with
its the way they are
It was meant to be

15 thoughts on “Out of time, Out of love” by aderemi Oluwaseyi (@valentinoseyi)

  1. Funny and interesting,
    sounds more like a story.

  2. I loved it, it was a narrative poem, keep up the god work.

  3. Kinda original. Good poem.

  4. what a Fracking story told in a fracking poetry…lol. Delightful!

  5. Yeah, I fracking loved it too.

  6. Just came back to this and realised how much i enjoyed it. Well done again.

  7. Lovely poem…me likey very much!

  8. Thank you guys you all have made my day @afronuts its frack all the way bro lol

  9. Frackingly lovely!
    Anyone know where i can get such a frackingly imperfect man to love me so perfectly? I have the bride’s fracking temper too, lol.

  10. lol! fracking hilarious! fracking lovely!!! i fracking love it!! roflol!!!! and with all, it was also quite sweet… nice blent. this is reli cool.

  11. @lade: work on the fracking temper oh; it might work. lol

  12. so interesting.. thought is a stori but any way nyc 1!

  13. Lovely poem story..was delightful to read..thank God she loves the fracking groom..

  14. nice poem.
    Me likey very much.

  15. Whew! Drama couple they’l end up being! Creative.

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