Nadia’s Nemesis (1)

The slight chill of the late evening bit into Nadia’s soft silky skin and she found herself clasping her feet together, burrowing deeper into the sheets and hugging tightly onto her pillows like it was a matter of life and death.

The room was silent. The others had left. They had gone to enjoy the moment. She felt robbed.
She had always been the queen of such moments. She was the one who usually held the aces; the one who exuded the charm that ruled those moments; the one who called the shots, who settled the fights, who represented royalty among the dregs of the campus; the one who made the sons of adam engage their bladders in a wet fest as their lusts raged out of control.

She was the gifted numero uno of desire; the unbroken focus of the wanton naira-flashing ‘aristos’ on Campus.

And here she was, in bed, heavily troubled by a perceived looming disaster disguised in the intimidating robes of academia, while at the same time heavily troubled by thundering abdominal booms; the result of her passionate and secret romance last night with a plate of beans. Here she was, robbed of the precious moment of stealing the show for that night.

She raised her head and glanced out through her bedside window. The evening sky spread out in a hue of orange and grey as the sun broadcast its final view across the campus landscape.
The evening smelled of opportunities; dark ones that offered crisp and freshly minted currency which would be doled out after moments of intense orgies and alcohol.
The evening smelled of opportunities, but she was getting none of it because she had been robbed of it…

By a Lecturer.

He had refused it.
And she just couldn’t fathom why.

What every other lecturer relished, this stubborn professor refused. She needed to pass badly. Her GPA had suffered due to her negligence and she never bothered about it. It could always be mended whenever she wanted like she had done since her 1st and 2nd year on campus. All it took was a night out with the lecturers in question. She had made sure she chose courses that had male lecturers and avoided the ones that were spear headed by females.

She was now in her third year, the GPA was crumbling and her ‘efforts’ to revive it had met a brick wall. This was heavy unit course; compulsory and undebateable. And this lecturer had refused.

She jumped out of the bed. The anger that had manifested after that experience reared its ugly head from the depths of her subconscious and stormed her entire body in a trembling fit. She felt her flesh tightening as blood rushed through her veins in response to the fury building within her. Her breathing quickened, her heavily endowed chest moving to the rhythm of her mounting rage.
She walked to the full length mirror that had been nailed to the wall and stood defiantly before it. She pulled off the gown she was wearing, exposing her complete nakedness before the full glare of the mirror.
Her eyes traveled round her reflected figure, taking in all the details that had made her the envy of fellow females and the desire of every ‘dog’ in male skin. The curves, the smoothness, the protrudrances and the sultry bounces…they were all there. How come this particular ‘dog’ didn’t answer to the call of her rich endowments?

Her stomach rumbled again. It was the call of beans; her edible passion. She loved it and always found solace and ultimate pleasure in the legume that many, including herself, denied ever liking. She never ate it in the open, only in the comforting confines of her room. Her passion for beans was her curse, her secret.

A knock on the door. The least wanted of all things – a blasted knock on the door at a time when she was totally submerged in the gentle waters of sensual meditation.

‘Come in’, she said, not taking her eyes off the mirror, not even bothering to cover her ever-desirable birthday suit.

The door opened and a well dressed young man walked in. He stopped in his tracks; frozen, shocked, dazed and confused.

‘S…sorry. I w…was looking…I thought…Oh shit! ’ he rambled and cursed incoherently searching his brain for the right words to apply to the awkward situation.

‘If you’re looking for any of the girls, they’ve all gone out. Now would you mind shutting the door on your way out?’ She answered curtly without taking her eyes off the mirror.

‘You sure?’ His voice seemed to have changed. His hand which rested on the doorknob seemed eager to shut door – but with him inside and not outside the room.

Nadia sighed, a wry smile played at the edge of her lips. She knew his type. He was the opportunist; the one that desperately scratched every forsaken surface and corner for the slightest moment to jump the bones of anything that had the female anatomy; the type that had ‘Pervert’ written all over him.

The building rage in her intensified. It became a lethal combination of that against the Prof. that called her bluff and the hungry ‘dog’ of a dude leering lustfully at her nakedness. She ignored a sudden rumble in her stomach and starred hard at his reflection in the mirror, her face wore a cold and deadly look.

‘Of course I’m cock sure! Unless you want to receive ‘maximum shishi’ from all the chicks in this hall for attempting to rape a harmless girl?’ Her harsh rasping voice seemed to work like magic as she watched his reflection become first flushed with fear then transit into that of embarrassment. Hastily he opened the door and bolted out murmuring a barely audible ‘sorry’.

Maximum Shi shi.

Every student dreaded that word. It was the insane jungle justice meted out by irate students against any offender that posed a threat to the ‘sanity’ of life and politics on campus. Those who had received this treatment bore scars that testified of their ordeal, scars that made intending ‘enfant terribles’ to rethink their brat status.

She walked to the door, bolted it and made for the wardrobe. Minutes later she walked out of the room, sporting a pair of blue three-quarter jeans laced at the bottom with a red jumper T-shirt which apart from sparingly bearing some cleavage, showcased her well-toned belly plus a cutely curved navel. Except for a bright red lipstick, she wore no other make-up. She didn’t need to. She knew quite well that even if she woke up early in the morning with dried up spittle caking on both sides of her cheeks and her hair all standing up like an electrocution victim, she’d still look drop dead gorgeous.

She cat-walked scandalously, drawing eyes of lust from every male and pangs of jealousy from every female that caught sight of her. Despite looking like a beauty that needed all the randy knights in rusted amour to do her bidding, she also had a dark side which had been nurtured from her heydays as a tomboy.

To be concluded…

25 thoughts on “Nadia’s Nemesis (1)” by Afronuts (@Afronuts)

  1. Afronuts, this is nuts! In a good way. You’ve got great descriptive powers, and that ending just leaves me begging for more. Love the MC and her crazy self confidence, even arrogance. Cant wait for the next bit.

  2. Good narrative. Surely waiting for the conclusion. Afronuts sounds like a male’s name but the story looks like what a female wrote.

  3. This is very, very well written. I loved the descriptions of ‘Maximum shi shi’. Great choice of theme, too – the lecturer who won’t co-operate. I can’t wait for part two.

  4. You’ve got good descriptive powers, but i feel you over use them in your narrative.

  5. This sassy sexy character sounds like fun and I can’t wait to read about what she is going to do next! Great writing!

  6. Cant wait for the conclusion. You are so talented. You brought out character of the MC so well, i can visualize and stereotype her vividly.

  7. wow this is more than a beautiful story, it is spectacular. the way you weave your words into sentences is the work of a master.

    i love your work. keep writing!!!

  8. Nice. Its true what’s been said of your descriptive prowess. Really felt Nadia’s character and her arrogance. I did think the ‘Pervert’ character might have had a more significant bearing on the entire story if he’d apologised and turned away as soon as he saw Nadia in the nude.

    Well done!

  9. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    very powerful work Afronuts, loved how u described the main character, i cant wait for part two…

    1. Hmm Jumoke; the way ‘powerful’ in your comment sounds (indulge me please) in my ears reminds me of someone i hugely respect. as well as made me smile. Thanks!

  10. @Uche…lol. Thanks, I like taking time to etch out my characters. Second part will be up soon

    @Jaywriter…lol. Is there a way females write? Well if that be the case, then to write like a female, I had to think like one!

    @Tola Odejayi…Thanks. Verisimiltude was something I wanted to be sure I achieved.

    @Adeyinka…Sometimes I feel the same way too. I guess that’s what I need to work on. I get so carried away at times.

    @estrella…you definitely are the audience whose attention I want to grab

    @Lade…just like estrella, I got you on the read!

    @Beautiful…lol, I’m still trying to understand how I do it. It just flows

    @abby…hmmm. Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind, maybe for a re-write.

    @olajumoke…thanks. Second part coming soon.

  11. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)

    Very good writing skills. Others have said it all before, you are one of a kind. keep it up.

  12. hmmm,’Afrosage’ this is craft. what can i say. your words create ‘pictures’, indelible ones. i can almost ‘picture’ this story on screen.
    well done.

  13. @D’lameone…Thank you sir.

    @RemiRoy…lol. Thanks! You have no idea how encouraging what you just said is!

  14. veri well described.. nyc article!

    1. lol…article?

  15. me likey that chic

  16. they have said it all..i re-surface back on NS and this just a good welcome piece for me to read..
    i wish u could tag me to the next installment..
    i guess ADMIN has to add that to the site….

    nice one again bro….keep writing

    1. Oh…you’ve been here before? I thot it was ur first…

  17. A really wonderful piece. Keep soaring.

    1. Thank you. Keep reading!

  18. This story is drop dead gorgeously written. Write the concluding part soon…

    1. lol…I like that description…I shud include it in a preview. Thanks!

  19. Ouw! Well writing afronuts. You’ve made a fan out of me. Your discriptions are per- perfect. had wanted you to bring out the pervert in me too when “the randy dog in male skin” akwardly walked on the MC. But you didn’t. ;-) Felt sad…waiting for the conclusion sha.

    keep up pls.

    1. lol…thanks. At least I took ur imagination for a ride. And the story is concluded. Search it out.

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