There he is

There he goes

There he stands

Grass cutter for a populace of glamour

butchers the savannah for the sake

of a pulchritudinous world,

searches for everything, searches for nothing

Dew on his injured clothes

Little it does to conceal his burden,

filled with lemon yellow sap and snow white pus


Observed in somnolence,

clutches this abhuman fallacy,

his left leg, Lucifer-owned, still moving,

puts countenance to the earth

Came a day

he was called,

embalmed in debris and soiled entrails,

a mutant no more.

5 thoughts on “Mutant” by Emmanuella Nduonofit (@Emmanuella-Nduonofit)

  1. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)


  2. The life and death…natures freak to some, an earth wonder to others.
    A refreshing life story

  3. freakisly great poem…I though if zombies while i was reading it…

  4. Unusual stuff.

  5. Unusual stuff. Philosophical and good too.

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