Love Your Brothers

Love Your Brothers

Mama spoke to me under the moon.
She said to me:
– My dear child. Our forth fathers have spoken to me during my sleep. They have told me that humans no longer love each other.
– This can’t be true. I love my neighbours and all my friends as God instructed us to do.
Mama insisted:
– Bow row mu omo. Listen to me my child. Our forth fathers have spoken. They have declared that humans have become lovers of money and that because of their greediness they have been selfish.
– Is it true?
– My dear child. Because of the love I have for you, because I have fed you with my two breast I have called you under the new moon to speak to you of secrets that are unknown to your brothers human. My eyes are failing me, my body is no longer as strong as it used to be but the Orisha gods have favoured me and left me with unspeakable wisdom and a tongue to share.
Omo mi, after our gods you should seek happiness. Seeking other pleasures from the world will only lead you to your own loss.
Listen well my child.
I replied:
– Your wisdom is known beyond this village and far beyond. You breastfed my mother, I am your child too. I shall listen to every word you speak tonight.
Mama spoke again:
– Follow your brothers you seek happiness rather than the pleasures of this world. Love your friends as well as your enemies. Love doesn’t kill anyone. On the contrary it cures the hard-hearted. When someone offends you, don’t keep it in your heart from fear to be eaten by anger and bitterness. Forget every bad things that’s done to you if you want to live a long happy life.
Keep in heart the blessings that are sprayed on you, because human can be as good to you as they can be as evil.
If you decide to keep the evil people do to you, you will not have a single friend and you will hate the world.
For this life to be enjoyable this life to be enjoyable love each of your human brothers and hold no past offence against them.
– I thank you and our ancestors for sharing your wisdom with me.

Harmonie Loko (Sade Farotade) Copyright 2010

5 thoughts on “Love Your Brothers” by sadefarotade (@sadefarotade)

  1. beautiful talk, very true.

  2. Yes, true talk indeed.

  3. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    apart from the few typos here and there..this is very riveting work…

  4. I loved the message in this, so true indeed. However, it would be nice if you italicized the yoruba words…and im sure u meant ‘forefathers’ not ‘forth fathers’.

  5. A beautiful tale with a beautiful message… Miss your stories with morals Sade, when will you post a new one?

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