Love is a teacher

Love is a teacher

Love is a teacher

Teach me to follow my love
But never to love that which I follow
Teach me to cherish my lassie
But never to give her my love
Teach to kiss her lips sweetly
But never to miss her lips
Teach me to kiss her from behind
But never to be a slave to her behind
Teach me all the lovely things in love
To love one’s love in lust
Teach me to be my love’s friend
And to love only when I’m loved
Teach me to know when the better love is come for her
For then I’ll walk away
And leave her in her better love’s arm
And teach me to make my new love happy
For that’s what love is
Love is a teacher

Written 2005

11 thoughts on “Love is a teacher” by Jaywriter (@jaywriter)

  1. Hmm Jaywriter, now I wonder; I just wonder.

  2. Abby abby, wondering what you’re wondering?

  3. I like this Jay
    you should have titled it CAREFUL
    nice piece.

  4. Okay, careful lover’s kinda good. Thanks.

  5. Makes sense, the poem was short and impressive.

  6. LOL…maikes me wonder…which kain love be dis? Sounds like a player’s love. And this definitely aint true love.

  7. Abi oh Afronuts, thanks jare. Me thoughts exactly hence my wonder.
    @ Anderson: ‘careful lover’ you say. I think reluctant lover’s more like it.
    @ Jay: easy on the babe(s) oh.

  8. @Abby… ‘reluctant lover’ That term defines it better!

  9. The poem’s actually about being careful to avoid heart break. Male or female, doesn’t matter. Not that me’s not ready to love, but careful how me loves. There’s a way you love and no matter how the relationship ends, you’re happy and still sweet on your ex. And there’s a way it ends, then you wish it never happened. Give all you can in love.

  10. lol…Careful lover, reluctant lover, or cautious lover, clearly a lover who doesn’t want to take a chance on love..I like it.

  11. @mercy – really like giving love a chance. The message’s just be careful in choosing a lover. Don’t let issues like beauty, looks n all that confuse you. Hope u’d reread and see if u’d see that. Thanks mercy.

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