I watch Nkala deceive Nkolo

I watch Nkolo as he walks open-eyed into Nkala’s deceit…

…Even as Nkala knows that Nkolo knows of Nkala’s game

And I lookulafu

And I lafulooku

I see Nkili flatter Nkulu

I see Nkulu recognise the blatant, naked lies that are spun

But I also see Nkulu as she eagerly laps up the insincerity

And I lafulooku

And I lookulafu

The crazy games I see around me

Leaders looking to mislead

Followers looking to be misled

People deceving people

I used to care

I used to want to save people from the hurt, the emotional agony

But I got hurt instead, over and over again

It was “none of my business”

I was an “enemy of progress”

So my shouts of warning dwindled away…

…and now I lookulafu

…and I lafulooku.

17 thoughts on “Lookulafu” by Tola Odejayi (@TolaO)

  1. Tola, i readilafu, lol. This is so beautiful. I like. I like a whole lot.
    What you wrote about applies to relationship, politics etc.
    ‘Lookulafu’ is the new ‘siddon look’. Simply brilliant.
    As for 2011 elections, me sef don join u dey lookulafu, lafulooku!

  2. wonderful write up.
    me too i will lookulafu because the situation looks out of hand.
    i love this piece of yours.
    thumbs up.

  3. Beautiful beautiful poetry, short and precise, i loved it.

  4. lol…if we all adopt the lookulafu and lafulooku position, how do we change or effect cahnges in the situation we are in hmmmmm??? Let us try and do the one we can do before we start to lookulafu…lol.. I loved it

  5. Good stuff. If you are not sure of the person’s reaction, then apply lookulafu.

  6. Short, but very apt. This is a very good piece Tola. I lookulafu…

  7. Very creative, very apt too about relationships, whether between friends, foes or a people..it you dont lookulafu or lafulooku, they will call you a no-good busybody even though they know that you know that they know…lol… Great one TolaO..

  8. yes o. Just like Lade. I readilafu. :)
    very creative piece here.
    Funny, i’m seeing it for the first time.

  9. Hehehe…I readulafu too. Nicelafu, hehehe…

    1. Thankulafu, Raymond.

      I wonder how you came across this…

  10. @TO (referring to you well o)…hehehe. Funny as hell and crazy as well.
    I like it very much. Especially, the fact that u coined that word and used it very well to push the thrust of this piece. I was almost forgetting the message due to the humour of the piece.

  11. Wow!!!!…. beautiful beautiful….

  12. And all these great men have snatched the words from my mouth. Tola, this is nice. Really nice. It’s very similar to @nicholebassey’s “Who Said it was Rape?” here on NS.

    Well done.

  13. I love this! Funny… and meaningful too.

  14. Well written, real funny and deep.

    I like v.much…Well Done!

  15. Quite thoughtful, yet funny.

    The creativity speaks for itself.

    Welldone @TolaO

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