Live in HD

Live in HD

Love you honey
I could never live without you
You are the love of my life
Things you said yesterday
While looking me in the eye
With those eyes like that of a cow
All in HD

Can you imagine?
Just fumbling with my heart like a yoyo
While riding my friend like a male stallion in a rodeo
Clear and vivid
Was the sincerity in her voice when she said it’s not what I thought?
Well that was after I planted a plastic chair on my EX PALS head

3 months later
We are apart and i am all lonely then I asked myself
Why did she go after my friend when I was there?
I had the money, she was in my roof
What the hell did I do to deserve such treatment?
Then I went to see my ex-friend
Of course he didn’t want to see me but I was too curious to let this slip
Why you?
I had more swagger, he replied!
You were busy being mister nice while you neglected her other needs
She loved you but women are wild animals sometimes
You need to be very attentive to know and see the changes
So you won’t be caught live in HD
Looking like a timid fool
So I asked myself
What should i have done, if I needed anything I would ask?

Ladies this is a question
Why put nice guys in so much hurt?
If you need something say it and we will grant it
Because the experienced guys that know what you want will use it against you
Yet you go for them because of the short term happiness
Plain and simple Girls are just too crazy
Because they would not hesitate to leave you hanging
Live in HD.

8 thoughts on “Live in HD” by aderemi Oluwaseyi (@valentinoseyi)

  1. Free verse… nice… catching, vulnerable and honest. I seriously don’t know the answer to your question as every girl must speak for herself :) Sorry if this sound naive, but what does HD stand for? Is it the high def. am thinking of?

  2. Nice poem.
    full of honesty and emotions without the cages of rhymes.
    wee done.

  3. Very good poem and quite didatic. Girls’ll always go for the wrong guys. It’s a curse girls must live with. Not all though. Good guys’re always slow to toast, slow to touch, slow to kiss, slow in bed too. Maybe it’s part of being good, maybe a curse too. Let’s hope more good girls meet more good boys. Really enjoyed the poem.

  4. The first and second verse were nice and catchy and had that flowery poetic essence that sends your mind into a colorful image display. But the third and fourth verse seemed to veer into a prosaic format…I wonder if this was deliberate or something else happened…

  5. he he he…it’s a crazy thing, this business of ‘Eros’. this is one confused guy.
    nice one here!

  6. Lovely poem…as to why we like the bad guys more? I really can’t tell you why.All i can say is if a woman leaves a good man for a bad chap,its her loss and your gain.Afronuts was right about one thing though…its almost as if you started the poem and then finished it after some days,so its like two different styles entirely,albeit the same message…all in all,you did a great job

  7. So was your ex-friend a ‘bad’ guy? That would make you what exactly, when you were still friends? Methinks “You were busy being mister nice while you neglected her other needs” is your answer. @Jay: “Good guys’re always slow…” is your next answer. Dile dear; its one of those things.

    Good writing!

    1. now thats not fair girl,i wonder what makes you think guys are always slow.
      what planet are you no?

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