Last night 2

Last night 2

I was startled out of my dream. It couldn’t be a dream! It had felt so real? I’m not big on mystical signposts from the gods, so forgive me if I blamed it on last night’s movie. This kind of things only happen in movies anyway. There was no way we both were ever going to feature in that kind of scene, together. Pigs will sprout wings, and then fly!

It was a busy day and try as much as I could, I couldnt get the events of the last couple of days out of my mind. I tried to trace the events… how did a simple inquisition become a shouting match? Well, it wasnt exactlly a shouting match, considering that I ws the only one screaming. His voice was level and calm, steely but calm. And I, Oluwamayomikun Aramide Ikeoluwa Ayinke Erinfolami, had a ball, screaming my lungs out! It was all the frustration. Or maybe all the pride I had swallowed. All the bull crapp I had chopped!!! Mehn, this guy was taking the piss!!??!! And quite unusual for me, I took it all silently. It must be desperation. Too many love scenes playing in my head, getting me all wound up and horny! I laughed out loud as I took notes with who I hoped was my last patient for the day. It was a miracle that I had not been reported for some malpractice today. Anyway, it was too early for that, any wrong medication will need a day or two… I laughed again at that thought and my patient (lucky for me) thought he was really funny. He then proceeded to ask what I was doing after work…

If you havent figured already, I’m a no nonsense practical hard working feet-on-the-ground down to earth (ok, I quit now) kinda chic. That’s why last night’s dream was quite ridiculous. I mean, I’d had a couple of wet ones, growing up, but none shook me like this one did. I practically flew off the recliner as I woke up to real life. Anyway, I was not going to chalk it up to anything more than what it was, nothing. Bode and I were history.

I got home to find a note from my flat mate. She was out for the week, her latest beau was in town. All the better for me anyway, as I felt fit to jump any stray sapien as I was. I didn’t hear the bell ring a first, but after what must have been the 10th ring, I got up to answer. It was just a few minutes after 7 pm and I wondered if Florence had  changed her mind. “flighty feather” I thought to myself as I absentmindedly unlatched the lock and opened the door.

I rubbed my eyes twice. I couldnt talk. What was he doing out here at this time? Before I knew what was happening, I had blurted out my first thought.

“Didnt you go to work?”

“I did”, he answered, “but I closed early. I just had to see you… Last night…”

“Dont talk about last ight, Bode” I interupted. ” I dont want to talk about it”

And then, he went on his knees. Now, I have had a few guys kneel for me, I have had a few sing for me, even had some cry for me, but something about the dejected look in his eyes, made me take him serious.

“You know what, come inside, the neighbours may be listening”

He came in and sat on his usual spot. I picked the remote on my way to sit down and flicked on the tee vee for distraction. Bode would have none of it. he got up and strode towards me to collect the remote from me. Something about the look in his eyes made me laugh and laugh I did. he must have found it funny too because he smiled and then started laughing. “what?” I asked as he reached to take the remote out of my hands. The struggle for the remote turned to a tickling match, and then he held me. At that point, I felt so weak, and so strong, so I just stayed there, in his embrace, like it was where I belonged. And then I started to cry. I burst into audible sobs, and for some reason, he understood the reason for my tears. I cried, shamelessly and openly and Bode just held me. He rubbed my back and crooned in my ears.

“It’ll be alright. We’ll be fine. We’ll work this out, somehow, I promise. I’ll make this good for you, babe. I’ll make up for all my bad”

The more he spoke, the more I cried until I felt I was spent. Then I just stayed still. By the time I calmed, I realise I was on the floor, inbetween his legs. He had somehow taken off his jacket and all that was left was a half loosed tie which I guessed I must have been responsible for. Then I started laughing. It all felt so strange and absurd… He chuckled and kissed the top of my forehead. And the ripples tore through me like electric current. I stilled and stiffened. He must have felt it too cos he paused and  lifted my chin to look at my face. They say you sometimes get to the point where words need not be spoken for intentions to be heard. My eyes spoke my desire and his lips took mine.

My sigh was both audible and guttural. My hands went straight for the intruding tie. I needed to touch his skin, I needed to feel his heat. Bode held my hands in one hand and slipped the other through my spaghetti  top. I had changed for bed and was clad in shorts and a top. It’s not like he had not seen me like this before. Like Isaid, we’d been at this thing for a while now…

His hands had found their way to my neck, right through the valley between my breasts. Like a master in the art of torture, he ignored them and went for my neck. He pulled me closer to himself and guided me slowly to the ground. My back lay on my new Persian rug and I silently blessed the decision to purchase it when I did. With one move of his hand, my top was off and I was bare chested, like I always felt, before him. “Mayo”, he asked, in a voice I couldn’t not recognize, “do you want to do this?” He was asking this while kissing my belly, trailing it with light kisses all the way up to my face. I grabbed his head and brought it down to answer him in the only way I felt I could articulate the emotions that were welling up in my little heart. Bode kissed me, nibbled my ears, nibbled my lips, and finally, he brushed his fingers, ever so lightly on the side of my now aching breast. i cried out in agony. “Please, Bode, please”.

Then he turned the heat on me. His lips did the first assault, I could scarcely breathe. He had this funny way of inflicting the most delicious pain and immediately bringing relief. i don’t know what he was doing, but it was good. I needed to touch his bare skin, I needed to feel his hot flesh against my palms, against my skin. I made to undo his buttons but he brushed my hands away. I laughed, in spite of myself.

After feasting enough on my now tender tips, Bode, scooped me off the ground, sat me up straight, wrapped his arms around me and just held me. He held me and started singing to me…

“Have I told you lately that I loved you…”

I impatiently waited for the song to finish and then turned to face him. I suddenly felt so shy and aware. I was looking at a man that had held my heart in his palms for the past 6 months was sitting right behind me, in the place I always imagined him to be. I didnt look at his face, I couldn’t. I would have lost my boldness and not be able to do wha I was about to do. i wanted him to know it was okay. i wanted him to know that I wanted this too. So, I went straight for that pesky tie again. Somehow, through the entire show, it managed to still hang onto his neck for its dear existence. I ripped it off him and dropped it carefully beside him. Then i undid the first button, then the next, and the next after that. I didnt realise my hands were trembling. Bode was either too shocked to move or too moved to do anything but stay still. My hands saw space wide enough to touch and it did. he felt so warm beneath my palms. And then I began to explore. Slowly at first, with my fingers, then my palms. It felt like hard steel, and smooth leather all in one. Bode managed to hold still all this while. I could almost feel his breath held up in his chest. And then after drawing my heart on his chest, I decided it would be nice to finally undo this man that had the composure of a catholic priest in confession.I licked my dry lips wet and then planted them ever so softly on his left nipple. He gasped and tried to pull me back. I shook my head as I pushed him back, towards the foot of the recliner I laid on earlier. I semi-crawled on him, pulled the shirt apart and started from his non-existent belly button. I trailed with my tongue, kissed with my lips and found my way to his neck, then his face, then his lips again. I always like my men fit, I thought, as he carried me, rose with me and headed for my bedroom. We got to the door and he struggled to open it.

I laughed, ever so shyly when he said “will you help me with the door?”

“Let me down” I said I opened the door, half wishing that my bed was made, and he followed me in and shut the door behind him. I turned back sharply and asked “ahn ahn, why did u bang the door like that?”

“sorry darling, I didnt realise I pushed it that hard” he said For some funny reason, I turned back to check the door. He took my arms and tried to draw me close.

“wait, I think there’s someone in the house” I whispered. then I heard the voice

“Mayo, I’m back!”

I jumped off the recliner and sat up straight.

No way!!!!!

14 thoughts on “Last night 2” by yetitweets (@yetunde)

  1. LOL…what can I say? You burnt somebody’s cable. Good descriptive power here.

  2. Was there a ‘Last Night 1’? Going to check it out. Don’t quite get this.

  3. Ok, am back. So did the dream pick up again? Seems to me Mayo had fallen asleep again hence not hearing the doorbell ring. Am I right?

  4. Damn, you are cruel! Another hot dream, like one wasn’t enough! Believe me, right now I’m as frustrated as your M.C. But twas good.

    “Bode was either too shocked to move or too moved to do anything but stay still.”- Priceless.

    Yetiwrites, more like.

    So, will this poor character ever stop having hot dreams and get to do the real thing?

  5. @ Afronuts – thank you. I wam only taking to all your (everyone) suggestions. My challenge was initially saying too much. Then, i started saying too little… Trying to saty in the middle now.

    @ Aby – yep. actually, it was day 2. She had gone to work, come back and started dreaming again. lol!

    @ Uche – yeah, maybe… right now, her dreams are messing with her real life. You see, Bode is actually… oops, wrong place..! lol! thank you> iappreciate your enjoyment.

  6. So this was another dream? I guess not.

  7. Ooooh, you are so wicked. Don’t stop now. Bode is actually . . . . . . . What?!

  8. @ Adeyinka – it actually was another dream. Let’s hope on a real life occurence! lol!

    @ Lade – hehehehe!

    1. These are only dreams and you’ve got everyone this worked up. What can i say? Real life will be fire! lol

  9. @YETITWEETS…Madame you are most cruel and I say that out of the sheer fustration bubbling on my inside! Another dream? Haba!
    I eagerly await the next draft and please God,let real life intervene!lol

  10. lol! Amen to your prayers!

  11. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    Yeti you are just wicked oh…i havent even read the first part yet i’m stuck…pls post the third part…

  12. I’m amazed.
    Wish I could be like you,you too much+you rock+you’re damn prolific+you’re purrrfect+…

  13. Sneaky, you lured us into another dream sequence…Very Good.

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