I Am A Virgin

I Am A Virgin

Finally,i have chosen to speak,
From the darkness of my doubts,
To blare loudly the trumpets of annunciation,
Against this degeneration,liccentiousness
and deceit.
I stand against beign lured into the cul-de-sac of decadence,
Against beign offered an unaccountable sexual licence.
I wont be exposed to,and get infected by the paradoxical sparks of indignity,lust and diseases.
I have therefore refused to brandish and glorify the condom,
Then go into marriage with a disillusioned soul and a worn out bottom.

Thus i choose
To get drunk in the fresh crystal waters of self preservation.
To guard with fierce pride my dignity,my beauty,
And ride on the elegant tides of virginity.
I refuse to be an epitome of dishonour,
But to my man,a maiden of honour.
I have chosen integrity,
Over decay and moral debauchery.
I want to make decisions with my head,
Not my hormones and certainly not my body.

I refuse to descend to animalistic living,
To bare my bottom for just a cheap thrill.
I wont be swept into this floodgate of depravity,
Where the flesh market has become a prerogative,
A mark of sophistication,
And a label for modernity.
I am taking the first step
Traversing into a new world,
Where real men dont act like animals,
Where i will embark on the safest sex,
Hear my voice
lets journey into this city,
Where there is no thoughtless violation of what is most sacred,
Where self conservation will be vindicated as the true jewel that makes for eternal happiness,fulfillment and marital bliss.
ANDERSON (2009)©♥

15 thoughts on “I Am A Virgin” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. thot-provoking….I love it :-)

  2. Hmmm…encore! I love this! The bold brashness and ultimate pride of the virgin crusading her virtue and strongly representing.

    And you have some interesting lines!

    “To bare my bottom for just a cheap thrill.” – got me laughing and thinking!

  3. Good stuff. Coming from a male, kinda makes it more interesting.

  4. son? Im liking you more and more.I absolutely love this poem!It’s unapologetic and blunt tone is quite refreshing.You didn’t mince words one bit! Coming from a guy makes it even more intriguing…don’t stop..please!

    1. i wont stop.thank you

  5. hmmm, an unaccountable sexual licence.

    great choice of words and it does ring true. deep and thought provoking.

    well done here!

  6. Thank you guys.

  7. You got this one right, your poetry was beautifully written.

  8. Wow!
    Food for thought.
    Paul, you make me love poetry.

  9. @Ade.thank you
    @Lade.glad i do,thank you

  10. why didn’t I read this earlier?
    Nice one.really thoughts-provoking.

  11. Thank you ma.
    glad you like it.

  12. woooow! A NATIONAL poem for our teenagers and youths. Beautiful poem!

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