How can I say of u, “adieu”?

How can I say of u, “adieu”?

I still reach for a handshake

With your lucid life so awake

So I shrug off what they said

Determined to reach your hand

If what they say is true

Then dear friend solve this puzzle

How do you make that voice echo

Even in this room so far from you?

How have you managed to

Maintain that listless smile

After they said “adieu”?

I learned some unlearned dude

Hastily cut a stone for you

Wasn’t that a charade?

Cos I think that ambitious undertaker

Should have waited many more decades

To get the dimensions right.

But wait!

My ear strains to pick your noises

Now receding too fast with the night wind

Though I still reach for that handshake

I dread to feel a cold grip

Your bright eyes now paused in time

Those laughter seem now in times past

Could it be then, they were right?

To have said of you, once upon a time?

I still refute ‘adieu’

Still lack the nerve to weep

Remember we both dreamt of ‘I do’

Don’t blame me if I yet believe.

Now these folks count for an anniversary

Cos they think the darkness swallowed you

On another occasion I’d have understood

But Mino B, how can I say of you “adieu”?

Only if I could reach for your hand

I promise, for the last handshake.

5 thoughts on “How can I say of u, “adieu”?” by Itodo Samuel Anthony (@makeway)

  1. A lady bemoaning the death of her fiance…? Or a close male friend trying to come to terms with the death of his close ally?

    I think I would say its the latter because of the unemtional way the voice sounds.


  2. Yeah, I think its a male friend as well. A bit prosaic but communicates the message nevertheless. Nice effort, will read more of your stuff.

  3. I also think its dirge- i think- to a gone friend.

  4. The kind of poetry I like..enjoyed deciphering this one..whether a lost fiancée or a lost friend, bottom line is a loved one is gone, and one handshake wont satisfy that longing…sad

  5. Awwwwwwwwww
    sad poem.

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