I take a trip down memory lane

Every now and then to keep me sane;

The world’s a-hurtling and the people a-fleeting

And I cannot smile for them today,

I cannot say words I never mean to say;

I take a trip down memory lane

Every now and then to keep me sane,

One look into these eyes does the trick

And I’m back with you as fast as shutters click

You make the jokes and I quiver with mirth

You are such a clown, oh lover from my birth!

Your hand is soft upon my skin

So soft and tender it is almost sin

To touch you back with my calloused paws:

You always said you loved them

But I was never sure.

I let your voice bear me away

Like a child in Santa’s red riding sleigh

I swoosh past galaxies and touch the stars

All the while you are near, you are never far

Oh stay by me a little longer my love!

You keep me warm like a close fitted glove

Don’t let me go, I need you now

Don’t let me go, on my knees, I bow.

But you fade away again from me

Like a sprite you are gone, all light and free

And I am here down on my knees

Staring into her eyes and muttering “please”

I touch her face and it is yours

But you are not here on this cold floor

You are not here on this cold,cold, floor

Just our baby and I,

It is just our baby and I…

20 thoughts on “Escapism” by estrella (@estrella)

  1. Good story. Good plot. Very emotional poem. Where’s he please? ‘d really like to know.

  2. Really nice and emotional stinging. A constant reminder of his absence. Well done estrella.

  3. Aaw…sweet. Its not until the end that I get to understand its a widower who’s speaking. And you know what that did? It made me go and read it all over again from the top to get it in again!

    Nice story in beautiful poetry

    1. Even i didn’t know it twas a widow speaking; was thinking along other lines. Your comment set me straight.

    2. Sorry for the typo. i meant *widow

  4. Nice poem,emotional and sweet.
    kinda sad though.

  5. @afronuts…you were right the first time you know…its a widower not a widow…the man’s wife dies at childbirth leaving him with their daughter…
    @paul…sad right? I know…
    @abby..thanks love!
    @jay…its a she who died

  6. Nice one estrella. It reminded me of a friend who is in this position right now. If I didn’t know better, i’ld think he wrote this or had you write it for him since I assume you are not in the position in question, right?right?*Smiling*
    Thanks for sharing , it connected…

  7. @dwise..nah! I wrote it in honour of my friend who loas his wife in childbrith early this year…im glad it connected…

  8. Wow! Its all I can say..
    I’m so impressed with this piece..
    Loved the rhyming too..
    Takes talent, concentration and some serious thinking and work..

  9. Made a lot of sense, made me feel the widowers pain.


    Ya, i felt the widower’s pain. Nice one,Estrella.

  11. @2cute…tell me about it! Rhyming isn’t that easy to do! thanks…
    @Bob &adeyinka…merci…that was the goal…

  12. This also reminds me of someone it happened to, earlier on in the year as well and they had only just married late last year. To top it all, she died ‘cos them doctors weren’t worth N5 and twas supposed to be a private hospital. One doesn’t need to know anyone this has happened to to feel their pain. You wrote this very well Estrella.

  13. @abbey..sure we don’t know each other? thats the same thing that happened to my friend too…it was quite disheartening and brought to mind a lot of friend is doing fine with his little daughter now thanks to good pals

  14. “You make the jokes and I quiver with mirth”

    “You are such a clown, oh lover from my birth!”

    My fav lines..This could make a hit heart break song…wink..wink

  15. Wish an escape into there, could bring forth the desired into here again.
    Pleasantly so sad.
    Chi Okike doo!

  16. your poem is beautiful,the imagery,the rhyming,you captured the man’s pain,I think 100 years in to the future somebody can read it and be transported to now,it was a pleasure reading it.

  17. I’m wordless
    a nicely written piece
    love such “escapism”
    keep on..
    want to read more…

  18. Estrella, you are too good! This is an extremely beautiful poem; graceful, mature and deep. I like the way you leave meanings everywhere for us to sense as we seem fit.

    Estrella I reiterate; you are too good!

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