It was so cliché that she found herself almost sighing in exasperation even as it happened. Their eyes met across the room and she was overcome with the sensation that she had been cast into a vortex of history and future all merging together, starting the instant he smiled at her. There was a smaller man standing beside him but she hardly noticed him at all. She felt gauche all of a sudden and she was almost amazed at the struggle she went through to squelch the insane urge she had to run into the lady’s as he made a beeline in her direction.

Then he was in front of her; his elegant fingers wrapped around the glass of wine like the tendrils of ugu leaves draping over sticks. She swallowed hard and hoped he hadn’t heard or at least seen her exposed neck in her off shouldered dress bob up and down with the movement.

He smiled, lips curving upwards; nubile mouth that had her thinking things she never knew she was capable of thinking…

And those eyes! She had a hard time focusing on anything else after she stared into them. They were like a cesspool of secrets that beckoned her to take a look into them forever.

‘Hello’…he said and she nearly lost it. His voice was like warm honey drizzling over her skin. She wanted to do him right there and she knew that he knew. The way he was looking down at her confirmed that.

“You look adorable”, he vibed. She saw him leaning forward and as if her body was being pulled by invisible strings, she found herself leaning towards him as well, barely breathing as she watched his mouth lower down. She all but wept he turned his face aside and sniffed at her neck perceptibly.

“You smell divine too’ he whispered.

She shuddered as she felt his breath whoosh past her skin.

‘Who designed your dress?

She struggled to remember. Her head felt like someone had removed her brain and stuffed her skull with cotton wool.

‘Rizar’, she croaked. He was the newest sensation in the design world and she loved the way he made women’s dresses as if he knew exactly what they wanted to show and leave hidden. The young designer was being hailed as the Versace of the 21st century.

Suddenly he turned and beckoned the man who had been standing with him at the other end of the room.  The man practically sashayed towards them, his white suit as tight as it could possibly be. He looked like a scarecrow dressed up by the wrong fairy godmother.

‘Girlfriend, where did you get that dress’? He all but gushed snapping his fingers.Pa! Pa! Pa! Right in her face.

She recoiled seconds before the snapping fingers would have poked her eyes out and looked up befuddled at the man by her side. He was watching his partner with what was almost paternal affection except the look in his eyes was anything but paternal.

‘Don’t bother the lady TK. I just called you over to let you know I was right. It was Rizar who designed the dress.

‘Give’, he commanded, his palm stretched out toward T.k.

T.k smiled coyly and dug into his pocket bringing out a crumbled hundred dollar bill.

‘You see, he said, turning to her and acting as if he didn’t see the confusion in her eyes, ‘as soon as you walked in I told T.k here, there’s one of Rizar’s creations. He didn’t believe me of course and made a bet that it wasn’t. ‘I’m Dan by the way

She could only stare at them as they smiled smugly at each other.

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  1. All that for a dress.
    i was expecting a love story but its beauty is that my expectations weren’t met.
    nice one.

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    If you had cut expectations short by making them end the convo after confirming their bet, the shock value would have been more impactful.

    Just my take.

  6. @Afronuts…I didnt think of that! Thanks! I will definitely write that in…
    @remi…gracias! lol
    @paul..Glad you like the twist…
    @tola…I know i kinda got y’all hyped int eh direction of a love story but i thot i might try a different turn…

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    I liked the flow, though I would have loved a tighter ending, It is a very good attempt. More grease Estrella.

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    Good job girl!

    Oh and the other guy she was tripping for was rude; sniffing at her and all. No way!

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      1. @ guys: i think the gay aspect was clear though not outrightly mentioned. I mean, with expressions like a guy sashaying and calling a girl “Girlfriend” with fingers going Pa!Pa!Pa!. I mean you guys wouldn’t do that or would you? Fess up you two!

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