Burning Desires

Burning Desires

Oh! treacherous beaut.
Why whisper my name,
With thine lips so cute.
When in your eyes,fireflies spark.
In your voice,cymbals clash.
In the swish,swash of your waist,
beads contort a rousing melody
And your twin fawns bounce in adjoining symphony.

Oh! what grace,
My heart trembles when you sway.
And when with your feet you flay,
Alas! I know, trouble has found me today.
Now you laugh,
Your sheen coral teeth gleam,
Sheepishly girl,you make me grin.
In your eyes,i m submerged.
Give of your own and lets of this storm emerge.
Come,whisper to my heart,
Tell to my soul what your own needs,
And let to it my burning desires meet.


5 thoughts on “Burning Desires” by Anda Damisa Lazywrita (@Anderson-paul)

  1. i am a sucker for romance,hope you guys like this.

  2. And your twin fawns bounce in adjourngog symphony… Hope you were referring to her behind. Really like that line. Good poem.

    1. @Jay..i actually was referring to the twin fawns in front.lol

  3. Conjures the imagery of a village beauty performing a dance ritual that fascinates and enchants a young man who is ready to give her his desires.
    Reminds me of the biblical King Herod whose daughter did a dance performance that so impressed him he offered to give her her hearts desire!


    1. thank you Afronuts,it was just a piece for someone i liked though.

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