I’m building my life with you
building my wishes to dreams come true
Tying and meshing
and all the right rest is
leading me straight to you
I’m reaching far deep within
Reaching for depths to lead me to you
Looking inside me to see you beside me
Finding my heart with you
I’m holding on tight to this
Paradise really could have less bliss
I’m knowing for certain
this could well be heaven
My hopes all wrapped in you
I’m building this dream on you
I’m hoping you see my eagerness too
Waiting and praying
My nerves not be fraying
reaching for touching
believing for nothing
I’m building my hopes on You.

5 thoughts on “Build” by yetitweets (@yetunde)

  1. ha, you’re one busy builder. lol
    ‘Looking inside me to see you beside me’, i love that line. nice.

  2. A poem of passionate aspiration. It reminds me of a certain Nigerian mentality where people live below poverty yet are still very hopeful that things will one day get better.

    The voice here hopes her dream will come true even when everything seems utterly hopeless…

  3. Who’s You? Good poem though.

  4. wonderful poem.
    loving and building patiently.
    i love that concept.

  5. You write lovely poems the line ‘reaching for touching”…the longing of the character is aptly conveyed..

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