Bitter_Sweet….Tales of the Beginnings..(2)

Bitter_Sweet….Tales of the Beginnings..(2)

And so my hair has reduced in height…

I have nutured and watered her roots for 3 years…
saw her through her growing and trying times…
shared her pain, ridicule and insults…
Shared her joy when she touched my shoulders…

shared her sorrow when i cut her back to the neck region…..
shared her torment when she was under the bondage of braids and weaves…
shared her fear for a bleak future of being subjected to black ‘crack’…
Then i said no to crack…..
i want to stay clean……

so the crack touched my hair for the last time in April, 2009….
Oh the bliss!
The joy!
the sheer happiness of being free to explore the diverse possibilities she offered!!!

Then i had to go through “cold turkey”
Withdrawal symptoms…..
She wanted the crack so bad it hurt…

Anytime the toothed enemy comes near, she screamed….
Pain coursing through her raw nerve endings..
Her agony swallowed by the faceless foe…..

Then she was subjected to bongage…
at least she wasnt tortured anymore…..

Then i decided to cut off the “cracked and doped” ends…..
have her clean, fresh “crack-free”
Then she was cut…
on all sides….

This time she didnt cry…
didnt scream….
This time she was bursting….
full of joy…

All the fruitless parts of her were cut…..
for the new and fruitfull ones to come…
and this marks the end of her 3 year journey…

We have come so far…
Been through a lot…
But the door of the future opens up to countless possibilities..
And diverse opportunity…
So we take the bold step to the future..


32 thoughts on “Bitter_Sweet….Tales of the Beginnings..(2)” by Koyefunmi (@scarlett)

  1. cool! all these for your hair.
    you most. def. write.
    i like.

  2. I feel you plenty oh. Also quit on the ‘black crack’ this year and ‘we’ are also bursting with joy at the possibilities the future holds.

    1. LOL! Glad you quit too!

  3. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    wonderful piece…my hair has gone through a lot of transitions, very long… then short…very long then short, now its shorter still…i actually toyed with the idea of going green…hahaha…all i had to do was comb thru it one day and that idea was out the window…lol!
    definitely a wonderful ode to african hair

  4. LOL!!!
    I had wanted to ‘go green’ a while back but my mum put her foot down…well, i had a little rebellion by just using the ‘crack’ twice a year,LOL!

  5. @abby @meena @koyefumi – Going green, is it low cut? Black crack, black dye? Pls help. Good poem though. Sounded like your hair was ur twin sis. Like the emotions too.

    1. Hey.’going’ green just means we are reverting to our natural hair. You know, the kinky hair.And yes, it has to be cut so the natural hair can be grown.
      ‘Black crack’ is the relaxer we use to straighten and tame our hair.
      You know, google(answer to your questions) nappy hair or kinky hair. You would find a lot of information about this.
      Oh..i should just have said growing out a ‘fro!
      Thanks. I love my hair. Its the one thing i can use to prove to my friends that am black not Asian! LOL!

      1. Koyefunmi: now you had to go and let him know! Should have left him in his ignorance. lol

        1. Am sorry Abby…I forgot about….GIRL POWER! LOL!

  6. read this one earlier…wanted to let it settle before leaving a comment (I wanted to see if I could still remember it); I did.
    Nice one

    1. Awwww! Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it.

  7. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    i was green for most of life…i cant count the number of combs i broke, i think it was the minute i tried to run a comb thru it that i remembered just how painful those yrs were…never again! black crack is goooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!! lol!

      Well, from my story, you can see that i was born a Dada..after snip snip, off it went..then i was au naturale for 10 years after that(3 yrs of short hair)
      then 3-4 years of ‘crack’.
      Well, i guess its easier for me cos my hair is all soft,has defined curls and whats not.
      I feel your pain, cos i have a friend whose hair breaks when she runs her finger through it..a comb or weaving makes a dreadful mess of her hair.
      Aside the ‘going back to my roots’ thing, its healthier. The chemicals used to make the ‘crack’ is dangerous…
      I think this is going to be an interesting topic…..’Black crack or green? Every Thursday by 8:00 pm, you can’t afford to miss it’

      1. Black crack means different things to different people: for Koyefunmi, its evil; for Meena, maybe a ‘hair’ saver. I always had soft curly hair but black crack’s dealt me a hard deal. Its all so darn hard now and i remember the rate at which my locks turned stringy and would fall off after washing and/or combing. It was alarming. So i’m green all the way. Afterall, “The land is green.”

        @koyefunmi:‘going back to my roots’ Spot on girl!

        1. I get your point…ummm, these things are really weird. Black crack was ok for me(i never let it stay on my head past the application time! tee hee!) But i was looking at my pictures when i was a kid and i saw pictures of my dread-locks and the huge afro i had(my hair being very full) and i wanted to go back to that….
          The land is indeed green!

    2. @Meena……You know, if thats your hair in your picture…ITS GORGEOUS!!! I love it!

  8. Nice poem I am one of those who has gone off crack a long time ago lucky i have natural soft hair, however i have gone through all the phases one can go through with one’s hair execept dreadlocks that I would love to have seems hair too soft to go that route, anyway nice concise and witty poem on Hair.

    1. Yeah, you are lucky. Dreads are really cute, but they are quite want it, it all good. You are tired of it…short hair.

  9. Meena-Adekoya (@Olajumoke-Adekoya)

    nah…that’s not my hair…thats a real is much shorter…and has something akin to one of Mrs Beckham’s dos…my hair is in remission at the moment, black crack is actually wonderful for my hair, i cant complain i have great hair…that is when its not green…

  10. ‘Hi my name is ce ug and I’ve been off black crack for 1 year 23 days.’ And you all say, “hi ce ug’!
    LOL!! We can start a green support group here and now! Love the poem and loving my hair!

    1. Hi ce ug!
      Umm, we can! GO GREEN!
      Green is the new black crack!!!
      Thanks! :D

    2. lol
      Hi ce ug; welcome on board!

  11. Nice poem.I like the way you personalize your hair.I also like the expression you use. It is a lighter way to speak about a very touchy issue.Well done.

  12. A most crafty account of the relationship with your hair…very nicely thought out boredom or not!

    1. Tee hee!

  13. nice one there o

  14. Like this. I can see it being performed at one of these spoken word events.

    1. Awww! Thanks! Thats so sweet.

  15. Nice ending. Love the poem series and the amazing discussion about a part of the feminine body it has birthed.

  16. Beautifully whipped!

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