Back To Basics

Back To Basics

You are my heart beat
Every beat for every moment i have spent with you
You make me feel alive
I was reborn by your touch
Darkness and void pierced through by your love
Your Love like the light that guides
Your sweet embrace like the fortified ship in the middle of the storm’
Your kiss….
Your kiss…
It would take me forever to say what its like
You believe in me
You are willing to stand by me when i am down
You are ready to end my account when am up
Guess its a give and take
But thats why i love you more
Who else am i going to share my riches with
You are my wealth
You are my crown
You are my warmth
You are the one….
The one who sees the pain behind the smile
The one who sense the hurt behind the laughter
You are my counsel
You are my patient
I love the way you depend on me
I love taking care of you
you are my companion
The one who takes the worst in me and turns it to the best i can be
The one who rocks my world every night and day (wink)
The one who is so beautiful, too beautiful for me
I have never been more happy and scared at the same time
To see you be by my side
Cause i wonder why you are here
Why me
You are miles ahead
yet you still decided to stay by my side
Love is funny
If it exists like they say
Then I love
No I extremely love you.

3 thoughts on “Back To Basics” by aderemi Oluwaseyi (@valentinoseyi)

  1. Hmm…Like I said, it wouldn’t be bad if you start exploring the creative depth of the use of powerful metaphors, allusions and euphemisms…they could add more spice to your poem…also you could try departures, something very different from the way you’d normally write…I think the fun of poetry is the opportunity to try out different ways to write it

  2. Nice trial. Could be a lot better.

  3. I think the flow was not very attractive, it doesn’t make it easy to pick up, but when read,you can feel the passion, good work, but there’s room for improvement.

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