angels and demons

angels and demons

It’s the minds eye that deceives when we feel we are an island
A proverbial dearth of mockery and foolery is only a wish in this case of ours
Beautiful angels full of life versus preying eagles fast in flight
These eagles whose nesting so high the mountains have to force a grin
Have no concoct explanation for how they feed
Its feed or die.
Fend for your own but at the end natural selection rains supreme
It’s the magic in these angels’ eyes that lure these eagles
It makes them wonder
It makes them twitch, their innermost savagery bursting from down under to find expression in the chaos of just wanting to make ends meet.
My angel was on a trip once and an eagle made sure my angel was taken
Like a pack of gangrene infested wolf they came unsuspecting to take the light of my life away
They took my angel and years later I got a Minotaur.
Filled with indignation towards every thing good and lifelessly eyeing her environment
I ask her with tears in my eyes “My sunshine please try and wake up to your new reality before your past consumes you”
My daughter looked me in the eye and asked me the following questions
“Do you know how it feels to be deflowered?
Does the pain ever go away when countless egg-headed, one-eyed Cyclops waltz in day in day out, taking with them a piece of your essence.
I feel torn apart like I am a living dead. I am never going to see the light no matter how eyes wide open I am
Can you bring back the dead father?
Can you give me my essence back?
If you can then maybe you can tell me to wake up
You can only tell a person to wake up when they are sleeping
And right now sleeping is the least of my worries so fuck off
Where were all of you when I was raped?
Where were you times I was alone and I needed you by my side?
Where were you when my innocence was snatched?
I believe you were occupied in you worries
Maybe you should stay there and let me stay in my worries”
That sucker punch was all it took for the flood gates to open
This is what millions of people are facing each day
Losing angels and receiving Minotaur.
Look what these eagles did to my angel
The ravenously devoured my angel of her love and left her with death
How cruel, how inhumane!
All in the name of business!
Trafficking in humans as yourself
I pray that what these set of eagles or pimps whatever their names are
God through what their wives, sisters, daughters and granddaughters will deal them with will make they realize how a parent feels when a child is lost.
You reading this now may think you are out of reach
Remember they have eagle’s eyes far reaching
Talons so sharp
Hunting tactics so witting
I lost my angel to the eagles
Careful not to lose yours too.

3 thoughts on “angels and demons” by aderemi Oluwaseyi (@valentinoseyi)

  1. nice poem,
    i like it cos it meant a whole lot of different things in different ways.

  2. This poem needed all the patience to be read and absorbed. This no doubt has to do with human trafficking into prostitution. the traffickers are the eagles and the angel is the victim. The voice no doubt is that of a mother then the daughter.

    Its a story of the abuse and rape of innocence.

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